Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mosaic, Met and Merchandise Monday..

I join our lovely hosts, Susan at Between Naps on the Porch


Mary at Little Red House for Mosaic Monday…

Thank you, ladies!

Met Monday


Last Spring I showed you this..

table 2337

I think I asked you to guess what it was, but I don’t think I ever showed the end result.

I have received 100’s of emails dying to know..(not)
Click to enlarge pictures..

table 2346


table 2347


table 2353


table 2369 


Blog Labor 357


The last picture shows with the final ledge added to the top.

The first bench was from Ikea, and even though I preserved it every year, it collapsed this year.

I will be looking for one like it in the the meantime the wicker one had to suffice..

We put a trellis to soften the front, and by next summer, the plants will have filled in, I hope!

Blog Labor 356

So that’s my Outdoor Shower and changing area.  It was a big help this summer.  When we walked up from the beach, no sand in the house.  And even in the mornings, nothing like a warm outdoor shower! There’s an outlet  so you can blow dry your hair, and a light so it can still be used at night..The plastic bins slide under the bench, so the towels stay dry..Outdoor showers  are very common here.

For my Mosaic..


Soup..Lto R Butternut, Split Pea, Trio of Soups, Chicken orzo..


Just a little Merchandise this week…

I don’t know about you, but when I buy things at the end of the season and pack them away, they are new to me.  Sometimes I even forget that I bought it! Oh no, I know none of you do that..:)

So last fall the Pfaltzgraff Clearance Center was closing…not the outlet, even better..


I got a few more of these for 1.24

Blog Labor 363


A couple of these covered acorn bowls for 2.00


Blog Labor 365

And this Fall colored sugar and creamer total  .96

Blog Labor 366


Blog Labor 367

I also got these at CTS for 1.99..they are very delicate…great to serve soup..

Blog Labor 368


This larger green acorn for 3.00

Blog Labor 361

Merchandise Monday is closed for this week.  Hope to be able to get out for a shopping fix this week!

A little treat ….chocolate and caramel apples

I haven’t made candy apples in ages….  My friend Susan did a post on her caramel apples, and she gives her recipe…hop over and look..She’s a professional photographer, so you are in for a treat..

I just took Granny Smiths, scrubbed them well, dipped them in melted chocolate.  Chill.

Melt caramels in the micro wave, add a tiny bit of milk.

Drizzle over the apple, then add toasted chopped PECANS..hear that BJ?? :)



Blog Labor 348


Blog Labor 352


Blog Labor 354


Blog Labor 355

In my tummy..delicious! And didn’t cost 5.00 each like Mrs. Prindables…so easy too!


Thanks for visiting..

See you Wednesday…


  1. wow looks great, nice outdoor the trellis

    happy Met Monday!


  2. Nobody here in Colorado has outdoor showers or a beach, LOL !
    Such a nice place for a shower and so glad it is private for changing....
    We used to have an outlet here too, but it closed - such pretty things... I bet they have white napkins too....
    That apple dipped in chocolate looks great and yummy !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. I will be checking in for Tablescape Thursday to read your latest poem - you crazy girl ~

  3. Hi Kathleen! Wow! I'll bet an outdoor shower is nice at the beach!! I love the wood finish inside! I also love all of your Fall tableware...especially those white pumpkin covered bowls! I guess we don't have CTS here or I would be in my car on the way right now! lol Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  4. Kathleen, I'm glad I have 1 free day a week to eat things like you make and show on your blog. I love your trio of soups presentation!! Very fun. I might just have to get me one of those caramel apple loaded with goodies on my next free day LOL! I'm like you about buying end of season clearance items, stashing them away and then being surprised! Love it.. Love the stuff you bought too. Have a good week...

  5. Kathleen, great post. I'm still impressed with your outdoor shower. Great buys... as always! ;-) Nice job on the apple. It looks delicious!

  6. Ohmygawd! I would love an outdoor shower at our beach house. We shower the babies at the beach and then everyone else drags in the sand. Thinking of buying one of those round remote sweepers to turn on each night while we are sleeping. I love to look up and see the sky when I shower outside at my friends home in NJ at the shore. I also have a fear of a drone taking my photo:) Now your bargains are amazing. How do you find time to sleep with all this bargain hunting and being a beach bunny during the day and cooking and decorating too? Your Halloween table is amazing. I hope you are feeling better this week. Happy Halloween.

  7. Love your outdoor shower, when I first saw it I was thinking maybe a sauna...shower is even better.

    More new dishes? LOL! You need a room like Bonnie's...I can hear M now!

  8. A great idea. So nice not to drag sand into the house. I have made two different soups this past week or so. The weather seems to be perfect for it.
    You know I have never eaten a candy apple in my life. How deprived am I?

  9. The outdoor shower is a great idea and walking up from the beach (any beach) would be a dream come true for me.

    Your apples look amazing.


  10. Where'd you get a Mrs. Prinadable for five bucks? They're over twenty here! Yours looks fantastic, Kathleen. I have to make some, my kids would love it!

    Shower came out great, and your mosaic is perfect, we finally have some soup weather!

    hey, Killer, I give this post an A+ :)

  11. The outdoor shower turned out great..did Mike tell you about the 'peep' hole he put in??? ;)

    Love the covered pumpkin and acorn pieces..perfect for soups..which look great!

    The caramel apples are really making me want to make some... I Could really use one now!

  12. Love all of your gorgeous dishes...what a great deal you got...lucky girl!!!

    The apples look amazing...I wish I had one right now...yummy!!!


  13. Love everything, the acorn dishes the white pumpkins all the dishes are just wonderful, wow wish we had that kind of store in ca.

  14. Hi Kathleen!

    Oh, I just love all your "rediscovered" treasures from last year! Beautiful all of them and what great prices!

    Have a wonderful day!

  15. Great outdoor shower, Kathleen!

    That apple...oh my...I am speechless!:-)

  16. Love the outdoor shower and the apples and the goodies you found - especially the white pumpkins - love it! Kathleen- you make me want to get into the kitchen and make something yummy!

  17. You are so fortunate to have this outdoors. It would be perfect for me with the kids coming home from the beach with all their sand. The trellis adds a great finishing touch!

    When visiting my post, be sure to click on the "Follow" button if you like what you see. This way we can share one anothers creativity!

  18. Hi Kathleen, aka Ms. Super Shopper. I just discovered there is a Home Goods within driving distance and I'm SO excited to check it out. I found one in Chicago. Good thing there are luggage weight limits.

    Love the table setting in your header photo, especially the eyeballs in the soup plate.

  19. The outdoor shower is fabulous. What a thrill to keep all the sand and mess out of the house. I love it. Your thrifty treasures are wonderful. I especially love the little individual tureens. So cute. I have looked everywhere for some and can't find any anywhere. Hugs, Marty

  20. Kathleen, what a wonderful idea to have an outdoor shower and changing area! Saves tracking water into the house, especially with kiddos around. Love all the goodies you found- bargains all...
    Those apples look yummy- I'd get in my 5 fruits for the day very easily that way. LOL
    I'll be showing some more traditional decor from furniture market soon. You should like this one company that makes cupboards, bookcases, islands... etc. I fell in love with it!
    hugs, Sue

  21. Kathleen...great photos. You got some wonderful deals on some very cute pieces and I love your mosaic..making me hungry :)


  22. I forgot all about your wonderful outdoor shower when I started looking at the dishes. I love them and what great deals. Lucky you!

  23. OH wow -- what a great post -- fab buys, AND delicious apples covered in chocolate.... I am fainting.
    Right here at the computer.

    Love the outdoor shower; I wish we had one at the beach house. My Dad used to hose off my daughters before they went into the house --they'd race to be first. First one got the sun-warmed water!

    You did a wonderful job with that shower. That is the nicest one I have seen. I need to show this to my sister; we have plans.

  24. I HEARD THAT, KATHLEEN !! Yum..mee !!
    I have some apples on my counter, just waiting for this recipe. No carmel...but some carmel ice cream topping...I just KNOW that would be good drizzled over that chocolate.
    Great recipe.
    NOW...let's get down to that outdoor shower....My goodness, lady, but you are spoiled rotten! How wonderful to have an outdoor shower AND live on the beach!!! Some folks just GOT IT !! :o)

  25. Looks lovely! Love all the ceramic pumpkin stuff too.

  26. Great outdoor shower....but very jealous that you have a beach! I want a beach!!......I love those white pumpkin tureen thingies....what a bargain for $1.99....I would have had to have a dozen....I go crazy when i see bargains like that....and you can never have too many bowls...dishes or ceramic containers of any kind....Did you see the person with the dish room in her house....i want one of those too!!

  27. The kitty pumpkin tureen is adorable. ... great table setting... I hope Egor enjoyed the meal.

    Kathleen, I don't know anyone who has an outdoor shower around here. But yours is fantastic, and I can understand why you've enjoyed it so much.

    Wonderful mosaic ... I love the trio on the silver platter.

  28. Kathleen, how nice to have an outdoor shower! I know just from camping at the beach in our trailer when the kids were young, just how much sand can get tracked inside. Your soup mosaic looks super delicious! I love getting end of season deals (never as good of a deal as you find!) and forgetting about them until you open the box next time - it's like getting a gift! I can't believe you got those gorgeous white pumpkin tureens for that price!


  29. An outdoor shower and a beach of your own? Lucky duck! And then you got all those pretty dishes for a song. I'm sitting here eating pumpkin pudding and feeling a little smug about it:>)

    (The other Kathleen)

  30. I think that the old chair looked nicer than the wicker one. It's too bad that it collapsed. Hopefully you'll find something similiar. :-)

    Love the Pfaltzgraff pieces you found, but love the prices even more!

    The apples look scrumptious!

  31. Kathleen,
    Great outdoor shower. I bet that comes in handy.
    Sidebar... I went on a site that showed real estate pics of celebrity's home purchases and I saw your new neighbor's house. I cracked up because you had just mentioned it. Hope he is a good neighbor and invites you over for lots of parties.

  32. Kathleen

    The outdoor shower came out great--the gray color really lets it melt in to the scenery...I could use one of those ,too, my son spends lots of time surfing Gilgo and you can imagine the sand hebrings back!
    Love your mosaic and clearance finds--you know how to shop, girl!


  33. Oh Kathleen..
    I just love all your fabulous buys. You got such a great deal on the CTS pumpkin bowls.
    I love your Pfaltzgraff purchases, especially those acorn bowls and Love the color of the Sugar and Creamer.

    I'm so glad you showed your 'How To' on the Apples. I was going to buy some again, for the Holidays. They are pricey..
    Now, I'm going to 'experiment' and try to make my own.

  34. I still think you are my exotic friend having an outdoor shower :) What bargains you got this week. I am going to look for some of those covered soup bowls - they are really cute. Can't decide if I want pumpkins or acorns though. Soup sounds good on a cold day like we are having, I think I'll have the trio as they all sound good!

  35. I totally understand the outdoor shower. We are used to them at the lake, and yours came out great. That apple is calling my name!

  36. Your outdoor shower turned out so well! Too bad about the first bench collapsing - I hope they refunded your money.

    Love all the fall merchandise! I hope you've had a shopping fix in the meanwhile ;)

    I think I need to make some more caramel apples - yours look delicious!

  37. Omigosh Kathleen, I don't know what is making me drool more -- the soup, the candy apples or the DISHES!!! Thanks so much for sharing your talents at MM. :)


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