Monday, February 9, 2009

This little piggy had.....Beef

The supermarket had top round roasts on sale this week, but they were HUGE!

I cut a piece off and marinated it (overnight) in some home made wine vinegar dressing.(You can use bottled though.)

I cut it into strips and browned it, added sliced onions, powdered mustard, red wine, and an envelope of beef broth powder,pepper, and enough water to cover it, and let it simmer an hour or so till it is sure to add more liquid as needed...

I sliced some carrots and cooked them, and zapped some broccoli.

Right before serving I stirred in a heaping spoon Duck Sauce and big splash of Gourmet can omit the Gourmet sauce if you don't have it...
You can add water chestnuts, or sprinkle bean sprouts on the top, if you like.. (well, you can do anything you like, who am I to tell you!)
Served with rice..


The plate tonight is made in England by Churchill, and the napkin ring is a shell from Casey Key, Fla. made by Mother Nature... My friend Ellen brought 12 of them home for me... :)


The ice has finally melted from the driveway, thank goodness!
I am hoping we don't get more snow and ice...I can take the cold, but the thanks..

I did my tables for Tablescape Thursday , so hope you'll come back for a peek..


  1. Kathleen, this post has me grinning and laughing! So light-hearted. It's late, maybe I'm getting punchy!

  2. Kathleen, we can always count on you for a wonderful home cooked meal and a a beautiful tablescape. Your dinners are always so comforting to me. I'll look for your tablescape on Thursday.

  3. Those napkin rings are very familiar to me too:)

    I like the setting very much..

  4. Another beautiful tablesetting! Oh, and the meal sounds delightful, too.

  5. Thank you, Marigene, and you know I didn't eat that broccoli!

    Thar's right, Monique, you go there too! You must have a lot of them, and I loved your idea for the packages..

    Thank you , Debbie..I have been lax the last few days.. My ♥ wasn't in it!

    Jayne, you know we must never take ourselves too seriously! Laughter is good medicine....

  6. I love everything about your dinner, Kathleen! I haven't done anything Asian-inspired for too long.

    What a wonderful friend you have. The napkin rings looks beautiful with your tablesetting.

    Beautiful day here, getting over 60F! I'm thrilled! Bye-bye snow - at least for now.

  7. Kathleen...I bought two of those Roasts myself, and yes, they were big. I like how you prepared yours - not the same ole..same ole.

    Another pretty tablesetting with lovely napkin rings.

  8. Now I am hungry for asian..and I WOULD eat the broccoli!

    Have a great day!


  9. The beef does sound wonderful Kathleen and looks it to! I am always thrilled with your beautiful tablesettings...your everyday meals are a dining experience. The sea shell is beautiful with the pinkish plates. I'm looking forward to your tablescape thursday!

  10. Always a pretty table from you, Kathleen! The beef looks delicious!

    You always make me LOL! Add anything you like :)

  11. Your tablesetting reminds me of "Pretty in Pink" , so sweet and feminine. And dinner looks and sounds delicious.

    Kathleen, I'd be happy to eat your share of broccoli. You cooked it perfectly.

  12. Carol, you know..I mean snow peas, mushrooms,everything goes with it

    Marsha have plenty of not so fine dining here. We eat leftovers, I know some don't but here, some nights are mix and match!

    Thank you, Susan! I am always hungry when I see someone's food...unless it is broccoli!

    Thank you, Jane...I am thinking pot roast with one half that's left, and stew or beef burgundy with the other, or stroganoff.
    Of course I am thinking that now, but they go into the freezer and I don't remember what's in there! :)

    SusanQ, I don't know how "inspired" it is.. and thanks!

  13. Dinner looks way yummy - I'm not a huge fan of broccoli unless it is cut in small pieces!!

    Love the dishes and table setting... I have to beg my family to use cloth napkins..they feel more comfortable with a paper towel!!

  14. Dinner sounds great and your table setting is so pretty. I have those same plates in blue..but you knew that because you recognized them right away! I need some pink placemats!!!! Can't wait to see your newest tablescape.


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