Saturday, January 24, 2009

AT LAST, the LAST week of January!!!

Premature to start the count down to Spring , but no reason not to celebrate the ending of long, cold, month!

So on to hearts and cherubs and all that flowery stuff!

Today we went to our grandson's 5th Bday party. He is the best thing about January, arriving on 1-23-4...I love when the bdays have a way to remember them!
He is a wonderful bundle of energy, and loved the building set he got as a gift, and hammered away gleefully for an hour....umm, yes, it was noisy! But a joyful noise...

Cupcakes was the Darling Bakers Challenge at WFD, and I made a few to bring to his celebration, and a few for the adults.....

A hat for Miss Lily...


Snowman and balloons and a mouse for the birthday share with his little brothers..




Boston Creme Cupcake...


Devil's Food with Whipped Cream, Large size...


Little cherry pie cakes..


And if you like Drakes Coffee Cakes, my version...
Cherry Crumb Coffee cup cakes...



On the way home, a quick stop at The Christmas Tree Shop, but disappointed that there wasn't a selection of Valentine dishes or linens...
I did find a few things...something to use for Tablescape Tues...

So after all those cupcakes, you might like some soup...
Chicken with Wild Rice...


Think summer with the pic from the header above, Cherry tomatoes, feta, red onion, oregano, drizzled with olive oil...

Say no to snow...and stay warm! :)


  1. You've been busy! yep, you definitely made some darling cupcakes! Looks great, you got me with the Drake's, those look a thousand times better than the ones in the plastic wrappers! bet the kids loved their special cupcakes!

    So I guess you survived all the little kids at the party?

  2. Great new header!! Fun to look at the cupcakes again, and I'm sure it added to the birthday celebration!

    Kathleen - the soup looks VERY inviting...still so very cold out here too!

  3. What a great nana:)

    I love hearing about the little ones..I bet they love all your treats.

  4. Happy Birthday to your darling grandson!

    You know I love how creative you are with your beautiful cupcakes! That little hat has stolen my heart.

    Oooh and your chicken and wild rice soup looks delish ~ cute bowl, too!

    I'm dreaming of Spring, too. xo~m.

  5. Happy Birthday to your grandson! What a neat birthday with the 1.23.4. All the cupcakes are so wonderful looking but that giant chocolate whip cream one is calling my name ;-)

    Chicken wild rice is my very favorite soup! I also love the new red with b/w blog look!

  6. Happy Birthday to your little guy..My youngest Gson will be 5 this coming March...Great age!!
    You did a splendid job again with those cupcakes. I'm sure they must have been a great hit with the kids. Love the darling hat for Lily..nice idea.
    That soup is looks so good and comforting. I'm right along with you on the 'Count Down To Spring' !!

  7. 1234, look at all the cupcakes he did score!

    and a cute new header again!

  8. Kathleen, I love the header ... I remember when you originally posted the tomato tart.

    I'd love some soup ... I think I've overdosed on sugar just looking at all the cupcakes.

    I hope the birthday boy had a great birthday.

    Cute 1-23-4 ... will always be easy to remember.

  9. Your cupcakes are adorable Kathleen! Bet your grandson was a happy camper.

    The hat & the ballons are my favorites!

  10. Beautiful cupcakes, Kathleen! What lucky grandchildren you have, truly.

    I love Maurice Sendak :)

  11. Thank you all for your kind comments!
    I love hearing from all of you!

  12. I thought I already left you a comment :-(

    Those take the cake Kathleen! Perfect for your grandchildren, they will always remember your thoughtful touches.


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