Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bundts Galore! National Bundt Day Challenge

Good evening, Ladies!  Nov. 15th is National Bundt Day, and tonight I challenge you to show us your Bundt Pans, and a Bundt cake, IN a dessert table setting.
Easy, right?  A Bundt cake, plates, napkins, etc
Alma gave me the pretty cotton cloth, and tipped me off that CTS had the cotton napkins with the stripe for .34!  I got enough to use for the Pilgrims AND the Native Americans!
New members of my Bundt family are…
Nordic Ware Stained Glass Bundt® Cake Pan
The Stained Glass
The Jubilee
And the Mini Heritage…
Nordic Ware Mini Heritage Bundt® Cake Pan
I found many of mine at the WSonoma Outlet, and less than 20.00 with a coupon.  Look around on the internet, there are bargains to be found.  If that fails, ask Santa!  They last forever and can be passed down.  I still have my mom’s original Bundt pan.
Irish Soda Bread made in the Heritage Pan.  That will make the Irish Eyes smile!
For the Stained Glass Pan, I used the recipe on the wrapper, but added apples, cinnamon, etc. Here’s link to WSonomas recipes for Bundt Pans.

I had more pans to show you, but half way through, my post disappeared!  I will have to share them with you another time.
Picture 840
My favorite is the Heritage, and the mini is great too!

  I make my stuffing in a Bundt pan, and serve it on a cake plate.  Just slice and pour on your gravy!
 Let's Dish 1695

Now it is your turn!  To link up you must mention this challenge in the body of your post.  Please only link up if you have time to visit at least 5 entries and leave a comment.  Word recognition is not allowed. 
Blog name first!  Thanks!

So what is your favorite Bundt pan?
Thanks for visiting!  Next month’s challenge is in the sidebar.  It will be my 6th Blogaversary and there will be a Bundt Pan Give away to celebrate.

I am joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Find a Christmas Table on Pinterest or a magazine and copy it. We did it last year and people liked it.
All tables have to be new, no reposts and must stick to the theme. Start thinking!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

November Noshes~ National Bundt Day Challenge on the 12th!

November has arrived, windy, cold and rainy!  Brown is an appropriate color for November, me thinks! Clocks go back, and darkness comes so early. I do not like it!

If you think Irish Soda Bread is just for St. Patrick’s Day, surprise!  We have it all year round.  Of course, if it tasted like my Mom’s, one day a year was enough!  It took me many tries to get it the way we like it…moist!  I have had some that made you want to call 911, even an inordinate amount of butter didn’t help! ;>


I like to keep some in the freezer in case someone drops in for tea.



Yesterday was All Saints’ Day, and the first graders had the annual parade.



Each child picks a saint, and recites a short speech about the saint  they are dressed as.


Declan chose his namesake, St. Declan, a Bishop of Ireland.

It’s a nice change from Halloween!

Don’t forget Nov. 12th is the Bundt Cake challenge.  National Bundt Cake day is the 15th, so dig out your pans, show them to us, and do a dessert table setting. You can freeze the cake for Tgiving, or just go ahead and eat it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

National Bundt Day Celebration is Coming!

Hope you had a relaxing Sunday!  I have been browsing around the web and thought this might give you some ideas for the Nov. Challenge .

 Nov. 12th post your Bundt ilicious cakes and show us your pans.  To link up, create a dessert setting featuring your Bundt.

You can go here for some great recipes!

I’ll be showing my collection of Bundt type pans, way too many, but I can’t resist!

Bargains 621

The Heritage is one of my favorites!  It’s like a little black dress, always looks wonderful!

Although this isn’t a Bundt, it is a Nordic Pan, and a Seasonal Favorite.

Picture 933

These little acorn cakelets are good for this time of year, too!

Let's Dish 1676

I gave one of these to Alma and Yvonne several years ago, but I never saw anything they made.  Tapping my foot, waiting! ;}

Acorn Cakelet Pan - Photo

Although I got them several years ago in the WSonoma Outlet for a good price, I was surprised to see they are still available on Amazon.

Hope you are digging out you Bundt Pans and recipes!  A package arrived yesterday with something new to add to my collection, but I am saving it for the party!

Today I made Apple Sour Cream Streusel Pie, I have made it a few times now.  Perfect for a family dinner!




Happy Bundting!  Put it on your calendar!


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

When the Deep Purple Falls~Oct. Challenge and Apple Cake

Hello, Ladies!  We have been having wonderful weather, still warm enough to use the outdoor shower and spend time at the beach.

Tonight the challenge is Purple, and shades thereof.  NO Orange, and please no reposts of something you have shown already. 

On with the show…


I started with a lavender coverlet, by Ralph Lauren.  Next a rattan charger, followed by a deep purple plate, by Oneida.


A little squirrel holding an acorn is the napkin holder.  It could also hold nuts, candy or some flowers. They are from Factory Direct Crafts, less than a dollar.


Two shades of purple napkins.  The lighter ones are a new purchase from Christmas Tree Shop, a nice cotton for .69.

The purple flatware is by Cambridge and a gift from Alma. 


Purple stemware from HG.


Water glasses were my mom’s, very thin, very old. I am one of those, lol!  White butter domes are from CTS, as are the white lacey salad plates.  Purple handled bowls are from HG.


Centerpiece is a metal pumpkin from Michaels, stuffed with whatever I had in the garden.  Hydrangea tinged with purple, asters, Montauk Daisies and Dusty Miller.


I wanted to do purple kale for the centerpiece, but I forgot I wouldn’t be home Wed. and I had to photograph this early, in not the best light  either!

Here are a few Fall Purple tables from the past for the purple lovers out there!

October Witches 342Let's Dish 1652

October Witches 065

There was a great sale on NY apples, so I stocked up.

I used Ina’s recipe for pound cake, but subbed apple juice for the liquid and decreased the sugar to compensate.


Use a spring form pan and bake your cake till it is firm enough to support the sliced and sugared and cinnamon apples.  (Microwave the apples a few mins. as they won’t bake that long on top of the cake). 

Place the apples on top of the cake and return to oven till cake is baked.

Let cool, and slather some fresh whipped cream on top.



Not a piece went uneaten!

Can’t wait to see what you have purpled up!  Remember, no orange, Fall themed, and hot off the printing press!  Please don’t link if you don’t have time to visit at least 5, I know many of you visit all.  We are a small party! 

Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday

Gollum for Foodie Friday

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Getting Apple y ~ Quick Recipe


I posted these on FB and promised the recipe.

Here’s the original, from a popular series of cookbooks .  But do read my notes before you make them.



Cake mixes are no longer 18 .5 oz.  So check the box and add some flour .

I added cinnamon and vanilla.

I found them very sweet, so you might want to cut back on the caramel. Dh and my friend didn’t think they were overly sweet, but I did.

I added 2 chopped apples.  I did add the walnuts.

I think I might try it again with butter instead of the oil, or at least half butter.

Definitely a snap to make, I know a lot of you ladies don’t like long complicated recipes.  This is for you!


I came down with a douzy of a case of Bronchitis Labor Day weekend, so I haven’t been around much.

I have the next few months TABLE challenges planned out, so I will post them tomorrow.

I am trying a new apple recipe tomorrow, and if it doesn’t flop, I’ll post it.  Something a little different, so I am anxious to try it.  So is dh, as I told him not to buy buns in Costco as I was going to make something!

Let's Dish 1061

Enjoy these last days of summer!  The weather here has been perfect for the beach.  I have to tuck these memories away for a few months from now when the dreaded W  word returns! :0

I am joining Gollum for Foodie Friday.

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