Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!

Right now I should be cleaning up from my dinner party, but due to the weather..we postponed it till tomorrow. Hope everyone will be able to make it...

The table......I usually do little Cmas trees down the middle, but Pottery Barn had this neat pine cone garland 75% off, so I layered fresh greens, baby's breath, mums, gold beads and ribbon for a New Years look. The gold bread basket have stars too...from Pier One//
The plates are Lenox eternal Christmas, gold leaves with a burgundy berry






It will be hard to get a pic of the food..ummm....excuse me while I take a pic of your plate and your food gets cold! :)

We are having soup, filet mignon, shrimp in lemon and wine sauce over rice, spinach casserole carrots, etc..

This is the table I did with the plates from Cmas tree Shop...We had stuffed shells and meatballs, memo to self, doesn't look good on a red plate! So you won't be seeing a pic of dinner...



My very best wishes for a healthy and happy 2009!



  1. Kathleen..everyone will feel so special! I see the FDL and the cute mirrors! Your china is classically beautiful..did you enter in the Tuesday tablescape?
    Everything is perfect!
    How do you cook all those filet mignos for a sit down dinner? Tell me!:)
    The garland is great .

  2. Gorgeous table, I love this one, too! Very elegant! The glasses? What are they?

    Good luck today, it's freezing out there. Serve hot drinks, the teeth will be chattering!

    Great menu, could I have leftovers? I'm coming your way, weather permitting, to shop, shop, shop :)

  3. Happy New Year, Kathleen...

    I love when you show your tablesettings... especially when they're so different.... one cute and bright and cheery, AND the other so elegant and classic.

    Great new banner picture.

    I can't figure out the hanging wreath???

  4. Monique, use Ina's method, in the oven, high, then lower and cover with tin foil...

    Carol, they are Waterford. Lismore..I bought them for myself the year before I retired..
    I still have the lovely set my mom gave me as an engagement gift, so thin...minus one glass my friend's bf broke...Billy Paltz..he used to play for the NETS in the 70's, do you remember him? She got them at A&S and I could never find the exact match...And another set I got at Gertz with etching on them...So I have a lot of glass, LOL!

  5. Cynthia, the wreath is on one end of the dining room on a mirror, and I took the pic so I could get the tree at the other end of the dining room..

  6. Exquisitely beautiful Kathleen! Delicious menu as well. Your guests are in for a real treat.

    Such CUTE 'package' plates, too. Thank you for the eye candy (and good giggles) you always provide.

    Abundant blessings to you and your family in 2009! xo~m.

  7. I'm so sorry your dinner was postponed because of weather, Kathleen. I read on WFD that your car door was frozen shut!

    I hope New Years Day brings better weather for you to share your gorgeous table and menu!

    Happy New Year, Kathleen!

    PS, I love the new look here :)

  8. happy new years, love the new header and how fun your side bar is growing~

    i am sorry the weather was too bad for your party... i sure hope you met carol tomorrow!

    your table looks lovely, use it for tt!

    where did you grab your fdl?

    the pkg plates look darling~

  9. Your table looks lovely as always! I hope the weather cooperated for your dinner on the 1st. Love the package plates and the FDL napkin rings too. I could shop at your house!

  10. Kathleen, thanks for the wreath explanation ... I was totally confounded. Hope the weather cooperated with your re-scheduled dinner plans yesterday.

  11. Love the CTS plates although I can see how they wouldn't be that flattering to food. Your table looks beautiful...hope everyone was able to attend your party.

    Happy New Year!

  12. Billy Paltz is your friend? The ABA Nets in the 70's is when it was all fun! We used to go to those games all the time. Even the ball was fun! I may even have his autograph somewhere along with Bill Melchionni, Rick Barry and Dr J. They used to sign the autographs back then, the high schools would play first and when they came out of the locker room, they'd give autographs and talk to the kids. My brother played HS ball. Those were the days.

    I thought they were Waterford. very, very pretty!


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