Friday, March 27, 2009

Foodie Friday **** Flashback Friday.

I am late doing this..I was gone all day yesterday for Grandparents Day and we got back late. And today, I was out too,hair appt. and some shopping...


Here's the cake I made for Lily's Birthday...THE BIG CUPCAKE as the pan is called by Wilton..


Chocolate cake with whipped cream icing..


We didn't get to eat it, poor kid got sick in the afternoon, fever, etc..strep throat...
So we sang, but that was it. She was so sick she didn't even want to open her presents..Last year she broke her wrist at her birthday party...I am afraid for next year! :)

Chicken Parmesan Pizza...

I bought the dough from the pizza place..used homemade sauce..
Fry small pieces of chicken cutlet, and put it on the pizza, sprinkle with cheese, and bake...
Filling, and so much less expensive than buying a pizza..


My flashback is this pretty Mama Bunny from Villeroy and Boch I gave my dil last year. The top comes off so it can be filled with candy or cookies..


And because I have a craving for ribs, some low and slow baked ribs and home made coleslaw..


This week I did a little bargain hunting and found these plates for....




70 cents each...Home Goods clearance

From The Christmas Tree Shop..

How about this cute little rabbit in a cage...( I didn't take he's still there for you!)


Or these little polka dot ramekins...1.29


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Thanks for coming, I appreciate your visit!


  1. Oh my I'm so impressed with your dish finds!!
    Love the cupcake cake you made. So cute!
    Happy Foodie Friday to you...

  2. That pizza looks really good! We've been getting more chicken pizzas lately when we order..I like the change! Now prhaps I should try making my own!

    Love the dishes and Lily's cupcake, I've seen the big mold from I know how well they work!

  3. That is a precious cupcake cake...just perfect for a birthday.
    Love all your dishes...especially the yellow polka dots! Love those!

  4. I'm glad you showed us the naked cake. I don't think I've seen it unassembled before. Very cute! Love all your dish finds. I don't know how you find those deals. 70 cents!! I really love the black and white ones. Cute polka dot bowls too!

  5. I'm glad you joined me in Flashback Friday too!

  6. Why does that Mama Bunny look more precious to me now??? I love the birthday cake you made for Lily - I hope she's feeling better! Your latest shopping find are great and you know you are my bargain idol!

    I hope you had fun at gparents day..:)

  7. Your big cupcakes are always the best and I love Lily's with pink. Hopefully next year's birthday will be uneventful.

    Your dishes and food look fabulous but now I'm craving ribs.

    Did you pass on the polka dot ramekins? They are so cute.

  8. Kathleen, I hope Lily's doing better by now ... Let's hope her next birthday does not have any mishaps.

    The large cupcake ... Nice to see how it looks before assembling. I have had the pan for over a year and it is still unused. I need to get it out and make one. Good idea using whipped cream.

    Love your polka dot dishes ....

  9. I am so sorry about your granddaughter. Maybe birthday stress gets to her.
    Beautiful cake and I love the dishes you found. What bargains!!! :D Jewel

  10. Jewel, she is okay now, a few days of antibiotics..she is the oldest of 4, and she just turned 8, so it travels through the family!
    I don't think she knows what stress is! LOL..
    Cynthia, make the cupcake with Addi, she will love it..

    Yes, Susan, see the Mama bunny holding the baby? Next Cmas and Easter you will have a little one to love!

    Marsha, I did get the little ramekins..too cute to pass up!

    Foley, definitely make your is so easy!

    Thanks Ellen and Suzy. I am always down on the floor in clearance.
    If I go missing , they should check TJMaxx and Home Goods . I will be under a pile of dishes!

  11. Kathleen, for such busy days, you sure put together a great post! Love your dishes of course. The cake for L... is sweet! Glad she's better.

  12. That giant cupcake is so cute! I'm so sorry she wasn't able to eat any! Bless her heart. Your plate bargains are incredible! What great plates and what great prices. laurie

  13. Hi Kathleen, Oh your poor little girl getting sick on her birthday! That happened to my oldest when she was in 2nd grade -- it still breaks my heart to think about it. She didn't open her gifts for 2 days!

    I LOVE that giant cupcake cake. And --- my goodness, where might that Williams Sonoma be, where you bought that pan?

    With the weather getting warmer, I'm beginning to get restless to get out to Southold and get the house ready for the summer. Lots to do!

    Say hello to my East End for me! Thanks for visiting... and wish your daughter a Happy Birthday from me.


  14. Ahhh...poor baby. I hope she feels better soon.

    I remember when you got the BIG cupcake mold but I think this is the first time I've seen the results. It's so cute and I love the way you decorated it!!! the polka dot plate and cute. You kill me with the wonderful bargains you find.

  15. Everything looks wonderful, and that cupcake is too adorable. So sorry to hear that the little one got sick and couldn't enjoy it! What wonderful, wonderful plate finds. The black and white are so elegant, and I love the polka dots.

  16. Boy, Lily always makes her birthdays memorable! The cupcake is adorable. So is Lily, hope she's back to herself by now, Kathleen!

    More great dishes, looking forward to seeing them on the table. You're going to need either a bigger trunk or a larger basement at this rate :)

  17. I have thought and thought about getting a Wilton cupcake pan; but my misadventures in icing always held me back. I'm okay as long as it involves icing in a bowl, not piped in any way. :-)
    Were your ribs cooked in a crockpot?

    The dishes were a buy! I haven't been dishspotting in a while and may never do it again, even if I finish the book. I am a lost woman. :-) I love the polka dot dishes. I found a "caged chick" at Big Lots--my husband loves All Things Chickenish, so he was a pushover. Fingers crossed for your granddaughter's next birthday--may it be wonderful in all ways!
    P.S. I am JUST NOW dismantling the St. Paddy's tablescape. :-) I'm a slacker! But I'm sure hating to see it go. I even ordered a huge shamrock baking pan for *next* St. Paddy's. You can see where my heart is: Ireland.

  18. You always make me feel glad I stopped by. A table set by you is a delight! Cathy

  19. Hi there!

    I looked at some of the links in Foodie Friday and I came across your page lol! I just love looking all the food that you guys prepared! I have no idea how to prepare food but I love eating 'em LOL.

    That Chicken Parmesan Pizza looks so tasty. It doesn't seem like a homemade dish! I see Pizzas like this more often in restaurants lol. And I'm not kidding! :)

    Those plates for only 70 cents each? What a fine bargain!

    Much Love,

  20. Oh poor Lily. I hope next year's birthday will be better for her...Christine

  21. Wah. I wish we had a HomeGoods store! I love your plates and especially the price. I'd also like a plate of those ribs! LOL :)Nancy

  22. Kathleen, I checked our HomeGoods, but no good bargains. Actually, I have never found a bargain there like you have shown us. You know how I love the polka dot plates.

    I also remember when you got the BIG cupcake mold, and I like the results!

  23. Le GROS cupcake turned out great..The recipe looks like it came out easily of the pan..did it? Good job!
    Poor Lily..she must have been feeling sick to NOT open gifts..
    Poor girl:(

    Great always!

    Have you caved in and bought the beehive pan? It's so darn cute:)

  24. Hi Kathleen - Wow, you hit the jackpot with your beautiful new plates. Love the black and white.

    I saw the cupcake cake mold at my local bakers supply store but had no idea it makes such a great cake. It would make any party special.

    We don't have Homegoods stores where I live, darn it.


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