Friday, March 6, 2009

Recession Quiche ♣ Foodie Friday


Most of us are pinching have disappeared, jobs are being lost, hours cut back..etc..

The papers feature ways to cut back, save money....

One famous singer suggested we use only 2 squares of toilet tissue.. :(

Restaurants and public places had better watch out..people will be pilfering toilet
paper to bring home along with the packets of Sweet and Low..:)

So today for Foodie Friday, hosted by Gollum's lovely blog, Designs by Gollum, blog I made Recession Quiche..
Please click on the link to sample some of the other delicious entries..

Had a bit of ham and some cheese left over...
With a salad, it is a lovely meal, and doesn't break the bank...

The mozzarella, ricotta, even the puff pastry were bought on sale...




1 cup of milk,I used low fat, and it was still nice and creamy..
3 eggs
Leftover baked ham, cubed..
Ricotta ..a cup plus
Mozzarella ..
a cup
Handful of grated cheese
3 scallions, chopped
1 pastry shell or pie crust

Another Irish treasure to share..
My forum friend Cynthia, introduced me to Peggy Karr plates...I had never heard of them, but they are so beautiful...I had to snatch one up last year when Amazon had a good sale....
Of course, I picked the Shamrocks...
And in case someone who wants to give me a birthday present is reading, I would love the Hydrangea, LOL

Look closely..find the 4 leaf clover and you will have good luck...maybe a pot of money to get us through the recession???

Speaking of sales, yesterday I made one of my frequent trips to WmSonoma outlet. I wish I could have brought you with me, I tried but they stopped me from taking pics...
You will have to take my word for it, I did find a bargain! I have to research what the orig price is so I can get more of a WOW reaction when I post it..
Soon, they are still in the know, have to wait till YKW (you know who) isn't here..:)
Thanks for coming by, and come back soon..and of course for the party on the 17th..OPEN house here!


  1. Love this post, Kathleen! We're quiche lovers here so it's on the menu occasionally. Good to know it works with low fat milk as I think of it as a high calorie dish with the cream. Nice PK platter. Can't wait to hear about your bargain yesterday! Seriously, two squares of tissue? ;-)

  2. ummm...i just put this one in Favorites...I KNOW we will love it. Especially if we add just a few hot peppers...
    thanks for sharing

  3. I love quiches! I'm off to steal the recipe! What delish looking choice for today! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Great sounding recipe!

    I have never made one before and I think I can now.

    Thank you for sharing! ;)

  5. I'm so happy that you should a slice of this fluffy Quiche. I thought it looked scrumptious from the outside, but the sliced piece really showed off it's tempting creamy inside. I've not had ricotta in quiche before. I bet that adds to the creamy texture.

    Sweet Wishes,

  6. Oops, I was so excited by the sliced you served me, I meant Showed. :O

    Sweet Wishes,

  7. Kathleen, great post!

    I remember the 2 squares comment ...Sheryl Crow, wasn't it"

    The quiche looks wonderful.... what a pretty crust ... What kind of pan did you use? It's lovely.

    I love your PK plate and I do NOT have that pattern. I cannot believe you don't have the hydrangea.

    Have you seen this one?

  8. Not even going to touch the toilet paper comment, LOL, you can thank me later, Kathleen!

    The quiche looks so good! Now you have me craving a quiche. How'd you do the crust?

  9. I'll thank you now, Carol!

    Since you asked, lol..
    It is a puff pastry pushed into a deep tart pan, the kind with the removable easy!
    And the quiche couldn't be more simple..
    Mike doesn't like quiche, but I told him this was like a Calzone..and it was!

  10. Quiche I love, but only make it when I'm having guests..

    Love the PK plate..that is definitely one of the prettiest ones!!! I'm prejudice..

  11. I haven't made a quiche in awhile..but I am glad you reminded me...a good use for leftovers!

  12. Your quiche looks tasty and not too complicated. I buy everything on would be proud! Love the PK plate. I can't see the 4 leafer....

  13. That looks so good, Kathleen! There's nothing wrong with a quiche, resession or not!

    I love the PK plate. Is the 4-leaf clover to the left and slightly below center?

  14. I am loving all of your photos and the early St. Patrick's pictures. I love your recipe--with all of the bountiful eggs on the farm, we are quiche and salad people.
    The dishes are beautiful!

  15. Your quiche sounds delicious! It looks so pretty, and perfect! I love all your sidebar pictures, too. I am enjoying your blog!

  16. Kathleen, love the looks of your quiche. Oh, and all your Irish decorations! Happy Happy Birthday, to you! Hope you have a wonderful day and Mike does something special for you.

  17. Puff pastry in a deep tart pan .... looks wonderful. I love puff pastry.

    Happy Birthday, Kathleen .... Hope you have a wonderful day.

  18. The mozzarella, ricotta, even the puff pastry were bought on sale

    Kathleen, you're the Queen of Sales, LOL! Miss your humor on GB.

    Yummo lookin' quiche!

    And the real reason I popped in ...

    Happy Birthday Kathleen!!!

    Hope Mike has a surprise or 2 up his sleeve!

  19. Found you on Food Gawker for your quiche recipe - but enjoying myself even more looking through your beautiful photos & great food ideas! Thank you for sharing it all. ;o}

  20. Sounds good for breakfast tomorrow morning. Will give it a try. Cathy

  21. Congrats on FG Kathleen, what a great photo of your quiche. I love your idea of using the puff pastry, makes it so much easier.
    And Happy Birthday pal!! I'm looking forward to joining you for your St. Patrick's Day party. I'll be bringing Irish Soda Bread, your recipe!!!

  22. How did I miss this post yesterday? It is all so wonderful Kathleen, from the fun narrative, to your beautiful quiche to your PK.

    HB to you!

  23. Hey Kathleen...Just saw over at A Gain of Salt that it's your birthday...not sue if it is today or tomorrow (7th or 8th).... but I had to come over and wish you


    If it was today... I hope you had a wonderful day...and if it is tomorrow.. I hope you have a great day (even though you lose an hour to daylight savings)...

    and may you have MANY MANY more happy birthdays!!!!



  24. Hi Kathleen,
    what a wonderful economical breakfast choice.
    BTW - when you get a chance I have an award for you on my blog today.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  25. Happy Birthday Miss Kathleen..!

    I had a long way down to come:)

  26. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, and for visiting me. I appreciate it!

  27. I don't think you can ever go wrong with quiche - yours looks especially delicious.

  28. Oh, I love quiche...and recession quiche is even better!! Have a great week!...Debbie

  29. I just found your site. It is beautiful. I look forward to catching up with it!


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