Sunday, January 11, 2009

Slipping and Sliders...


It's cold and icy...good day for some chili, pulled pork and sliders...



Mike made the chili, lots of meat and some kidney beans..not too spicy, but enough heat. Many years he made huge pots of it for our colony beach party..
Nothing like standing in the sand on a hot day eating chili...I know..:), but they like it...and a HOT dog is hot too, and they ate plenty of those!

A trio of sliders, one with red onion and feta, one cheddar, and the third is pulled pork with cole slaw...
I used my little slider sure to line with saran, put the meat in, then another piece of Saran...makes for super easy clean up...




And the pulled pork...make it yourself version..


I do the pulled pork in a crock pot. A pork shoulder, large onion, bottle of Coke, not diet kind, ketchup,apple cider vinegar.. brown sugar, and what ever spices you like...let it cook for 10 hours, remove and pull the pork, discard what's in the pot.
Return pulled to pot with ketchup, some vinegar, brown sugar...I add Duck sauce , powdered mustard etc. let cook on low for an hour or so..

There are tons of recipes on the net, and it is not an exact science.

We don't care for the smoke flavor, but many of the recipes call for a bottle of BBQ sauce. I usually serve it on the side, so they can add it if they like...

I don't suggest using a loin of pork, it is too lean, and you need some fat, so the shoulder is good, and economical too..!

Get yourself a good roll, pile on the pork, top with good cole slaw, and you are good to go!


  1. Kathleen, I'm going to have to try your pulled pork... we don't care for smoke flavor either. Do you measure or just wing it? Ten hours on low? Looks good!

  2. Jayne, 10 on high, when you add it back in you can use the low setting...I wing it, the whole big bottle of coke is the only exact measurement!

  3. Hi Kathleen..
    Came here to warm up..
    I've never had sliders before. Maybe I've been too sheltered!! lol
    I use a crock pot too, for pulled pork, but after reading your recipe, I will definitely give it a try adding a bottle of coke. Thanks for another inspiring meal.
    I know when I visit here, you never disappoint...

  4. Kathleen, I forgot you had the slider press. It does a great job (with your help). :)

    John and I make chili together from an old Consumer Reports recipe with a few tweaks. I'm not sure either one of us could make alone.

    I wrote some directions about how to put a link in comments on The Party Line. Hope it makes sense (and that i did it correctly.)

  5. Kathleen, all I can say is yummy! I will have to give this a try!


  6. Hi Again,

    I love Bobby Vans in Bridgehampton. And there is a cute little place right in the village of Southampton, on the corner of Job's Lane, it's a little place with a French name..... we often go there for lunch. Then there's a place in East Hampton on a side road, again I don't remember the name, something citi.... we aren't there often for dinner, it's mostly lunches, but I agree the restaurents west are pretty good and so many choices. I found that summer house at Whitmore Gardens in Amagansett... do you know the nursery? It's really a beautiful place, a true gardener's paradise. Can't wait to go back there in the spring.


  7. Yummie, Kathleen! It all looks so good.

    You have me craving this exact meal right now (and it's just past 10am here!) :)

    Your blog looks so pretty.

  8. The sliders look great, we had similar in a little bistro here. Love the combo's you made, too! Was that slider thing at W-S outlet? I missed it, LOL, too busy looking for you :)

  9. how did i miss your napking rings, perfecto!


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