Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Outdoor and White Wednesday

Please join Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday .
And drop in at Faded Charm for White Wednesday..

The first few pics fit both categories..
The beautiful white wave crashing on the white sand..


A bouquet of white hydrangea..


The White PeeGee Hydrangea just starting to bloom..they are cone shaped and bloom in August here. They will turn a mauve color come Sept.


I had purple and blue hydrangea up to 11 inches this year..guess it was all that rain we had..This was a smaller one...


And this is the last cluster of lilies..no more till next summer.



White dishes..you got them? Flaunt them! Next let there white event Aug 25th...
This time it is WHITE, with one other color (not counting silver for flatware etc..)

Mark the date Let There Be White, Part II...everyone is invited..hope you will join in the fun!



Thanks for your visit...Beware of those widgits, that's where they got in to hijack my blog...


  1. Love your beautiful florals! And the tray set up! Thanks for popping in to see me!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Kathleen I hope you got them! It sounds like you put a lot of work into it. Hmmm, all white. I'll have to think on that one.
    -The Tablescaper

  3. LOVE the wave shot ... I can smell the salt!

    Or maybe that's low tide I'm smelling. . . .

    Gorgeous pics of flowers. Hydrangeas seem to grow extra nicely on Long Island -- we had HUGE ones at the original beach house. Sadly, the contractor didn't save them as he was supposed to when he took down that house to build the current one.

    He was from Hampton Bays . . . the wrong fork. :-P

    And yes, I've got all white dishes, and I know how to use them!

    Still trying to get out East. Maybe next week.

  4. Im so very jealous of all you sweet things that get to grow hydrangeas so easily... ;(

    Oh and yah... did i mention the jealousy of the ocean? sheeesh i need to stop depressing myself. :)

    just kidding... i think!

    TTFN~~Claudia ♥

  5. Love your pictures! I am on my way to the ocean!

  6. Kathleen, your hydrangeas are lovely and were growing nicely near the ocean in Maine. Marking my calendar for the white event!

  7. Oh Kathleen,
    I am just salivating over those hydrangeas and the ocean! Breathtaking! I would love to do the white day with color, sounds fun, especially since I missed the last. Hugs, Cindy

  8. what a beautiful setting. Your flowers are gorgeous.. My hydrangeas have yet to bloom, not sure if they are just lazy or plan on not blooming this year..
    Happy Outdoor Wednesdy..
    hugs ~lynne~

  9. Ahhhhh...the ocean, so peaceful, so powerful. Nice whites all the way down. Have a great day ;-)

  10. Stunning flowers!

    Donna Marie

  11. Hello Happy Wednesday!
    Love your flowers-just gorgeous. What widgets?

  12. So many pretty things to look at here. And then there is outdoor Wednesday too... Oh my as a newbie to blogging I can see I could camp out here for hours.
    Come by and see me
    Till then....Janice

  13. Lovely post. The water looks so cool!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  14. Hydrangeas have been on this non-gardener's mind for many years. But, you know my luck with flowers (except for lilies) so I've stayed away from planting them.

    All your lovely flowers continue to thrive, and I particularly have a soft spot in my heart for the white hydrangeas.

    In any case, I've missed all my favorite blogs, and it will take some time to catch up with all of you, but it'll be fun trying.

  15. I never tire of seeing your gorgeous hydrangeas ... 11 inches, WOW.

    But, the lilies are GORGEOUS. Wonderful picture

    I'm pretty sure you could have shown us LOTS more pictures of white dishes.

  16. That is one big honkin' hydrangea, Kathleen!! Gorgeous, too! So what DID happen with the widgets and your problems? I will put my brain to work for this Let There Be White party!
    :-) Sue

  17. yes i think all the rain has helped the hydrangea's this year. Yours are huge and your lilies are magnificent. What's a widget? well I think I remember reading about them but never really understood it.
    Take care,

  18. Hi Kathleen, got some computer reprieve. LOL

    I can't wait for the next "Let There Be White" event! I'm so there!

  19. My hydrangea is finally blooming this year and is a dark purple. Small blooms though.
    Yours are really pretty. I am jealous.
    The picture with the candlelit table is so elegant. Makes me want to serve dinner at 10 p.m. just to have the low light.

  20. Kathleen, your lillies and your hydrangeas are gorgeous! What widgits. Do I have them? laurie

  21. Love it all but that white wave crashing takes the cake! August 25th..the family will be here but you know I won't miss it.

  22. I love your hydrangeas and also associate them with you now ;) I'm in on the white event too!


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