Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowed In Saturday...

The weather outside IS frightful...My bargains are frozen in my car...can't get the door open! I did some serious damage shopping at WSonoma and Pottery Barn Outlet...75 off all holiday, and PB at least 5o off everything in the store. I also helped out at Home Goods...they were only 25 off...but such cute things..
I try to do what I can to help the economy...:)

Some of the bags I brought in, so I tried out the Abelskiver pan I got yesterday..

I usually am a guest at breakfast, dh makes it every morning, but today I was anxious to try the pan, and I took a recipe off the net...I added chopped apples, and I put apples cooked in a bit of butter and cinnamon over the top.. They were good, and I hope to experiment with them and other uses for the pan..maybe something savory..



The pan I got at WmSonoma makes little round ball shaped pancakes, and I guess you can fill them...I didn't get that far yet...
Place mat, reversible Christmas Tree PB..they came to 1.25 each.
I am sure at some point in the next week you will see the other side, but I like checks!

And yes, that is whipped cream on top, not a healthy bfast, well the apples are, but I had whipped cream left from the cake I made the other night to bring to a dinner party...



It was a triple layer devils food, iced with choc, then whipped cream in between each layer, and whipped cream icing...the pics on top I ordered on the net....only had to buy a gross... :) I will have them a while, eternity and beyond...

Hope all of you are enjoying this holiday season..Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus for the rest of us, or whatever you celebrate...but do celebrate!

A few scenes of the season here...

My Irish Nativity...from Galway?, Dublin? no...TJMAXX but I love the shamrocks on it..


Silent Night Music Box..


More tomorrow...good night~


  1. Your breakfast looks wonderful. Do the little pancake puffs, puff up while baking? Apple and whip cream topping sounds great too.

    Love the cake & I hope the car thaws out soon :-) You are the bargain queen.

  2. Yes, Marsha, they puff into little round balls...

  3. Great photos Kathleen - do you fill them after they are cooked? Seems like you should have sprinkled confectioners' sugar on them - lol
    Can't wait till your car thaws out....

  4. i cracked up at your dublin set, you know you don't have to tell anyone your secret treasures are super duper bargains~

    its looking gorgeous at your house! and i would so love that cake!

  5. Good Morning..

    Your nativity set is beautiful..Did you have it last yr? I remeber shamrocks:)

    But then again..:)

    I really like taht's a keeper..haven't tried savory and yes you can fill!
    I love all your bargaisn.Now's teh time to buy..on sale..wait a minute.. stop the ALWAYS buy on sale and ALWAYS get ridiculously great value on things.
    I could be bad with you.

  6. LOL, it'll thaw today, we're having rain! Looking forward to the rest of the packages!

    I want one of those pans! Might actually get to your outlet during Christmas vacation!our little pancake cake balls look so good!

    Love the cake, my fave, Devil's Food! Adorable decoration you made for it!

    I love your Christmas treasures, very pretty!

  7. You are quite the "patriot" with all your efforts to keep the economy afloat. :)

    A beautiful post, love what you created with your abelskiver pan.

    And the Nativity is beautiful, and just perfect for an Irish girl like you, Kathleen.

  8. I just found you through Mari's blog. I enjoyed my visit very much.

    Your photos are lovely. Tons of snow here too. Over a foot with 2 inches of ice on top.

  9. I have wanted one of those pans for a long time. I keep watching Amazon to see if they ever go on sale. I want the one made by Lodge. Your abelskivers look wonderful.

    Oh no, frozen bargains! LOL. I love the Irish nativity :)

  10. I love the idea of doing them with Apples, Kathleen!

    All of your goodies are beautiful, and that cake... perfect!!

    Can't wait to see the rest of your goodies (I hope the door opens for you, soon!)

  11. I've been admiring the pan for a few years. Now I'm hungry! Would love them with apples, cinnamon and cream.

  12. Gorgeous cake! Isn't Williams Sonoma amazing...all the fun speciality items you can find there! Your breakfast looks scrumptious! Gotcha down for Tablescape Tuesday! :-) Susan

  13. Gorgeous cake! Isn't Williams Sonoma amazing...all the fun speciality items you can find there! Your breakfast looks scrumptious! Gotcha down for Tablescape Tuesday! :-) Susan

  14. Hi Kathleen,
    Thanks for visiting! It's nice to meet another fellow Long Islander... where on the Island do you live? I loved your blog, I am a fan of Williams Sonoma and Sur La Table in Manhasset, have you ever been there? If not, you are in for a real treat. I will add you to my list, and I will be back again. See you for Tablescape Tuesday-- my table is all ready!


  15. I nmade some for J this am because of you:)

    A new recipe..not as good as the one I used last time..:)

    They are fun and Susan you NEED one.


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