Wednesday, March 16, 2016

8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!


March 2012 058

table 2016

table 1995


March the seventeenth

Is a very special date,

So glad that you could join me

And help me celebrate!

table 1894table 1906

Though I am not from the old sod,

Not Galway or County Cork,

I was born  here on Long “Ireland”

In the great state of New York!

table 3423


 I am proud to be American

But my roots are truly green,

I can hear my daddy sing to me

I’ll take you home, Kathleen!

table 3442


Picture 1994

Let’s get into the spirit

Put your shamrocks on,

Find the pot of gold,

And catch a leprechaun!


Picture 2009

table 3475

Thanks so much for coming

I appreciate you all,

For greening up and doing

The 8th St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl!!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  THIS YEAR’S TABLE~ A Cozy St. Patrick’s Dinner

I am running out of Irish things to post, but tried a new combination of things I had!

This year’s table is full of things I have had for years!


The Irish wool placemats and shamrock ceramic napkin holders were gifts from my sister years ago.


I used emerald green plates from Pfaltzgraf and faux Belleek from CTS.  Green glass bowls hold a ceramic shamrock for the names.

Table in memory of a fine Irish friend, Judy Finn Gibbons who passed away in Dec.  May she be celebrating with St. Patrick himself!

A lacy white napkin from Horchow wrapped in a shamrock napkin, a long ago gift from my neice.  Black flatware from the clearance at BBB.


Waterford stems and goblets by Anthropologie that I got at a .99 store!

Shamrock bread plates from Alma, The Tablescaper, as well as the green pitcher.




The centerpiece started with a dollar wire ring with oasis pressed in.  Place it on a large round platter.

Fill it with greens from the yard and mini carns from the super market.







If you’d like my recipe for Irish Soda Bread, just type it in in search bar on the sidebar.

Last night we had some Shamrock Ravioli from Costco and Shrimp that I just sauteed in some wine.




A simple Alfredo sauce is on the ravioli.  I don’t know the Gaelic equivalent of Alfredo!

Time for you to show your green!

Don’t forget to be a follower and leave a comment saying you want to be in on the drawing for the Yellow and white polka dot flatware.

yellow flatware

Please link only ONE new  post, no word id, and it has to be St. Patrick’s Day related! Include a link back to this party so your readers can see all the fine entries! ♣

Thanks for coming, and…


Don’t forget to visit and comment on as many entrants as you can!

I am joining Tablescape Thursday and Foodie Friday.  Thank you Susan and ML for hosting!

Be sure to find out who got the traveling topper this year.  It went from Marigene to me to Retta to Mary to Sarah to ????Where will it go next??  Smile

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

8th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Blog Crawl, March 16th at 7PM


Stop by tomorrow night for the Blog Crawl.  Whether an entrant or spectator, everyone is welcome!



Be sure to make some extra corned beef for your breakfast hash!


I rish you a good evening!  See you tomorrow night.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Looks like it is GREEN for GO!

No thanks to Microsoft, but thanks to a FB follower, Katy Kehle,  I was able to get back to a screen so I could reset my computer.  They told me there was nothing they could do, but she told me to hold down the control key while rebooting so I could get a menu! 
I would have really been disappointed to break the tradition of the St. Patrick’s Day blog crawl!  So many of you have been doing the blog crawl since it started.   Yes, I know we are a small group, quality not quantity, Smile!
Everyone is welcome, it has to be a new post, and of course, feature anything St. Patricky!
I’ve been busy baking, and I have a new recipe to try for Brown Irish Soda Bread.  It is from my dear bil, who is Irish born.  I hope to make it for the party!
I would love you to join in if you have something to share!
In the spirit of the sharing of the green, please stop by and enter to win this cheerful yellow polka dot flatware in a white pail from Pfaltzgraf.
18 Piece Yellow Flatware With Pail Caddy
There are 18 pieces and it is perfect for your Spring and Summer tables.
 I used it for a table awhile ago.

Dig out your greens, and come crawl with us!
See you on the 16th, around 7 PM, NY time!
Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

I downloaded Windows 10 and my computer crashed!

I resisted and resisted but finally downloaded Windows 10. My screen just blinks, red, green, blue etc. I called Microsoft and they said as I couldn't get the Dell logo to come up they couldn't get in to my computer to help me. They said my 3 year old computer was very old! It worked fine until they did the download. I don't know if I will be back up and running by the 16th for the party. I am doing this from my ipad, but I don't think I could do pictures and the link up from it. I will be ready in case I can get it fixed, but I wanted to warn you it mey not happen before you go to any trouble! I'll keep you informed. :(

Friday, February 5, 2016

A Snowy Friday

Good evening, Ladies!  Today we got about 10 inches of snow, so it was a good day to stay in! 

Thanks to Kathe, from Kathe with an E who helped me with the Live Writer problem!  She helped me another time with a techie problem.

Rett, just download Open Live Writer.

I found something Shamrocky last week at Dollar Tree.

st pats glasses

I am starting to think about my entry for the 8th ANNUAL BLOG CRAWL here on Mar. 16th.  I am waiting for the give away to arrive from Pfaltzgraf.  As soon as it comes, I’ll share it.  You have to be in it to win it! Smile

IMG_0324Couldn’t resist this little Leprechaun for a dolllar either!  Great for teachers to take apart, make patterns and have the kids make to celebrate the wearing of the green.  I hope that holiday hasn’t been banned from the schools!  ♣

Hope you will join in! 

I promise there won’t be a bizillion entries, and people who join in are sure to visit your blog! 

It’s a cozy group, and everyone is welcome to join in, as long as the post has something Irish related!  Food, table, vignette, bring on the green!

I know some bloggers have skipped to Easter.  It is early this year, but I don’t want to skip St. Patrick’s Day!

I am playing a bit with Valentine’s Day goodies.  Might as well enjoy them even though I am not a frequent blogger!



A little chocolate chip banana bread baked in a red snowflake ramekin from the clearance aisle at HG a few years ago.  Drizzled with chocolate icing and topped with whipped cream.


Hope you are well, safe and warm, with not too much snow on your plate!



Live Writer Question

Hello, I have a problem!  When I try to publish with Live Writer it says not found.  I can't figure out what to do.
Any of you Ladies have advice for me?

Thanks!  I so love using Live Writer to blog, so much easier than Blogger.

Thanks to Kathe!  I think I did it.  We'll see!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Checking In...

Hello!  I hope everyone is well and enjoying the new year!

We are awaiting a big storm, the first of the season here on Long Island in NY.

I am planning to do the 8th Annual St. Patrick's Day Blog Crawl on March 16th.  Hope you will join in, some of been with me since the first one!

I am sure you are getting ready for Valentine's Day!  I have to try to do at least a table, it has been a long time!

Wishing everyone in the path of the storm a warm house and no damage! 
See you soon!


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