Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thumpity, thump...thump...

Look at Frosty STAY! It is bitterly cold....I know it is winter, and some of you have this all the time....but ICE..hate it. Maybe I should get those things for your shoes they sell on QVC with grippers??
And tonight another gifting of precipitation...I was planning to break out of here tomorrow, so we will see!

Good weather for beef stew and biscuits...



The biscuits are in a tiny wagon that came with the display pieces....the sled you saw on the table yesterday...there's a bike, a, wagon and a wheel barrow too.

Since we are talking Frosty, this is a snowman my friend Mary gave me. It is from Villeroy and Boch and has a place for a light inside...


And this one all in blue and cream, also a gift, from my son's in laws..He is called
St. Flurry's.. Cornelius Vanderfrost by Mindspring... ( I never realized he was a Saint, now I really can't put him in the powder room!) :)

My WFD blogger friends know I have quite a collection of them, and I decorate the guest bath with them for Christmas....

I don't want to collect them anymore....I have enough, and some are so pretty they deserve a better display than the guest powder room!

The gkids like to see them, and always count to make sure the number hasn't decreased!


I tried something different today for an apple pie. A gal on another forum showed us a pie with shredded crust. I can't find the recipe, so I just made my regular dough, froze it a bit and shredded it with a microplane...

Not like hers at all...and dh wanted to know why I was grating cheese on the pie!
But since most of you don't know what I was aiming for, I will show this anyway!


Up close...



Mike believes in eating dessert first, so he did!

Stay safe and warm...
Thanks for stopping by...


  1. You have mail ;)

    Like I said on WFD, that stew looks fantastic. I'm sure the apple pie tasted great too.

    I love all your whimsical touches!

  2. Yummy stew! I love the cream soup bowls! and the wagon with biscuits! Such a GREAT table!!

    And the snowmen...are pretty... they do need to be displayed!

  3. Kathleen, I think it's funny that your grandkids count the snowmen. .... Nothing gets past kids.

    I, also remember the shredded pie crust ... Your pie looks really tasty .... It must have been if Mike ate dessert first.

  4. Nice, Kathleen. I remember the pie too. Yours does look different, but VERY good. Cute snowmen and I always love your tables. Stew looks perfect.

  5. Cynthia, Susan Q was kind enough to send me the orig recipe...

    And thanks Susan Q, we had the stew as leftovers tonight..
    I am working on my acceptance speech for the award you gave me. The miracle is I was able to post the award...I am learning that right click stuff!

    Susan, such a busy lady with all your blogs..thanks for stopping and the comments!

  6. Jayne, we posted at the same time!
    Mike doesn't know it is nothing like the other....LOL

  7. Love those handled soup bowls! And the wagon full of biscuits is too always have great ideas!

    Your stew looks pretty darn tasty too.

  8. Kathleen,
    you call me busy? You never cease to amaze me how you come up with all of your amazing tables AND creative meals. Mmmmmhh - I loooooove apple pie!!!! Now I'm drooling...thanks ;o)
    Have a great evening,

  9. I like Mike! I'd have dessert first, too!

    Pie looks great!

    Cute snowmen! but yes, freezing outside! Worse tomorrow!

    Bundle up! Pier One is having 75 off! or so their window said this afternoon.

  10. I like Mike's thinking, but I'd probably have it before & after!!
    Your stew is what my mom would call 'A Good Stick To Your Ribs Meal'.. just great for nights like these. brrrr >> How many more days till Spring??

  11. I had'nt seen all the snowma=en at jain's :)

    So cute..

    Kathleen.. I think your pie looks great..In teh past..I ahve made it because of a well known QC baker..Marcy Goldman.. and the Grate:) is just much larger..
    It's in her book" A Treasury Of Jewish Holiday Baking" I think.

    She's great..

  12. oh your snowman are darling! so many cute things, its good your basement is a wherehouse for all these fab things you can keep sharing with us!

    the pie looks fun~ i am ready for stew, just want the weather to coop...


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