Saturday, September 5, 2009

DELL Computer Problems!!!!

Hello everyone!

I am borrowing a laptop to post this message. I have been blocked out of any Google sites for days!
Dell charged me, and when they couldn't solve it, said it was because Google was down.
Obviously, that isn't true, as I am getting on from a different computer using my ISP.

So I will call Dell and spend some more time trying to get them to fix the problem with my DELL computer..

I hope to be back soon....
It has been very frustrating, and time consuming..

I hope Dell will get to the bottom of this!!!

I will let you know...

I found a great deal yesterday at the WSonoma outlet and I am dying to share it with you!
Check back tomorrow to see if Dell has rescued me...

Have a great Labor Day! Miss all of you!



  1. Kathleen, I emailed you last night. Since you can get on using another computer it sounds like browser hijacking. I have missed your posts hope you can resolve it soon!

  2. How frustrating Kathleen ~ we miss you here in blogland, but thank you for emailing! (And hooray that you were able to get your hands on another computer so you could post.)

    I hope they can get this solved right away. And hope you have a enjoyable holiday in spite of the snafu.

  3. I feel your pain, Kathleen. I just bought a Dell and their customer service stinks. I couldn't load a software program I used for years on my old Dell and they want to charge me $140 to help me install it. I have several problems and I can't get any help. I ordered online and that was another mistake. Its one giant headache.

  4. Miss ya Kathleen!! I know you have spent wayyyyyyyyy too much time on this Dell thing. Hope it gets resolved soon.

  5. I hope you get the problem fixed, Kathleen. It is like missing your right arm!

    Wishing you a fabulous (if possible) holiday weekend! :-)


  6. Hi Kathleen,
    I thought Dell had a good customer service reputation. Guess not!
    Good luck!!!

  7. Woohoo...glad you got to at least post this one.
    Well, I've heard Dell is pretty customer friendly so I sure hope they will make this right with you.

    I am about to have a run away to know what you found at WS.....

  8. Thank goodness you at least know it is Dell's problem!
    Anxious for you to get back on..especially now I want to see what you bought!! lol
    See you on S&S!

  9. Kathleen, good to "see" you. Dell definitely has not provided you good service. Hopefully, they'll get it fixed and reimburse you for both their services and your time. Computer problems are so frustrating.

  10. At least you're narrowing down the problem! How awful that they blamed it on Google though. Infuriating! I hope you give Dell you-know-what :)

  11. Uh Oh. didn't need to hear that since my fella just bought our first lap top, a Dell of course.

    RE challenge,
    I would just do your basement.
    It's what you are working on, and we'd love to see it in process.

    It's just all about sharing whatever we are doing, and getting it done.
    Keep it fun.


    Barbara Jean

  12. I ordered 1 Dell computer but what they sent was not what I ordered so I never opened the box. Well it took 32 phone calls trying to straighten out the mess but by then I was so mad I wanted to return the darn thing. Well, it took another 10 calls to get the darn computer picked up.

    Never again and never a Dell!


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