Monday, February 16, 2009

Don't these look good???

photo from WmSonoma

No, I didn't make them...even IF they looked that good in real life, I couldn't take a pic like that!
Someone at WmSonoma took it and emailed to make me hungry..really hungry!
or to remind me I have an Abelskiver Pan I have only used once...

These would be a wonderful dessert, choc filled, topped with fresh whipped cream!
In fact, since Lent starts the 25th, , Fat Tuesday would be a good day to make them!
A last decadent treat before the 40 days of fast and abstinence...Many people I know use it as a time to shed some pounds...I would never do that..:)
I don't like fish, so for me it's 7 Fridays I have to find something to eat for dinner...

Speaking of which...tonight we had taco wraps..chopped chuck fried and drained, chopped onions,spices,shredded Romaine lettuce and cheddar a warm soft flour taco..
Quick and something we don't have too often!

A little color for the setting..see the chili on the plate, and the maracas napkin ring?




I have been watching 2 shows on the FOOD Network that I like..
Chopped and America's Best Recipes...
Chopped features 4 chefs , 3 courses and some not so common ingredients.
They have to prepare an Appy, Main, and Dessert...someone gets eliminated or chopped after each course...
The other features home cooks, who bring their own recipes and have to prepare 3 different things in a period of time.
Has anyone seen the shows?
What do you think?


  1. I definitely think you should go for those chocolate filled abelskivers. They look so good and I am a chocoholic.

    Your dinner looks festive and good. Mexican flavors are a favorite here. Cute pepper plates and napkin ring too.

    I haven't saw those tv shows. I'll have to check my directory. I subscribe to the FN magazine and really enjoy that too.

  2. I like America's Best Recipes and it's fun to watch the home cooks in action. As for Chopped, I don't think they give each person enough time to really be creative.

    BTW, I went through each entry in Tablescapes Thursday last week and LOVED every minute. Oh my gosh the tables were exquisite! Some of the china was gorgeous! I was having so much fun that I burned a batch of my cookies...LOL!

  3. Those do look extra yummy! We had a similar dinner..steak fajitas. I haven't seen either of the shows. I used to be a Food Network junkie. Then I got married... It must have been written somewhere on the license that I gave up the remote lol. Not that I couldn't make him go upstairs.... Both sound fun. I will have to make a point of tuning in.

  4. Forgot to say I love the St. Patty's day decor!

  5. Can't wait to see what you make for Fat Tuesday!! Your tacos look really good, love the chili dishes and can;t believe all the different napkin rings you have!!

    I watch both shows, like Americas Best Recipes the best..maybe because of Judge Michael !!! I also watch Top Chef....

  6. Oh, Kathleen, definitely make those, PLEASE. Then you need to post about them so that I can live/eat vicariously through you.

    I've never even heard of Chopped or America's Best Recipes. I need to look those up.

    Up until a year or so ago, we used to watch Food Network regularly and got so tired on some of their programs and didn't like many of the new ones that we just quit watching it. ... Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. Well, you had me at that first pic, Kathleen! So, you'll share your own next week? I hope so. Cute plate and napkins ring... so appropriate. The wrap looks so good to me. I haven't seen those shows.

  8. LOL, Jayne she got me too :)

    I've seen Chopped, and I liked it. I saw the one where the poor guy used salt instead of sugar :) I haven't seen America's Best Recipes yet!

    Taco wraps look good. I haven't made taco's in ages! Like the setting, too!

  9. They do look good, and so does your Irish header! I have been admiring the Abelskiver pans for at least 5 years. Can't wait to see what you create for us :-)

    I haven't checked out the TV shows, but they do sound interesting.

    I adore your napkin rings and the entire tablescape. You are most creative.

  10. Nutella would be good in those.. I would actually like to order the mix believe it or not..Zoƫ says it's great..
    Wish I got those 2 shows Kathleen and never say you could not take a photo like that.Never! You can!!
    The header is so toi.Very nice.

  11. Hi Kathleen,
    those look sooooooo good!!! Love your new St.Paddy blog dress..:)
    When you get a chance stop by my blog and check the 'Outdoor Wednesday' post, I have something for you.
    Have a wonderful evening,

  12. Oh my, those do look good. I have one of those pans and I think I've only used it once. Where do I find that recipe?

  13. Love your Irish header, Kathleen! And I'll be the odd one who would rather have your taco than the chocolate! What? No green vegetable???

  14. Annie, isn't lettuce green? I hope that counts!

    Annt, I emailed you the link..

    Hi Tam! I will come over, and thank you for thinking of me..

    Greg, thanks for the visit!

    Monique, ok, I won't say never, but probably not..:)

    Thank you Debbie, and Carol..
    Yes, Chopped is good..some of the ingredients though..I wouldn't know what to do with them!

    Michelle, yes, the timing is tight, and on the other they should pick a recipe with less ingredients! Did you see when the gal forgot to put the sauce on the sandwich? I felt sorry for her...

    Cynthia, I am going to try! It will be a hardship though! :)

    Jayne, see if you get those shows, they are pretty good...a little nerve wracking with the time constraints!

    Foley, the bald guy?? :)

  15. Marsha, it is good you admit your is the first step! :)

  16. When I first looked at the abelskivers I thought they were the "walnuts"! I really should make them one day....

    I see you are getting a headstart on St. Pat's Day.....nice nice photo, Kathleen.


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