Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naughty Witches~Ghostly Tablescape Thursday

The Witches Fly By..Part II

Part I here….



The four naughty witches,

Go soaring  through  Blogland,

Stop to haunt Cathy, Alma and Cass

To see what they have planned.


Cindy offers poisoned apples,

Now that's a treat they covet!

Marty gives them a lovely CLOCHE

With a skull inside..they love it!


Blog Labor 329


They head down south to visit those gals,

Hotlanta Joyce, Deb and Sue

They stop for a song at Shelia’s

Then throw eggs at  Barb’s house too!


All this zigzagging is taking its toll,

Too much for these witches to handle.

They take a nap on Susan’s porch,

And swipe a Colonial candle!  :)


“Let’s go visit Blondie !”

She never is a grouch

Then stop off in Ohio,

And check out Sue’s new couch.


“We must  not forget dear Canada!”

They flew up North with glee

Threw bags of flour on the homes,

Of Nana and Lori E!


Tonight’s fly by is over,

Their brooms are losing torque..

They crash for now, to rise again

From Kathleen’s in New York…

Blog Labor 330


The final fly by next Thursday…they could be headed your way!


Joining Susan for Tablescape Thursday…Please stop over Between Naps on the Porch to see some wickedly wonderful tables…

Here’s my table…I think it’s BOO tiful! Maybe not, but the gkids would love it!

The ghost was a gift from my friend, Ellen.


                Blog Labor 340



                 Blog Labor 346


Black tablecloth

White Ghost mats PBarn, on sale after Halloween last year

Black plates Pier One

Black and White naps..TJMaxx


Blog Labor 334

Blog Labor 345 


Blog Labor 347


For dinner, maybe some Baked worms and cheese…

Blog Labor 310

Some baked bones..


table 1341

And some Poison Apple Crisp

table 1309

Thanks for the good wishes, I am taking my medicine and I am sure I will be fine!

You know I always appreciate your visit!


  1. OOOH,
    I wonder if I could learn to make that poisonous apple crisp! Looks fab and the table as usual is just a treat! Your poem is the cutest Kathleen. Me? the poison apple queen? heehe. just loving it! You really are one of the queens of tablescapes! Hugs, Cindy of the poisonous apples!

  2. Thoe witches should be plenty tired by now...fueling up for next year!
    Great post Kathleen - don't overdue, All the S&S Mother Hens are keeping an eye on you!!

  3. Kathleen. your Halloween tablescape is so adorable! I love the ghost theme and your menu is perfect! How are you doing all this cooking when you should be resting.

  4. I am laughing at the poem and the TS is so cute and the food amazing! Thanks for making me smile:)

  5. Oh, your poem had me in stitches! I even managed to get my name in it!! And your tablescape is terrific. You kids must think you are the best mom!!

    Fabulous post!!


  6. Yummy, yummy looking! What an inviting array of items. :D
    Loved the poem, but now I have to go find Sue who lives in ME!


  7. I am laughing out loud! Or should I be cackling :)

    I hope you're following at least some of the doctor's orders!

    This was really terrific and a lot of fun.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. Terrific post!! Loved your poem, so clever. Your tablescape is adorably scary. That ghost centerpiece is to die for. Love all you ghostly details and the way you put it all together.

  9. I'm with made me smile too!! LOve the poem...the ghosts and especially the "baked Bones"..

  10. Kathleen, what a fun have captured it all. Lovely! And, oh so yummy looking too!!!

    Barb ♥

  11. Kathleen, your posts are always good for a chuckle... even sick, you are so clever!

  12. This is really cute, the story as well as the pretty tablescape! Good job!


  13. So Creative All Of It!!
    Your poem is a hoot.
    Adorable Tablesape and such a cute
    'Ghostly' centerpiece.
    Delicious menu too.
    Now 'tuck away that broom' and get some rest!!

  14. Fun tablescape - love those two cute witches on their Halloween ride!

  15. Goodness Girlie - You got my head going Whirly...
    .I didn't know you had a talent for writing such lines...girl you are mighty fine !
    I can HARDLY WAIT....till next week - very cute post and I love your scape and your REAL food -
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  16. Ghostly and delicious! Who could ask for more! Get better soon! :D Jewel

  17. Your witch's travels are so cool! I love your tablescape, and I'll definitely have some of that ghostly food!

  18. What a great poem and I think your table looks wonderful. I love black and white anytime of year. Keep drinking those fluids!


  19. Oh, I love, love , love it . Such a cute poem. You are so clever I can't even believe it. I really like the ghostly tablescape too, it is put together just perfectly. Now as for dinner, I will be right over, it looks just soooooooooo yummy. Thanks for including me. This is such great fun. Hugs, Marty

  20. I so enjoyed your poem and even recognized some names. (Do you think I spend too much time blogging 'cuz I'm sure you don't know me?!)

    That is the perfect Halloween table that will be so love by gkids.

  21. I am SO sad they didn't stop at my house! Over the Rainbow was right on the way!! :) I shall never again eat ribs without thinking of them as bones :) Thanks for a great post!

  22. Loved your poem and your ghostly tablescape....Perfect! Food is great and now I'm hungry for 'worms n' cheese'!
    Sorry to hear you have been ill, hope you doing well!

  23. What a fun post! I love your poem and your decorations but I really love the look of that Poison Apple crisp-YUM!
    Thanks for coming to visit me and for the lovely comment-I really appreciate it.
    Best wishes, NM.

  24. Kathleen, what a fun, fun table with Casper (or is that M lecturing you on no more dishes) taking center stage. You do black and white better than anyone I know...

  25. A great Halloween table -- so clever!

  26. Kathleen this is so adorable! what a creative person you are. I love this halloween tablescape. ~Kat

  27. Oh I just love this! It is just wonderful and the poem is so funny ~ I'm still giggling ;)

  28. Adorable table! One of my favorites. Loving those ghost placemats! Makes me wish I had gotten some. BOO hoo!

  29. Oh, you are so clever, Kathleen. I love your poem and the witches adventure. Your gkids will love coming to your house. I'm happy to read that you are feeling a little better. Take care.

  30. This is all soooo cute, K.
    You're right...grands will love this table.

    But, really, I came over to toe isn't broken after all but just as sore...I have 2 fever computer LEADER, MR. BLOGGER, is being mean to me this morning...the house is cold ....and my mums are dying!!! And, now, to top it all off...I have to go cook breakfast for myself because Mr. Sweet is still sleeping !!!

  31. Hello Kathleen...

    Oooh...your black and white "ghosty" tablescape really is BOOtiful!!! I love it! Love that darling ghosty tablecloth! I love this "classic" black and's BOOtiful for sure!!! Love the place settings and the centerpiece...gorgeous!!! I bet this was alot of fun to put together, my friend! Thank you so much for sharing it with us today!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  32. To answer your question the winner of Queen of Halloween was non other then Nancy Pelosi. The vote was unanimous:) Probably will not do another TS until hell freezes over:) Hope you are feeling better today.

  33. Oh gosh...those ribs looks absolutely YUMMY! And your ghosties and witches? Move over, Martha! You ain't got nothing on Kathleen! =)

  34. This has been so much fun reading about all the stops! And the food looks delicious, even if it is poisonous!

  35. Love your festive table. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  36. I am SO copying that meal for this year's Halloween! My kids will LOVE it! You are so creative. Keep up the great work, but rest too!

  37. Kathleen, I do think your table is BOO-tiful, and I have no doubt that your grandchildren will love it.

    You're are the poet laureate of the blogging world, AND definitely never at a loss for words. ... The dinner and the creative naming are definitely perfect for this holiday season.

  38. How cute is that. Flour on my house? As long as I don't have to do any baking with it.
    You really traveled around with this one. Good job.

  39. Well that is the cutest little post! I love your witchy collection. :)

    Those ghostly place mats are adorable!


  40. Hi Kathleen,
    Love your post..I the sisters of your 3 witches. As always your food looks devine and love the table. Thanks for the visit.

  41. Oh Kathleen, You are just so clever!!! I wish I had my new couch to show you. You'll have to settle for a picture of the style I want in another color and fabric. I'll post it soon with some of the other goodies we got for the store. I had such fun, and my feet only hurt for one day. I wore flats, but they killed my big toes. At the end of the day, I took them off, sat myself down, and downed a beer to relax. LOL

    Thanks for including me in your poem. I love your Halloween table decor and your menu items!
    xoxo Sue

  42. Kathleen,
    Love your witches, and yes my napkin rings would have fit right in with your table, it was just tooo cute! Thanks so much for stopping by.

  43. YES! I finally got thru to your blog (see my email.).

    Hahahaha... I love that you sent the witches flying my way! that must have been the wind I felt when I was taking Mr Dion for a walk this morning.

    Adorable post...and that table? Yes, Kids would love it, but so do I!!!

    Now -- GET BETTER. There's a big ol' bag of onions waiting for you on the North Fork!

  44. Another fun rhyme! You are so smart! I've never seen poems on your blog before. Does the medication cause you to rhyme your words? I think we could have joined tablescapes today and had a ghostly black and white party! laurie

  45. Oh my goodness, Kathleen! I just love your creativity. Your poem is wonderful and I love all your ghosts! I have been around but just been too busy. My stepdaughter with her 3 little kids are visiting and they are leaving tomorrow so I will have more free time soon. Glad to hear from you...Christine

  46. What a wonderful post--full of eye candy and yummy treats.

    Thank you for following my blog and I will do the same. Leave lots of comments, that's how I get to know you better.


  47. Oh goodness - I hope the girls get sky mile points because that was quite a flight! This is just so darling! Very clever!

  48. Just when I thought the last one is tops, you outdid yourself again!


  49. You are so creative and everything looks delicious!!

  50. Kathleen, you are one of the most talented and versatile bloggers I know! I just love these creative poems illustrating the Halloween tablesettings. All of it is great...words...decorations, plates and food :)

  51. Kathleen, you are one of the most talented and versatile bloggers I know! I just love these creative poems illustrating the Halloween tablesettings. All of it is great...words...decorations, plates and food :)

  52. You are so creative, Kathleen! Not only a darling table setting but your poetry as well :)

  53. You've always impressed me with your table arrangements, and this year's Halloween table is another home run.

  54. You are quite a poet, Kathleen. Multi-talented with poetry, tables, and cuisine. ;-)

    ~ Sarah


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