Monday, December 29, 2008

So Where Have I Been?

I know good bloggers post more often, and I will try to do that in the New Year!

This is the time of year to spend some time with family, and I have been doing the cuisine at Kathleen's has been little far between...

I did make some hearty Beef and Barley Soup...


And I used these Santa plates for a recreated dinner we had Sat.
I had a big piece of eye round roast left, and it became Chinese Beef and Snow Peas over rice...




Last night we had stuffed manicotti and meatballs that Mike made. My ds and dil and 4 gkids were here, so tater tots and brats were also served...they don't like Nana's cooking...prefer chips ahoy to my choc chip cookies!

I was helping my 3 y o grandson put on his shoes and I guess I wasn't fast enough...he said, "Nana, you aren't very good at this!" Add it to my list of things I need to improve...speed shoe tying...

We celebrate Christmas till the Epiphany, so I will get to do some more holiday tables...seems like I just brought all the holiday things out, so I sure don't want to put them away just yet...

Good night...


  1. plates are adorable!enjoy your decor while you can!

  2. Hi Kathleen,

    That beef barley soup looks delicious-- will you share the recipe when you get the chance? I love the Santa plates! Happy New Year! We will be out in the Hamptons celebrating-- I'll shout out a Happy New Year-- maybe you'll hear! :)


  3. Great plates, Kathleen! The soup looks great! Hope you have leftover's the spring is leaving and we're getting cold again!

    LOL, love the 3 year old comments! too funny!

    Looking forward to more holiday table settings, so pretty!

  4. Kathleen, I will say again that I love those plates! I did some online research looking for them but to no avail. I did find out that the pattern is from a painting called "Father Nature" by Ching Walters.

    I love that Nana has to learn to speed tie...too funny! We extend our season till Jan 6th too. The tree is usally down before then because of drying out but the nativities and dishes get used until then. After that I look forward to seeing all your valentine settings :-)

  5. Kathleen, I love those plates. .... How neat that Marsha found the artist and title.

    Don't you love getting advice/critiques from three-year olds? And they do it so innocently.

    We leave some decorations until Epiphany, but not many. I'm always anxious to get things back to normal.

  6. hi there, you are just so busy over the holidays, i can't get over all the cooking you do! the soup does look good and i keep thinking of monique adding brown sugar.

    ok kathleen, TAG you are it, come read my blog and see what i am talking about~

  7. I was lurking over @ the gardenweb holiday forum & read a post of your's. I didn't know you were that Kathleen. I've only posted there a couple of times ( I don't forum anymore) but have lurked so much that I feel that I know you. *grins*

  8. Thank you, Cami, and I do remember you from Holidays.
    That is the forum where I learned there were others addicted to dishes...a very nice group of people over there!

    Carol, MS, is you are yelling from WH, I won't hear you. The wind is howling, and it is not a good night!
    My New Year's eve dinner party is postponed till tomorrow....:(

    Marsha, if I ever get out of here I will look for the plates for you. I fear all the bargains will be gone!

    Jain, I don't think I know 6 bloggers you haven't tagged! And 6 interesting facts? My info will have them snoring at their keyboards!

    Carol, DD, yes, our taste of Spring was just a tease! Not liking this..

    Cynthia, it will take me 2 wks to get this stuff all put away! I don't look forward to it! I have some major reorganizing to do in the basement!
    I thought of you today, I was looking under the bed and spied my Peggy Karr boxes...I forgot I put them there!


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