Sunday, December 7, 2008

Make Mine....a cookie...

This week was the week of the MARSHMALLOW on a wonderful blog.

As part of the Darling Bakers event, the assignment, should you decide to accept it... lol. Make Marshmallows..

To be honest, I was less than thrilled, but it's a great group of cheerleaders over there, and "everyone was doing it"! How could I not? It wasn't as bad as fish.. or liver, or heaven forbid, green bean casserole! ( and you know I am going to get some heat for not waxing ecstatic over marshmallows...)

So I rolled up my sleeves after being gone all day...(baby shower, and a quick stop at the Dollar Tree and Cmas Tree Shop on the way home) When you are driving an hour to get somewhere, you have to break it up on the way home stopping at stores you don't often get to visit!

Read over everyone's tips and experiences, dug out the candy thermometer, which I have NEVER used, and made the durn sticky, mushy globs..

Can you tell I was never excited when it became Mallomar season at the grocery? I never knew they only made them certain months...sort of like only months ending in er having oysters...I guess..

FYI from Wikipedia..

Because Mallomars melt easily in summer temperatures, they can become difficult to find during the summer: they are generally available from early October through April. [19]Devoted eaters of the cookie have been known to stock up during winter months and keep them refrigerated over the summer. Seventy percent of all Mallomars sold are sold in metropolitan New York.

According to the box, Mallomars are made in Canada by Kraft Foods. In Canada, these are known as "Dream Puffs."

Open the envelopes...(I used Martha Stewart's recipe) why doesn't it say how many Tbs are in it? Measure it, let it rest for 30 min...but no rest for me..

On to the hard boil eggs, I mean stage...get down close so I can read the temp on the thermometer, and man the sugar liquid nearly attacks me..quick pull it off...yep, it is turned down, but it is a commercial gas stove and heats up mighty quickly...the molten lava almost escaped my 38 yr old Farberware sauce pot..


Poured it into the waiting gelatin, and whipped the cwap out of them...


Fluf, fluff, this how it should look..dh turning the TV up as 10 min of the Delongi doing it's thing is not music to his ears ...

Poured the instant sugar shock cocktail into the pan...


And waited for the messmallows to air least 12 hours or till you die, which ever comes first..:)

Dipped some in chocolate, rolled some in cocoa,



DH tried it in hot chocolate...he didn't like the snowman mug, so he dumped it in a more manly mug...Mickey Mouse, I think.. :)

Wrapped them all up in wax paper, and tomorrow they will find a new home...


Cause if I am having sugar...make mine a cookie, please??


  1. Now I have the theme song from Mission Impossible running through my head - LOL!

    I'm with you on rather having a cookie but in hot cocoa or a s'more - yum!

    Love your new 'header' picture, Kathleen.

  2. Kathleen, love the post ... at least the marshmallows were good for an interesting post. I have to agree, I prefer cookies to marshmallows. and .... cakes, pies, steak, shrimp .... well, you get the idea. I love cookies.

    The wrapped-up marshmallow picture is quite festive.

  3. Thanks, Susan...I think the window will look the same this year, as soon as I find the box marked kitchen!

    Cynthia, I like all your choices!!!
    I'd even give up ice cream for the cake, pie and cookies!

  4. i am so happy you are blogging with your fun humor, you are perfect for this! all your decorations are darling, and thanks for being a team player!

  5. Thank you, Jain...and you are our Blog Mom as Monique thanks for the encouragement!

  6. Mallomars in my neck of the woods are called "Pinwheels"..go figure! And they are gooood!!!

  7. I'm loving your blog, Kathleen!

    Marshmallow madness hit you pretty good! Great idea putting them on sticks! and the display is great! For someone who doesn't love marshmallows, you did an awesome job!

    Mallomars are my favorite. Straight from the freezer. With a big glass of milk.

  8. Kathleen, take some of those marshmallows and make Mallomars for us - then you can have your cookie and eat it too :-)

    Your humor is so refreshing and it shines through in your posting. I love coming here!

  9. I agree I am so happy you are blogging..

    Little anecdotes and fun pics..and shop talk:) Love the big pic too!

  10. Thank you, it is what if I don't put up all the trees this year! :)

  11. How fun Kathleen! Done like a real trooper, and you are a RIOT! :)

    I love your blog ~ it's delightful. xo~m.

  12. I read about your marshmallows, cracked up and got side tracked. My friends have one of those chimineas that they use for roasting marshmallows with the kids. Your grandchildren would love it :-)


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