Thursday, October 29, 2009

Foodie and Flashback Friday

It’s Friday, time to show us the food! Please click on the pic to Super Size your portion..  :)

I am joining Gollum for Foodie Friday, and Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday. (Suzy won’t have hers up till real life Friday!)

Please stop over and see the other entrees, I mean entries…:)

I had some ricotta, mozzarella, ham and spinach left, so I made what I am calling a crustless calzone…or a calziche..little calzoney, little quichey..

I mixed the mozzarella, ricotta, grated cheese ,eggs, milk, chopped ham and fresh spinach chopped, with a cup of biscuit mix, some pepper too.

Put it into greased  a molten lava pan and baked at 375 till they were done.


table 2892 

table 2896 

Dh ate them when I said they were Crustless Calzone..he doesn’t like quiche..:)

These would be good to serve as a first course with a big dinner salad with some know, like the kind from Seinfeld. 

table 2129

And for dessert, maybe something light, like a fresh apple tart?


table 526


I have shown the stacked pear salad before…directions here

table 1254

But I made it tonight with red pears…thought I would see how it would look ..I am thinking Christmas menus…Now will I be able to get red pears in December here in NY?  Anyone know?

I think it would be perfect for a Holiday dinner party.

Blog Labor 382


Blog Labor 380 

That’s honey drizzled over it, and it is really a delicious salad.
It is not messy to eat..the pear is very ripe, so it is soft. You can just cut into it and eat it, or cut it and deconstruct it.
I wouldn't hesitate to serve this at a dinner party.


I hope you had enough to eat..thanks for coming by!

If you can, come back Monday to see what’s in the cart..

Blog Labor 375


Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh My Gosh...that apple tart is calling to me very loudly. That stacked pear is a piece of edible art!

  2. thanks for stopping by and letting me know about the great vertical pear recipe. I think I will use it for Thanksgiving! WOW, it's a stunner. Thank you so much.

  3. Well, I DO wish I had eaten more before I came to your blog, because now I'm wanting to eat more! All of your food always looks delicious, but it also always looks so pretty. My food may sometimes taste good, but it is seldom pretty. You are a kitchen artist, and it does inspire me to try to do better at the presentation of my food! laurie

  4. What a tease! Are you taking bets what's in the cart? Halloween stuff on sale for next year? Early Christmas sale?

    The kitschy calzone quiche looks great, LOL, Mike ate it when you called it crustless calzone? I used to tell Jodie the fish was chicken when she was little.

  5. That apple tart (my weakness) looks wonderful!

    Kathleen don't you know...
    'Real Men Don't Eat Quiche'

    I like the Crustless Calzone..
    I'm thinking great 'finger food' for a large gathering..

  6. I can't wait to try out that stacked pear-what creative presentation.
    Everything looks delicious as always!
    Best wishes, NM.

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    Visiting your blog would be hazardous for anyone on a diet ... thank goodness I'm not on one! Mouth-wateringly beautiful images.

    Thank you for your visit and the kind comment you left. When you come for dinner, please bring the 4 gkids, OK? I like nice things, but I like people far more!

    Happy Halloween!


  8. What lovely, lovely food!!!


  9. Kathleen, that red pear looks beau...really makes the salad pop. Nice job on the "calzones".

  10. I've not done that stacked pear salad -- but the red of the pear and the green of the greens -- PERFECT for Christmas!

  11. Hi Kathleen. I can't wait to see what's in that cart. And I can't wait to try your crustless calzones. I cook for one most of the time and am always looking for single size portions that freeze well. I'll give it a try.

    Thanks, and Happy Halloween

  12. Kathleen, the quiche-calzones look and sound delicious ... great choice of ingredients. I've always liked your stacked pear salads, but the red pear takes it to a different level. Yes, definitely a Christmas-y looking dish, very festive. Everything looks fabulous, and I'm looking forward to the reveal on Merchandise Monday.

  13. Kathleen...great post. I love those gorgeous red pears. A very beautiful salad :)


  14. This all looks wonderful but that stacked pear salad is out of this world. I'm thinking how pretty it would look on a holiday table. I hope you are having a great Foodie Friday.

  15. I love the "calziche" name. I also love the way you got your husband to eat them. Must admit I've used the same trick. This was so very creative. They look delicious! Nancy

  16. Calziche - LOL! Great cover for the getting the hubby to eat it ;)

    What a great idea to use red pears - I hope you can find them for the holidays (I'll be looking too!).

  17. My husband decides with his mouth and so far there isn't much that doesn't pass the test. No caraway and very little ginger. Quiche? Absolutely.
    Your pear salad is brilliant and so simple.
    We shall call it Brimple or maybe simpliant.

  18. Kathleen, I just love your recipe ideas! I added you to my sidebar "blogs that I love" :-)
    The pear salad is so pretty! What about taking a regular pear and dipped it in diluted red food coloring after peeling it, so that you could have year round red pears?

  19. Like the color of the red pear - very festive!!
    Can't wait until Monday....

  20. Your recipe idea sounds GREAT!!! I love the colors of the pear and as a salad it looks wonderful.

  21. I love the pear salad idea...I'm going to do that. It is beautiful. We would like the calzoney thingys...have to try those too.


  22. Crustless crack me up. It does seem to matter what you call things though.I try that kind of trickiness from time to time. I think the red pears are genius! They are perfect for Christmas. Are those white cabbages below???? :-) Thanks for joining me for the flashback!

  23. Love the red pear stacked it sloppy to first I assumed it was a baked pear which would make it softer then a fresh pear...but I love the combination of the spinach and your other ingrediants....Pat's idea of using diluted food coloring should work wouldn't you think.....

  24. LOVE>>>LOVE>>>LOVE the stacked pear salads, so pretty and I bet they were delicious too!

    The chicken napkins are adorable!

  25. Sorry to be late arriving. This is a fantastic table. The pear salads such a creative presentation. And to top it you switched to a red pepper. I'm going to try these. Are they difficult to cut and eat?
    I have the same napkins. Love them!
    Best witches for a Spooktacular Halloween! ~ Sarah

  26. I always try to answer your questions via email...who remembers to come back and look for an answer???..I don't!

    And Blogging for Bliss says to do it via email for that reason..and I ALWAYS do as I am told..:)

    Just wanted to say, it is not messy at all. The pear is very soft, and you can just cut into it and eat it.
    DH didn't have any trouble with it either..

  27. That red pear (never even seen a red pear!) looks delicious and yes, would be so great for Christmas!
    The suspense is killing us...what's in the cart?


  28. Man those pears look amazing - either color!

    - The Tablescaper

  29. K

    Yum, I am salivating--over the food and the cart stuff--do I detect C Tree shop?? Love that place!

  30. It all looks great and that pear salad is a fabulous idea! :D Jewel

  31. Oh Yum! That pear is a work of art!

  32. Hi Kathleen~~~

    I came by to see if you had an apple recipe and look what I find!! I know how it is trying to find pears here in the winter...we used to get gifts of fruits from Oregon...apples, pears, oranges and they are not that expensive. I can't remember the name of the website (this is helpful, isn't it?!!!), but if you Google Oregon Apples, I am sure you will find some reasonable websites with all sorts of apples and pears. They are really known for their orchards.

    I am planning to use up my apples today or tomorrow. Have a wonderful day!


  33. Well, I'd love one of everything, but, seriously, that red pear salad picture is a killer!

  34. Kathleen,

    Everything looks yummy! I think that red pear stacked salad would be a great holiday salad! I did a little search and found some info on the Starkrimson Pear. It says that it goes well with blue cheese, so this would be perfect!

    "A variety of pear that has a crispy, less grainy textured flesh, which is covered by a bright red outer skin. With a slight banana flavor, this pear has a tart tasting flesh that goes well with blue cheese."


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