Monday, May 18, 2009

So many MEMEs, so little time...

There's always a party to attend in Blogland...In fact you would wear out your dancing shoes it you went to all of them...

And new ones pop up every week..Last week I saw one called Fertilizer Friday, I don't know if it was for real or just a load of manure..:) And I forgot where I saw it, so I don't know the answer...

Monday there is Blue Monday at Smiling Sal's..I showed my blues in an earlier what can I show...
We don't have many flowers in bloom yet, but I did buy myself this blue about 6 weeks I will have many of them, but I couldn't wait..


I could show you 2 shelves of blue stemmed glasses from Dansk ( we used to have a little outlet store here in town, but sadly, it about great deals!)


I am blue that it closed...but I have enough mementos to help me remember those shopping bonanzas!

But that's not very interesting..

I have a tray and set of place mats with the prettiest blue background with white wicker...And you could put a little blue cheese on these potato skins..:)


That's enough, blue, Sally doesn't like long posts...I remember that!

Then there's Mosaic Mon. My friends Debbie and Marsha joined that today...I haven't figured it out yet..maybe next week! But go see theirs..

So whatever Monday MEME you joined, hope you had fun..
And tomorrow is another Scarlett said...

And there are so many Tuesday Memes!

And if you think this is long, go see Laurie's shameless ROAD TRIP pitch post...If you follow American Idol, you must look, I don't, but I did anyway..


  1. Hi Kathleen,
    I'm sorry for being such a bad blog visitor lately. Garden work has ones again taking over. If it wasn't for pre scheduling posts I'd get nothing done here. Hope you're not mad at me. I love all of your blues especially the hydranga. I have a few of them in front of my house but don't seem to be able to get them to bloom in blue. What is your secret???

  2. Hi Kathleen
    wow those are lovely stems ,and the Hydrangea is gorgeous too!
    Happy Blue Monday to you.
    Have a happy week filled with many moments of joy.

  3. Oh Kathleen, I do understand. I can't participate in hardly any of the meme's, but I love looking at all of them. Love the blue stemware and Hydrangias's are always gorgeous. Wish we could grow them here. Hugs, Marty

  4. Kathleen, that Hydrangea is the pretties blue I've ever seen. I can just imagine having that grow in the yard. Mine are never that deep color (I know it's something about the iron in the soil, but I never amend my soil for the hydreangeas, so I guess the fruits of my not laboring are showing). Thanks so much for giving my blog a plug! You are soooo sweet! laurie

  5. Hi Kathleen....thank you for the visit and I must say you have a beautiful blog! Many lovely table settings and food photos.
    I love hydrangea and some people manage to grow them here but I never had luck even after buying special soil. But I can grow some tropical flowers so am thankful for that.
    Kind regards, Sharon.

  6. The photo of the hydrangea was especially beautiful. Thanks for sharing your blues with us.

  7. Kathleen, your blues are always beautiful ... gives us a chance to see your hydrangeas which are gorgeous.

    Love the Dansk, and the tray. I see a little gray kitty on that tray. The wicker suits you perfectly.

  8. I love blue hydrangeas; my father used to grow them. Your stemware looks so pretty lined up on the shelf. Happy Blue Monday.

    You asked where we're going. I've written all about it in other posts this past week. We'll rent until the house is ready.

  9. My favorite is the blue hydrangeas! Happy Blue Monday

  10. The blues are beautiful Kathleen - really love the stemware!

    This is a short post!!

  11. Hi Kathleen...It's great to be back from my bloggy break that almost broke us...$$$...and thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog. Your header photo also had some really pretty blues in it... hydrangeas are one of my fav flowers. Also, I love looking at your sidebar photos! ;-) Bo

  12. Hi my friend..when it warms up...get my room ready! I need a break... and I'd have so much fun with you...even if we simply sat on the deck reading a good book! Hope you had a Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  13. What a lovely blue post with gorgeous hydrangea. Fertilizer Friday is is a reminder from
    Tootsie Time

  14. Oh Kathleen, thank you so much for the touching comments you made on my grandson's miracle post. My heart just broke when you told about your nephew. I will never understand why the Lord performs one miracle and not another. My heart and my prayers are with your sister. I can't imagine the pain and I don't think it ever goes away. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Marty


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