Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Childhood Favorite...

Growing up one of my favorite things to have for lunch was grilled cheese, and tomato soup.
We didn't have it that often, so when we did, it was a treat!

My mom had one of those little round things with a long handle you put on the burner..
I think you could make pies in them too...It must have been a novelty, and with 4 waiting for lunch, believe me it wasn't used very much..

But I do remember it!

So today in honor of Carol's party, I decided to make myself a good lunch.
Grilled cheese, tomato soup, and french fries! I am in heaven..


Oh ok, I know I didn't fool you...after all, I survived 33 years of 9 yr old kids telling me there was a tack on my chair every April Fool's Day..:)
But I usually got them when I would put the Homework assignment on the board and it would be
Do pg. 100 to 150 in your Math book!




The sandwich is grilled pound cake with cream cheese icing, helped with food color, and the soup is milk with food color!
French fries more pound cake with strawberry jam ketchup..

These are real..Sugar cookies tinted pink...


Happy April Fool's Day! Don't let anyone pull the wool over your eyes...

Please visit Carol's blog and see who else is acting foolish today, and maybe you will try a trick or 2 yourself!

When Mike gets home there will be a sweet grilled cheese waiting for him..:)

Thanks for coming, and don't eat any pistachios! What's next...I hope not chocolate!

Please come back for Tablescape Thursday, and don't forget Foley is having a Mother's Day event in May, remembering a recipe of your mom's. You are all invited to participate, and it is a lovely way to honor your dear mother! So dig out those old recipes...


  1. Another great post! The grilled cheese came out great. You really had me at first! LOL, I would have loved you for a teacher.

  2. You had me there! I was wondering where the joke was until I read what you made :)

    Miller the Killer - LOL!

  3. Kathleen, Kathleen..what can I say!! FANTASTIC IDEA doing the grilled cheese and french fries!!!

    The tomato soup was an added surprise for me. But I think I will stick with the sugar cookies!

    I'm sure Mike will love the grilled cheese..

  4. I agree with Barb...such a FANTASTIC idea doing the grilled cheese ;)

    Your sandwich looks really does look like grilled bread. You do everything with pizazz...nice plates too ;)

  5. Kathleen, how fun!

    I love seeing all these wonderful prank food ideas. Your plating is beautiful as usual.

    In the pictures the french fries, grilled cheese, and tomato soup are very realistic.

    I bet your grandkids would love this meal for lunch.

  6. I believd you..apart from the fries!

  7. K, you did good! See, it was a breeze for you. You did a great job... that grilled cheese looks just as it should! Cute, tinting the sugar cookies pink!

  8. Kathleen, you could have tricked me! The grilled cheese, fries and soup came out great. Did you enjoy the soup? LOL

    Next year, watch out. I am going to trick my hubby real good. He is the king of tricks, but I think he'll fall for some of these foolish goodies.

  9. Boy you got the color just perfect on that tomato soup!! What did Mike say???? Did you fool him lol? You really got those grill marks good on the sandwiches. And Cute fries! I knew you would think of something good. Randy is always telling me you HAVE to have tomato soup with your grilled cheese (and cream of celery with your tunafish..go figure). So when I showed him your post he said SEEEE everyone knows they go together. Like it's in dispute lol.

    Great post Kathleen and you know I love your pink cookies.

  10. Happy day to you too! I d so love tomato soup and toasted cheese sandwiches!!! Cathy

  11. Happy April Fool's Day! This is a terrific food joke...you did fool me! ;-) Bo

  12. Ha...you got me! Looks yummy, even if it isn't grilled cheese and tomato soup. :-)

  13. How smart, and how cute! Enjoyed this, you sneaky lady! laurie

  14. Kathleen, I would love to share your grilled cheese, but not sure of that soup!

  15. LOLLLOllllollllolol!!!

    You are too clever Kathleen.

    When I saw this picture I thought to myself, "Kathleen is having a bad, bad day".

    Tooooooo funny!


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