Wednesday, February 4, 2009



I mentioned I had a good time searching the clearance at Home Goods, and some of my bloggin' buddies want to see what I got!

Sitting on a shelf, covered with chipped dishes and lidless pots, were these boxes. I had to move mountains to get to them, but when I did..I was happy!
Now I have to be honest...I liked the hat boxes...easy to conceal a new set of service for 4!
They are a sagey green with an antique edge..



The! Amelia by Cordon Bleu...
They go nicely with the mats from WmSonoma , picks up the green...

I'll be back later with some more, but Jayne is anxious..:)

If you came for Tablescape Thursday, I didn't sign up this week, but I did one on Tues. so please scroll down and take a look!
Thanks for coming!


  1. Great deals Kathleen! I wish I had a Home Goods near me!


  2. Wow, my wish is your command! LOL. Wow, again... $15. for all that? You're the queen! I like them... a lot! And the boxes too!

  3. What a great deal... Now Mike will wonder why you have hat boxes all over the house!!

  4. They are beautiful and I especially like the antique edges. The hat boxes are cool too especially for storage. Where did YKW go for you to take the pics? :-)

  5. L-U-V-E-R-L-Y Dishes Kathleen..
    You are a pro at finding things at amazing prices. Love the hat boxes...and what a great - sneaky..uh..clever way to hide your finds..!

  6. So pretty! What a find..... good for you!


  7. Great plates, Ms. Bargain Queen.

    Kathleen, I can definitely picture you moving mountains to get to them. ... Sagey green sounds pretty.

  8. You are the Queen! I am bowing to you, Queen of the shopping!

    What's left in your car?

  9. I love it when you start unwrapping purchases.....really nice shade of green. Have you ever completely emptied your car of dishes? LOL

  10. We don't have Home Goods here, darn it anyway! You are the master shopper, Kathleen.

    Your beach is beautiful, so different from the West Coast. Just as cold it seems.

  11. I did come to see Tablescape Thursday. Or least more new dishes! ;-)

  12. Jayne, don't put too much pressure on me..:)

    Cathy. you probably have some good stores we don't have..
    It is unusually cold this year...they haven't been able to ice boat for a few years and they have been having a good time with it this year..

    Marigene, I have no idea what is in that trunk, it is always a surprise though!

    Carol, dd. I had to make room so I could take YKW to go pick up his car!

    Cynthia, it is the thrill of the hunt!

    Carol, have to get back to WSonoma soon to see what they have! After inventory clearance maybe!

    Jane, that was the first thing I thought..these boxes will slide right under the bed!

    Marsha and Foley, yes, he did ask about the hat boxes when he got home...but he is getting numb by it all, so he didn't say anything!

    Susan, they are spreading out, so maybe you will get one soon. We just got this one less than a year ago...keep your fingers crossed and your wallet full!

  13. I love the plates, Kathleen! I'm not one for lots of pattern on plates. I like to let the food to the 'talking'. These are perfect and elegant to me. I never saw them at our Marshalls.

  14. I think in all the commotion I missed a few of your posts!! Great shopping. I think the hat boxes are a great idea to hide them! I need to invest in a few. I truly am running out of room for dishes and cookbooks. I love the detail of the plates and the mats!


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