Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Dinner That Didn't Happen.., the Shopping that Did

The dinner party never happened..illness and iced roads, prevented the celebration. One couple was still willing, but as I had postponed it to the 1st, and they had a brunch quite a distance away, I didn't think they would be very hungry.

They were fine with whatever I decided, so I opted to reschedule for the end of January.....have to un decorate and that will take me a LONG time!

So now I had 32 Jumbo shrimp that I had marinated and 5 lbs of filet mignon...

I had to cook the shrimp. they had been defrosted once by me, and who knows how many times by the time they got to the fish store??.....

I cooked them all...we had some shrimp francaise over angel hair and some of the spinach casserole I had prepared for dinner the 1st..

I froze the rest...I won't serve them to guests as I don't know if they will be as good once they have been cooked and frozen, never did that before... but for us they will be ok.. froze some of the sauce I made too..

Here is our sad little dinner for 2 for New Year's Day. The dining room table is still set....who knows, maybe 8 hungry people will drop in and my work won't go to waste...




Jain, those are still some of your wonderful lemons. I saved a few so I could tell my guests about you, Lemon Lady...

Jain has a bit of paradise in CA filled with all kinds of fruit trees, and kindly sent me some of her bounty.

There is more juice in one of those little beauties than in 2 of those thick skinned things we get at that market....and so delicious! Thanks again, Jain!

Always a Story....

I have friends from the internet..imaginary, you say??? Au contraire....Most of us met on a Cooking forum a few years ago, and believe me, you really get to know people when you talk to them everyday! (well, talk as in email,,,)

One gal, who happens to live about 60 miles from me was taking a shopping excursion to the outlets in Riverhead.....I haunt that place frequently, so jumped at the chance to finally meet her in person.
She was going with 4 friends, so she wasn't in command....

First she called and said, forget it, they weren't going past the outlets in Deer Park..

so I started to change back into my work clothes...

then Carol called again, plans changed, they will be in Riverhead, and we will meet in WSonoma outlet....

Now it is snowing, and the traffic over there is very heavy...guess lots of people had it took me longer than the usual 40 min to get there.

Place was mobbed...Carol said look for 5 goofy women :)....that she is I looked up...and all over and no where could I hear them, I mean SEE them!

2 hours I searched. I know a few of the sales people over there, um associates, I think we call them now...:)...
they know me just because I am there almost every I told them about the proposed meet and they were helping me look too...

Long story longer...I missed them...her friends wanted to go to the clothes part of the outlet, probably didn't believe she was meeting her imaginary friend...:)

I was so disappointed, I had to do some shopping to make myself feel better...

Here are a few of the things I got at WSonoma outlet.....some I won't show yet...Jain does that, saves them for when she does a table setting for her blog :)....but I may not remember what is in my I better take them out and take a pic!

(Those of you reading who know me, know my car is never of my friends, Diane does a good imitation of me shopping.....)

The napkin rings are alabaster, an insane price, $30 , to begin with, but final price about $ 1 each...

The gold bowls, marked down to .49

The quilted reversible black place mats, were 60% off, so 3.60 each..

The tablecloth trimmed in black with writing was 13.00...don't know if I will keep it..but could use black or red with it...I'll think about it

All the cooking tools were 30% off, so I got a pineappler and a microplane...





These little white casseroles , 16 oz each I got in Home Goods before Cmas...great for the 2 of us..


I have more in my trunk, but that's enough for today...
YKW...(you know who :) ) gets a little hyper when he sees it all piled on the table for a photo shoot, so I have to do it a little at a time!

Enjoy the evening, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Too bad you missed C:( Boohoo..
    And double Boohoo for the missed dinner party.
    I saw the work..and heard the menu..
    Last yr..we canceled 3 times at the same place.. 3 Sats in a row..we had storms!

    Finally we got together.
    You just never know..
    Your sad little table is not sad at all ..Table pour deux w/ French how can that be sad?
    Your new header's great..and your purchases?
    You really are the Queen:)

    What do u mean you don't know if you'll keep the chicken tablecloth? U have the cute napkins..Mine are all freshly washed and ironed and smell like starch:)

    BTW I love my pineapple gadget..Ann T made me do it:)

    Well all she had to do was show me:)

    Fun post K..Keep em coming:)

  2. I felt so bad when they dragged me away, kicking and screaming. Well actually we were yelling, KATHLEEN!!!!!! and you my friend, need a cell phone! I must have sounded like a loon to Mike. Especially the two "where are you?" panic calls :)

    I saw the big pile of pineapple thingees. All nice and stacked. I was tempted. At first I didn't realize those prices weren't as marked. I couldn't see the prices at first. You mean the All Clad roasters weren't $19.99? I found my glasses, LOL! I saw the rooster dishes like your tablecloth! and so many more things. What a place, and all those sale signs. Heavenly! I could have stayed for hours. Till I was dragged away. I never got to Pottery Barn. Glad you had a good haul, I felt bad dragging you out in that weather, and then missing you. and of course I was worried.

  3. Monique, I KNOW! you would keep the table cloth...anything with writing on it, right!

    Are you kidding Carol, you never walked through the opening to PB??

    OH , sorry you fail shopping 101, I would have kept you there till you begged for mercy! Every nook and cranny must be explored!!!
    I will lead, you will follow! LOL

  4. I agree with Monique ... the rooster tablecloth is fantastic... and knowing you, Kathleen, I'm sure you got a great buy.

    So sorry about the New Year's dinner plans... sounds like you'll be eating lots of shrimp, but I know that you have LOTS of great entrées that use shrimp so all is well.

    AND I'm really disheartened that you and Carol didn't meet up. I expected pictures. Yes, Kathleen, you need a cell phone. I thought John and I were the last people on Earth to get one.

  5. Cynthia, I have a cell phone, it is my second one. I went with a Team Mobil pay as you go...I got rid of the plan, too costly and I never use it...just for emergency, etc.
    Well... Team Mobil didn't tell me that they have a dead spot...I called and they said, do you live near the water?....Yes,...well, we are working on that dead spot...
    One year later..still no good, so I could never phone home! What's the sense!!!

  6. great post, sad post... i am sorry you are stuck eating shrimp and steak everyday for the month of jan, poor you! it is ashame all the work that goes into party planning and then no shows... but it looks beautiful why you wait for avon, fuller brushman, hoover, amway, and their spouses to just pop in for dinner one night... i love the lemon story, you save them so you can talk about me, so funny, SO YOU NEED PROPS TO REMEMBER ME?!

    and too bad about carol. so close...! plan it better next time carol, you could save a bundle under kathleen's wing! as usual you had a super shopathon, but i a know meeting carol would have been the topper to your day~

  7. No Jain, I don't need props to remember you....but it is better than," Hey do you want to hear about my internet friend from CA.?"
    Easing in with the lemons is smoother, NO?
    ( see, she is never happy! :) )

    And I am not complaining, tonight we had one of the filets...and Mike dug into the Death by Choc...
    No Fuller Brush or Avon, or even religious groups trying to convert me coming to the door, Jain...would they walk up your hill???

  8. Kathleen, I too was disappointed that you and Carol missed. Hopefully it will happen. And your dinner sorry. You will be eating well at least. Love your bargains!

  9. I love the tablecloth too! I looked at the rooster plates at the regular WS and drooled over them. One day - perhaps the red rooster napkins ;)

    What a shame you and Carol missed each other and also too bad your dinner had to be rescheduled. I know the work that you must have put in to that dinner party only to have to repeat it again. At least you're eating well!

    I love my microplanes and use them all the time.

  10. Sorry about your dinner party plans but hey, what great leftovers, but I'd bet by the end of next week you'll vow never to buy beef or shrimp again, LOL.

    I still can't believe that you girls didn't meet up with each other! That really is cwappy. But I'm happy to learn that each of you did a little shopping anyway, sort of a consolation prize, hehe.

  11. Sorry about your NYE dinner plans, oh and M can celebrate for a couple of more weeks while you finish the shrimp and steak off.

    So sad you and Carol didn't finally get to meet each other. That would have been better than shopping.

    I love when you open the trunk of your car, many goodies come spilling out! The little covered casseroles are cute and that table didn't tell me there are dishes to match!

    Can't wait for you to open the car trunk again, soon I hope!

  12. How disappointing! On both counts!

    We were sick New Year's Eve so we had to do sad! At least you ate better than we did! ;o)


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