Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Got Color? Finally..Outdoor Wednesday

For the past few weeks people have been showing their gorgeous displays of color..


But today I can share some…not the magnificent purples, but it’s color none the less!

Joining Susan , A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.

Please visit the others, I am late so you probably have done that already!

Click on the pic to enlarge


My street..

Blog Labor 372


Blog Labor 370


Still some boats at our little marina..


Blog Labor 322

The last of the crop..I am a pitiful farmer!

Blog Labor 374

And what says outdoors more than a shopping cart full of bargains going OUT the DOOR from one of my faves, the CTS…

I’ll show you what I got Monday for Merchandise Monday…can you wait?? Does 17 cents sound good??  I hadn’t been out in over 2 weeks, so it was a very fun trip..

Blog Labor 375

A bit of a departure from my 50 ways to use 50 lbs of ‘taters, which have fear, will return.. :)

Whipped sweet potatoes and apples with cinnamon and brown sugar.  Scooped, swirled with a fork, ( I tried piping them, but the little bits of apple kept getting jammed in the pastry bag tip) sprinkled with chopped pecans, and baked in individual portions.. They were very good.

Blog Labor 371

Last installment of those naughty witches’ trip through blogland coming up for Tablescape Thursday..

In case you can’t make it back, have a Happy Halloween!

(58 days till Christmas! )

Thanks for visiting..


  1. Yummy, sweet potatoes are my very favorite!!!

  2. Pretty foliage! Ours is going by so fast with all the rain we have had and more to come tomorrow...

    I can't wait to see what you have in all those shopping bags! 17¢...whatever it is has to be a deal, Little Miss Shopping Guru!

  3. Everything, including the sweet potatoes, looks gorgeous. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  4. That is quite the buggy full of goodies there.
    This recipe sounds delish. Healthy too.

  5. Your fall color is gorgeous - the leaves have all blown off the trees here already.

    You did a great job of shopping on your first day out after being home sick - look at that cart full! WOW, I can't wait to see what you got for 17 cents.

  6. Hi Kathleen! Love your color on your street! Now about the taters! Those sweet potatoes look so yummy!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. What a pretty tree lined street! You are lucky to still have some color. With the rains we've had the past few days, the trees are almost bare. A few of our trees are late droppers, so I still am anticipating seeing some bright yellow and red. Your sweet potatoes look delish. Anytime there is sugar involved- I eat up! hugs, Sue

  8. Yikes! 58 days till Christmas!? Love the color you found and I can hardly wait to see what's in those bags :0)

  9. I have foliage..:)all I see right now are the CTS bags:) Lucky duck!!!

    Happy fall..

  10. This post is just tooo wonderful! Love the setting!!!! Cathy

  11. Fall seems to be a bit slow here, too. But we are getting lots of rainy and windy days.

    The sweet potato dish looks yummy ... and I can't believe that xmas is 58 days away!!

  12. Hi Kathleen ~
    It has been snowing here in Colorado since last night - nothing but white now...Loved your pictures - especially the trees - that sweet potato thing with apples looks yummy. 50 ways for 50 pounds looks interesting...I did just buy 30 pounds of taters...they are a fav in my family. Tablescape Thursday is a mere hours away....I hope the witch was nice......

  13. Kathleen~~

    Beautiful, vivid colors!! The leaves did not change at the same time for everyone, you know. Ours just started!! I could be in OW in 2 weeks if I wanted!! And you have beautiful peppers, don't underestimate yourself.

    I left you a comment on TT but I don't know if it went through. I tried to 'navigate' before I hit 'post comment' let me know if you get it or not.

    Happy Halloween!! ;-)


  14. There is nothing quite like the sun shining on the trees when the leaves are bright. I love the way they glow. I think the color was late everywhere this year!


  15. I love the color of the trees! his is my fav time of he year!!

  16. Hurray for the fall color! :D Jewel

  17. Hi Kathleen!

    your street is very pretty! Glad you are feeling better.

    We went to thr Yankee game very happy right now...sob sob!

  18. HI Kathleen glad you got some color, we don't have to much color in this part of CA either. Certain streets and places, plants and such forth. Nice photos. I like the marina photo though, I just love the water! have a great evening!

  19. Kathleen, glad to see that you got some of the fall color that you'd been hoping for. ... We hardly had any change in color last year; it went from green to brown to no leaves. This is a gorgeous year for us. I hope you have a spectacular year near fall.

    The sweet potatoes and apples look delicious. I know a couple of little people that would love that.

  20. I'm glad you finally got some color - we're on the tail end of ours! I hate to think about the next stage :(

    Great looking sweet taters!

  21. Yea, Kathleen has Fall colors. Nice! Hey, your peppers look better than mine did!

  22. Finally we have fall, the colors and the cool weather! Yours looks gorgeous, Kathleen!

    You more than made up for two weeks of no shopping, and I bet they noticed you were missing :) What a haul!


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