Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday in the Kitchen

Well, in the last installment I spoke of breaking out of here...It didn't's cold and there's ice all over, and I really don't HAVE to go I didn't.

Hair appt was during the storm, and no way I was driving 45 miles in that, it would have been hair raising, and then getting home I would have pulled my hair out and turned gray with rescheduled...

I had given this little puppy to my gdau to put outside her never got taken home, and a few tosses by the gkids and the tail broke off...
Mighty Putty, (yes, it really does work!) fixed that and it has been sitting on the porch ever since.

He looks cold...


I emailed the pic to Lily and she called and told me to bring him in...
She's 7 and doesn't realize her Nana is animal challenged....:)

In one of my previous posts I showed some things I had bought at the WSonoma Outlet..
a pineappler, and a stacked pancake maker.
We tried them out for brunch ...



It makes 3 sizes of scalloped shaped pancakes with a hole in the middle. I filled it with fresh blueberries and pineapples....but anything would work, whipped cream and choc chip pancakes...I bet the gkids would like that! (I would too!)

Mike made fresh blueberry muffins..



Since I had a pretty pineapple shell left, I roasted some chicken breasts and made chicken salad, used the juice from the pineapple in it, onion, celery, mustard powder, s& p and light mayo..



So that was my in the fast lane here..:)

And now it's almost time to make dinner...

Hope you all had a great Saturday, and enjoy Sunday..
Stay warm and safe, and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Kathleen, darling puppy and so sweet that Lily was worried about him in the cold. Doesn't Lily know that Nana doesn't allow puppies in the house?

    Great pineappler and stacked pancake maker...

    I've had a variety of different pineapplers over the years. My current one is with my SIL. He's the pickiest eater that I've ever known. He loves pineapple, especially pineapple cooked outside on his grill.

    All the food looks wonderful, but I have to admit the pancake stacker sure turns out good-looking pancakes. And I have no doubt that the grandkids would love choc chip ones.

  2. I love grilled pineapple too, pair the new tool with the Panini grill, and I am good to go...cause I am not going out in this weather to the bbq grill!

    This is a Vacuvin , and so far I am liking it. It comes with 3 diff size, med. lg.
    I have a large to try tomorrow..a taste test. My friend bought me a med size pineapple, and then Mike came home from Costco with a large one, same DelMonte label..
    So is a smaller pineapple sweeter...we will see!

  3. My fav is the chicken salad - great presentation..adding the pineapple flavor sounds good!!

    Not much of a pancake eater but your pancake maker is darling! Seems kids gobble pancakes faster when they are in a different shape other than the same old round..remember my sis making them in heart shape alot for her kids.

    Fresh blueberry muffins are on the menu for tomorrow..hope they look as good as Mikes!

    At least put a bankie on the puppy Nana!! lol

  4. Poor doggie...bring him in!

    I need to work on making food make it look easy...and I know it isn't!

  5. Thanks, Barb...Mike puts apples and blueberries in his muffins, or peach and blueberry, when they are in season...
    I am sure yours will be great...I saw all those cookies you made, and they were very pretty!

    Susan, I can make it look pretty, but my camera skills are not good...but I am trying..
    The light in my kitchen isn't good, my porch wraps around so it makes it darker...I know I should use a special light, but...YKW has enough trouble waiting till I take a pic, no less aiming lights, etc!

  6. I love the stacked pancakes. I have a set, too, but not on sale:) They make a really pretty presentation, and when I first got them there were other things to do besides pancakes, but now I forget :)

    Chicken salad looks great! I put pineapple and walnuts in sometimes. Looks great in the pineapple shell!

  7. ohhh does your food look soooo good. I'm almost drooling. The salad at the top caught my eye and now I want salad in a very bad way. I never get sick of eating Greek salads, my husband makes me a large one almost every day and i always have a nice little bowl to eat right at bed time...its saturday and since we went out for supper i dont have my salad and ohhh if i could snap that salad right out of the picture!

  8. At first I thought you had bought a doggie..before he totally scrolled up..I thought wow this forum really has had an influnec!

    Everything looks delish K:)

  9. I've never heard of Mighty Putty! Only Gorilla Glue. Don't you just love the names? I'm glad you were able to fix puppy - he's adorable.

    Gorgeous pancakes!

  10. Well, you managed to make my mouth water again. Chicken salad is my all time favorite. I just made some the other day with apples and pecans. The pineapple juice sounds good and once again, your 'cleverness' shines through, using the shell to serve it in.
    As for those fabulous looking pancakes..That's my hubby's all time favorite. He could eat them for dinner and be satisfied!
    Lily's little guy is a cutie, but Nana..he needs to be in by the fire!!

  11. Kathleen, I thought I posted here last night, but I don't see it. Anyway, I visited yesterday and it all looks as good tonight as it did the first time I looked!

  12. and you got even more today!!!

    The W-S lady must be worried about you? LOL!

  13. i told you how much i loved your pancakes, etc, but the dog is adorable! did you bring him in yet?

  14. Your blog should really be outlawed. Don't you know I'm on a diet and you are killing me with these delicious pictures. Plus, I'm a gadget person. I NEED the stacking pancake maker.


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