Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We Never Know

Hello, I know I haven’t published since March.  I wanted to write before my blog disappears like The Tablescaper’s did! 
I maintain a blog for my community and while I was busy running to the hospital, I must have missed the notice that I needed to pay my yearly fee.  I paid Go Daddy for the domain name, but apparently blogger is different, and I don’t know how to get it back.  Anyone know?
I want to thank those who saw my sad news on Facebook and left condolences.  My dear husband of 47 years passed away suddenly on May 25.IMG_0209  He was doing well, driving himself to PT, and looking forward to spending time with the grandkids this summer.  Although the doctors told us he was doing fine, he had a heart attack and died.
It all seems like a bad dream.  I didn’t get to say good bye, and that really bothers me.  Thank you to those who wrote and sent cards.  I was deeply touched by your kindness!
Please keep us in your prayers.
My deepest sympathy to BJ on the loss of her dear husband, I am so glad she lives with her family.  They will be a comfort to her!  She is in my prayers.
Thank you for visiting.  Maybe I will blog again, you never know!
All the best,

Friday, March 10, 2017

A March Hello


March greetings!  I know it’s been a long time  since I posted.

Some of you know my dh has not been well.  He had not been doing well for awhile, had a few falls and more trouble walking than usual.  He was admitted to the hospital from the doctor’s office on Jan. 25, and is not home yet.

It has been a long 45 days.  The first 2 weeks I was driving 3 hours a day to get to the hospital, and now he is 40 min away.  He had a heart attack and then developed osteomyelitis in his heel. They cleared his blockage, and inserted a stent too.  They are trying to control the a fib.   He is fighting to get stronger and be able to walk again.  I hope he will get to come home soon!


These flowers were a birthday gift from my son , dil and grandkids.  Beautiful shades of green perfect for a St. Patrick’s Day table. I don’t have much time these days to play with dishes, but you never know!  Maybe I will get a few minutes to get one done by next Friday.

For now, I put some cozy wool placemats and a few plates out.  We had a snow storm today and the forecast says a major snow event for Tuesday.  So while some of you are up to Easter decor, here in NY, Mother Nature has different ideas! 



I hope all of you are well!  I keep up with some of you via FB.

I’ll be back when I can, I’ll miss the blog crawl this year!

I am keeping sweet BJ’s dh in my prayers, and I welcome yours.

All the best,


Sunday, October 2, 2016

Hello, October!

It has been so long since I did a post, I didn’t know if I remembered how!
Hope all of you have been well and are ready for the Fall.  I see some of you on FB and read a few blog posts now and then, but I have really fallen off the wagon!
I note with sadness the passing of Susan Harris from Thoughts from Over the Rainbow.

She hadn’t blogged for awhile, but I know some of you were friends on Facebook.  Susan was an upbeat talented gal with young grandchildren that she adored.  Susan was 60, and was taken way too soon.  Sadly her dear husband passed away a month later. Please say a prayer for her family. May they rest in peace.

Also, my sympathy to the family of  Pat from Back Porch Musings.  They will be missed!
Until next time, be well!  Lots of changes going on here, more about that next time.  Miss you all!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Independence Day, 2016

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful holiday weekend!  The weather here in Southampton, NY has been gorgeous, not too cold, not too hot, and SUNNY!


A perfect day for the yearly beach picnic!




It was windy, but that means the bugs didn’t stand a chance! 


A fun filled weekend…


And a lovely night to watch the sunset and fireworks over Peconic Bay.

God bless America, and those who served so we can enjoy this beautiful country!


I hope you and yours had a great holiday weekend!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

June Jottings…

Almost mid June, the pollen invasion continues.  Ready or not I have to get the cleaning done outside, it will be the big holiday before we know it!

My sister, who lives in TX, visited over Memorial Day.  I haven’t seen her in 3 years, so I was so happy to see her!  She only stayed for the day, other family obligations prevented her from staying longer.

I set the table in honor of her visit, first time in a long time I did a tablescape!


Red, white and blue braided mats, from Kohl’s years ago, red square plate from Pfaltzgraff when they had $ days, and yes, one whole dollar!  Salad plate from the thrift store, by Warren Kimble, napkins from Kohls, the same year as the mats.  Napkin ring .25 at Christmas Tree Shop a few years ago.  I got them in r, w, and blue.  For .25 who wouldn’t? Smile

The white flatware was from Horchow when they had a good sale.


A blue sundae dish from Pfaltzgraff holds some white mums, and a few roses from the garden.  The blue stemmed glassware is from Dansk, I’ve had them for ages!

This is the first year my New Dawn roses did well.  They finally climbed the arbor.  There are clematis on the arbor too!  They have to battle for territory.  I had planted 2, but only one survived.  I can’t find them around here, I had to get it on line.




I hope all of you are well!  I don’t spend much time at the computer these days.  I wish I could tell you it is because I have an exciting new career, but that would be a lie!  Smile

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Can you identify this flower? And some purple…

Hello Ladies!  I know many of you are Master Gardeners and may know this flower.  I believe it is a bulb.  It was growing in the middle of my neighbor’s lawn and I said I would ask if you knew what it was.



Anyone have a clue?

The pollen invasion is in full force here, so no progress on setting up the porch.  If I try and do it for Memorial Day, I will be doing it all again in 2 weeks.  Did that once! Sad smile

I picked some of the iris I have growing on the hill.  They are such a beautiful color!  They inspired me to pull out some  my favorite dishes, given to me by my longtime internet friend, Marigene of In the Middle of Nowhere, many years ago!  People have asked where to get them, but they are discontinued and I haveIMG_0001n’t been able to find any.












Amazing how flowers can inspire!


The purple clematis have reached the top of the lightpost, can’t wait till they all open!


Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day in case I don’t get back!


Do you know this flower?

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Where Does the Time Go?

Hello, Ladies!  I know I haven’t posted since the St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl.  Thanks to all those who participated and commented, it is always fun!

The winner of the Polka Dot Flatware is Linda from More Fun Less Laundry.  Linda, please email your address and I will get it out to you this week!


I have been keeping busy, but nothing exciting like wonderful vacations like some of you.  Just the day to day things that take so much time.

DH’s car died on the way to turn it in for a new one, (literally the alarm  light went on and smoke started pouring out, I thought it was going to explode!) and we had to get towed.  That was an experience.  Needless to say we aren’t trading in just purchasing!  Sad smile

Another Gson made his First Communion last week, so I was busy doing the take home breads and goody bags and centerpieces.


In between my first cousin passed away so there was that, and Tues is the Memorial Mass and I will be doing Irish Soda breads for the guests for the luncheon that will follow.

Spring has finally arrived, so lots of chores for me outside.  I have to wait till the pollen invasion ends, so I can’t wash the house and set up the porch yet!  Actually, it has been chilly so I can’t plant the annuals yet for fear of a frost.


But June is coming, so I am looking forward to porch sitting!


table 2577

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate all of you! I hope all of you are well and enjoying this beautiful time of the year!

Talk to you soon.  I found a bargain at CTS shop I want to show you, perfect for all the red white and blue coming up!


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