Saturday, October 10, 2009

Merchandise, Mosaic & Metamorphosis Monday

It's Monday..time for a Mosaic and some Merchandise..:)

LOAFing Around....


Lemon, Irish Soda
Peach Crumb, Blueberry Crumb

Please visit Mary at Little Red House for more Mosaics..Thanks for hosting Mary..

From Christmas Tree Shop, hereafter known as CTS... :)
Navy Blue plates....orig 2.99..I paid 1.00


Blue and white ceramic tea light holders..1.00 in clearance at Home Goods..


Aqua and white napkins, 2.00 and rings .97 from Pottery Barn Outlet...I'll save them for warmer weather...


These are all from CTS..
Amber glass plates 2.99
Plaid plates 4 for 3.99
Pumpkin placecard holders 4 for 2.29
They are really a nice size..have to use them in a scape soon!



This is from Pottery Barn Outlet..not really a bargain, but I wanted a cloche with a really BIG mouth..(hold the comments!)$20.00 less a coupon..
I put a large pumpkin in it so you could see the size.
I will be ready for Marty's next cloche party!


I can see it piled high with Barb at Foley's Folly 12 Days of Christmas cookies too!

I also joined Susan's Metamorphosis Monday..
We added crown moulding to the dining room and changed it from Dusty Rose to Tea light GREEN...
I want to change the drapes now too, but if I don't find anything I like to buy or make, the other ones are fine for now..I made those.
There are no windows, just the French Doors.






Still putting it all back together..I'll post it when it is done...
Thanks for visiting...see you for Outdoor Wednesday, and another episode of As the 'Tater Peels...:)



  1. Hi Kathleen! You've been a busy gal! All that yummy looking baking, blueing, shopping and crown moldinging! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  2. I know you haven't been Loafing around at all :) I love that cloche! I see you've been doing some blog redecorating too!

  3. I love the new paint color in the dining room - looks great with the carpet & drapes and the white trim really stands out. Of course, I love a cloche...big mouth or otherwise, LOL! You are so funny.

    I wish I had the bargain stores you have.

  4. The lemon bread looks amazing. I love the new color in your dining room and I love crown molding. You really got some great deals and I want that cloche. I didn't even know I wanted one until I started blogging in September. Fun post!


  5. I love the green:) Ad all the great buys..I need a CTS fix:)

    The loaves look great too..

    AND the white pumpkin:)~

  6. Looks beautiful. I love the color you FINALLY picked, and it is all I can do NOT to comment on the size of your mouth, er, I mean the mouth of the Cloche :)

    Blue plates. I love!

    and the loaves! YUM!

  7. I don't remember the peach loaf - will have to do some the lemon loaf!
    Great buys, can't wait for all the scapes you will be doing.
    Don't remind me of all those cookies!! LOL The cloche is huge to hold that pumpkin, you will be getting lots of uses for that.
    I love the green - especially with that gorgeous carpeting you're going to be taking to the nursing home with you!! ;)
    Another super post!!

  8. I love the peach and the blueberry cakes, they look marvelous and I really like the wonderful aqua and white napkins, all the pottery barn outlet deals are really good deals...

  9. Nice changes to your dining room Kathleen! Now I just have to make a note to myself to make sure I'm full before I visit your blog. Lovely looking loaves :0)

  10. I like the new color and when you live in the room it often makes it feel like a new one!

    spindle cottage is the name of my house blog

  11. Hi Kathleen!

    Your must have been in a bake - a- many wonderful tea breads! I like those small Irish Sodas and rhe crumb breads...yummy!

    I love the amber dishes and the pumpkin place card holders are too cute!

    Your dining room looks very pretty in its new color. Green is one of my favorite colors so I approve :-)

    I also love that BIG cloche! Do you believe I don't own one as yet? I'm a bad blogger! I don't even have those Target bird S&P shakers...I missed out as the Brooklyn Target hever has anything good.

    The 12 days of Chritmas sounds interesting ..going to check that out ..thanks!

  12. Hi Kathleen,
    The new paint job looks great. We have that color in our family room. I've been catching up on your posts and OMG how do you have time to cook all that yumminess??? Any left overs just throw over here. Come on I can see ya from here! I'm so hungry right now I could eat my computer! no fair!

  13. Nice loaves mosaic, Kathleen ... They all look really tasty.

    Lots of good CTS buys ... I love the amber glass plate ... interesting design. And the cloche is very pretty. I have no doubt that you will put it to good use.

    The dining room is looking good - I really like the green walls.

  14. Boy you've been a busy bee. Peach crumb loaf...I need that recipe. I really like how your dining room came out. Very soft green! I am going to be like you when it comes to picking a color for our painting. I have a hard time committing..I'm always afraid I will get tired of it! I've toyed with green and if it had to be green I'd pick the one you did.

  15. Of course I love it, it's GREEN! And the curtains look good with the new paint, too.

  16. Even with all that work going on in your managed to bake !
    Lovely transformation. I like the soft green. How about a nice toile fabric for your new drapes...

    Wonderful buy on that Cloche..great size too.

  17. Well see what I miss when I don't make all the rounds. I just can't ever miss a great cloche and this one is certainly GREAT. I love it and what a beauty with the pumpkin inside. Your dining room is just lovely also, I always get so excited about the cloches, I hardly see anything else. Bad manners I know. I do love it and I can't wait to see it in the next party. Hugs, Marty


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