Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day..Foodie and Flashback Friday...

I am doing my Mother's Day post tonight ..tomorrow I will be at my gdau Lily's First Communion...

Foley at Foley's Follies is having her first event, a tribute to your mom or grandmother..
You can post a favorite recipe or something special of your mom's. Please go over and sign up on Mr. Linky..

One of the things my mom's gkids always looked forward to was her rice pudding..

Mom's Rice Pudding..
( it is the ONLY recipe I ever got her to write down, and I still have it in her handwriting...)

2 cans Carnation Evap Milk
1 Qt of reg milk
4 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 T vanilla
2 Bags of boil in bag rice cooked, or the equiv.
Raisins and cinnamon to taste

Mix all the ingredients in a pot. Keep stirring over low heat till thickened.
Add the rice and stir..add the raisins and cinnamon.
Pour into indiv bowls and refrig.
Grate some fresh nutmeg on top before serving..

She wasn't too specific on amounts! Directions?? She felt you should know these things, LOL..


This chair was in my mom's living room. It was referred to as the "antique", and no one was to sit on it...She called it a Ladies Rocker and she cringed when hefty gentlemen parked themselves on it! I keep the Family Bible and some books on it so the gkids don't sit on it...but they have been known to push them off and climb aboard.



I have many lovely things that were my mom's. And I treasure them as I treasure the memories of her, and I am so thankful I had such a wonderful mom..She raised 4 daughters, one severely handicapped who lived to be 26. She was a widow at 49, and always said, Laugh and the world laughs with you, and cry and you'll cry alone. She was very strong in her faith and values..she was a good friend, mother and wife..


Happy Mother's Day, Ladies!

So here's what I have been doing...


umm..MANY pounds of bananas, baked in to take home breads for each family at the Communion tomorrow..
Baked, wrapped, tagged and bowed.. I made the tags from floral file folders I found in the Dollar Tree..I got 50 tags out of 2 folders, so the grand total was .66!


The flowers, cleaned up and bowed. Baby's breath will be added in the morning...





The little boxes are filled with candy for the children attending..

After I baked the 50 breads I needed, I made one to leave here..I had some chocolate crumbs left that I had made, so I put them on top of the banana batter..



Thanks for visiting, please be sure to visit Gollum for Foodie Friday and Barb at Foley's Follies for the Mother's Day Tribute..


  1. I love that rocker, Kathleen - what a treasure! How very special to still have that recipe for rice pudding in her handwriting.

    You have been so busy - you deserve the Best Mother Award for all the work you've done for Lily's communion. Just amazing! I hope you enjoy all the praise that should come your way during the party :)

  2. I'll second Susan's comments..I absolutely love that rocker..I'd put a velvet rope around it like it was in a museum!! lol

    Everything you're doing for Lily's Communion are have the neatest ideas when it comes to packaging! Just wait until the gkids graduations, weddings etc. etc.

  3. Kathleen, the ladies rocker is beautiful. I can only imagine how much meaning that it holds for you.

    I don't think our mothers wrote down a lot of recipes. I finally found one in my mother's handwriting the other day. And I think that for years my mother only had one cookbook, Fannie Farmer.

    All your preparations for Lily's First Communion turned out beautifully. Your hard work has definitely paid off, and I'm sure that your family is grateful for all you do.

    Happy Mother's Day to you, Kathleen.

  4. Now who is a great Mother and Grandmother!! K A T H L E E N!! You must be tuckered out with all of that baking. I adore rice pudding and will try your mom's recipe. It's a favorite of Randy's too who isn't always a sweet eater so that's a plus. That is a beautiful chair! I may share a picture of one of my mom's antique rocking chairs if I can find one. It's a very different kind of chair then your fancy little mom's when she was a baby.

    Lovely post! Your son is a very lucky man to have you as his mother. So many talents and so much love all for him and his family!

  5. I think everything looks so pretty in Pink:)

    What a nice thing to prepare all this for lily..She will be so proud..And so will your son and DIL..:)

    Good job Nana!
    Have fun and Happy Mother's Day..the tags from the file folders are perfect!
    Love the chair too!

  6. Happy Foodie Friday! Have a great Mother's Day ~ Susan

  7. I would have liked to reach through the monitor and grabbed those precious gift boxes. Wow, you have been busy! Thanks for taking time to visit with me! Happy Mother's Day!

  8. Kathleen, you have such a magical way. These boxes are stunning. What a sweet, thoughtful gesture for your sweet Lily. I hope you have a perfectly marvelous Mother's Day.((Hugs))
    PS Next week is Foodie Trainwrecks, but ALL food is welcome...just anything you cook this week. No rules here at FF.... wait till you see my wrecked offerings. They were so peculiar I actually took pics. I failed to take pics when I was burned, but I wish someone had. My whole kitchen was covered with graham cracker crust!

  9. I can't believe you did all that baking. Enjoy the communion and have a Happy Mother's day.

  10. You are the most amazing Nana! I'm sure Lily and the boys will be talking about their special Nana for many years to come, you are making so many memories for them now! You outdid yourself. Very pretty in pink :)

    I love the chair! and the rice pudding!

    Happy Mother's day, Kathleen, I hope you are treated like a Queen. You deserve it every day of the week!

  11. Kathleen, what a treasure that rocker is! It is a beautiful piece of furniture, but how wonderful that it belonged to your mother. Your gifts for tomorrow look so pretty. What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day. laurie

  12. Kathleen, excellent post. I know your Mother was very special to you. Lovely chair. You realy outdid yourself for Lily's communion...all so pretty and well done. Yes, she and the boyus have a very special nana. Enjoy YOUR day tomorrow.

  13. Kathleen, I recall how fondly you have always spoken of your mother, and how nice that you have one of her recipes in her own handwriting. The antique chair is beautiful, and lovely displayed in your home. You realy outdid yourself for Lily's communion. You are a super special nana, mother and MIL. Happy Mother's Day Kathleen!

  14. I love the antique chair. What a nice tribute to your Mom! The bread gifts are so pretty... you deserve a great Mother's Day!

  15. What lovely memories of your mother and now of 'YOU'
    Kathleen, that you are passing on to your family. You put so much thought and love in everything you do. How lucky they are to have you. I love that 'Antique' chair, and the story that goes with it.
    May you enjoy a very Happy Mother's Day...

  16. Kathleen, what a precious rocker and what memories it must hold for you. It looks like such a dainty thing. You have always spoken so wonderfully of your mother and she taught you well. Look at all you do for your own family...the work you have showed us with Lily's first communion and Declan's christening is just amazing. You do so much for your family and I hope they never take it for granted and always remember to tell you how wonderful you are!

  17. You have so much amazing energy!

    I am in awe.


  18. Your heirloom rocker is exquisite and so are your thoughts about your Mom...that bread looks delicious...

  19. Oh're a working powerhouse! Great job.


  20. Oh what a treasure that rocker is! I was lucky enough to get my grandmother's needlepoint rocker (she did the needlework). She rocked my father, myself & my children in it. Now I rock my grandchildren in it...although not very often as it "scoots" across the floor. *grins*

    Hoep you had a wonderful Mother's day!


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