Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A few Old Crows Came for Dinner

Just a simple weekday night dinner table..featuring my 3 crows which were a gift from my friend Bonnie.

I sat them on an upside down ramekin on top of a low cake plate..surrounded with leaves and candles that look like fall vegetables.

table 1172



Deep red square  cotton rug type place mats, Kohl’stable 1170)

Squash candles..

Tulip shaped goblets (Dansk)

A few scarecrows that don’t seem to phase those birds in the center..:)


table 1171

Purple napkins to pick up the grape color ..

I made the napkin rings by hot gluing little scarecrows to plain metal rings..

Clear glass  leaf salad plate..Dollar King

Rust colored ramekins for flat breads from Pottery Barn..

Dinner plates from CTS…


table 1174

Oven baked pork chops and fried rice..


And a little apple crisp for dessert..

table 1191


Susan is having great give a ways this week..please join her at Between Naps on the Porch for other entries to Tablescape Thursday…

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  1. This is just beautiful! I love all the colors, especially the purple added with the fall colors! Cute idea for the napkin rings!

    The food looks yummy!


  2. Hello ~
    I am surprised that you didn't name those 3 crows - they are very cute - I hope they are nicer then your witches !
    Great table and I now I want some pork chops !

  3. Love the use of those CTS plates. Your tablescape mixes up the traditional fall colors - love the addition of purple. And that apple crisp looks delish!

    - The Tablescaper

  4. Kathleen, those 3 old crows are so cute! Those plates are perfect for fall, and love those veggie candles. I hope those 3 old crows enjoyed that delicious looking pork chop and apple crisp, because I sure would like to be able to enjoy them. laurie

  5. Really, this is such a cute theme! Everything is so pretty.

  6. Glad you didn't name your 3 old crows..BUT I'm sure one would be named Carol!! ;)

    Pretty table as always - love your imagination with the napkin say simple, I say outstanding!!

  7. Looks like a perfect tablescape for your fall dinner (love the crows!)

  8. Hey, Barb, I resemble that remark :)

    LOL, when I saw the old crows I was thinking Kathleen. Now I'm going to have to slap BOTH of you!

    Another fun post, Kathleen! Great table and dinner looks fantastic! I love the ending, apple crisp, I'd love some of that!

  9. The 3 crows...M, C & K, by any chance?! They are adorable. I like the gold/purple/red combo. You are so good with bold colors. Cute napkin rings, little Miss Crafty. I bet the grandkids love coming to Nana's just to see how she sets the table!

  10. Kathleen, That punch of purple just made this table pop! It's a great color combination. How fun to see you are still using crows. I packed mine up on Sunday, along with all the Halloween stuff.

    I do not know the manufacturer of those chairs in my post. I took the photo on our way out of the building- they are not a company I was familiar with. I'm sure there are others that are similar. What is it that you like most about the style?
    hugs, Sue

  11. The tablescape is just too darned cute, the three old crows are the best, love the candles, so perfect and i am starving now...

  12. Hi, K.
    What a cute table...I love your dishes and I love your use of bold color. I do love color!!
    Your little crows are so cute.
    And, fried rice ??
    xo bj

  13. Love those old crows! You are so clever with your napkin rings. I have been writing poetry this week myself :) By the way, I skipped the pork chops and went straight for dessert!

  14. I love the dinner plates...what is CTS? You came up with such a cute title for the post. I simply must get more creative with my titles! Love it all, as always.

  15. I remember with fondness when you shared those old crows with us on Holidays! They make the perfect centerpiece...maybe you need bigger scarecrows than those on the napkin rings! Even something simple like apple crisp looks fabulous when YOU make it and come up with an elegant presentation. Mmmmm!


  16. Oh Kathleen,
    Your apple crisp looks just yummy! Wonderful table and I love the scarecrow idea, how creative! Cindy

  17. I love all your old crows. The purple was so unexpected and pretty. Great job, you have some wonderful dishes on this tablescape. Thanks fror visiting.

  18. Yummy looking table AND food, as always, Kathleen! I think the bright colors really play well together, especially the purple punch. It was a great idea to hot glue the scarecrow into place...this idea opens up a whole new world of possibilities!! Thanks for sharing it with us.


  19. What a great table. Love the crows. That is just too cute. The colors are all so warm and inviting and using the purple just made it. Great idea. Hugs, Marty

  20. Love the YOUNG crows:) Leaf plates are a wonderful deal. Now the apple dessert looks yummy:)

  21. Those crows are so cute, and I love all the pretty fall colors on your table.

    I've been craving pork chops, and yours look divine!

  22. Such cute little crows! And I love how you take the time to set the table so nicely for a weekday dinner. I have to try to do that more often - these days, it seems we spend more time clearing off all the kids school things just to eat on a clear table every night! Good for you!

  23. What a beautiful tablesetting, Kathleen. Love all the fall colors and the visiting old crows. Pork chops and applesauce are a favorite combo in my family. Can I stop by for dinner?

  24. Hi Kathleen,
    Gorgeous colors ... so warm and inviting! Your meal looks absolutely delicious (as yours always do!).

    Hope the rest of your week goes well.


  25. Cute, cute, cute! That apple crisp looks delish. Did you post the recipe?


  26. I always like the tablescapes that have food on the plates at some point.
    I agree with all the others that the colors are just so pretty. Did you blow out the candles immediately after the photo? I wouldn't want them to burn away they are so nice.

  27. Hi Kathleen,
    3 old crows huh? I may know them, I know lots of old crows. I'll have to take a better look.

    Love your table, as always. You are so talented and I am in the mood for pork chops. Those look very yummy. Lovely colors and I am with you, not quite ready for the Christmas thing so let's think fall.
    Enjoy your day :)

  28. the 3 crows are adorable :) I love how you put the tablesettings together and I really love this color combination. Not many people think to use purple in fall colors but one of the prettiest fall asters around is the bright purple one. These warm colors warm my heart today - great job Kathleen!

  29. A feast for the eyes! Gorgeous and looks scrumptious!

  30. Cute crows! I wish I could get to a CTS~those plates are wonderful! Great job!

  31. This table is something to
    Crow About... (couldn't help it)!
    Such beautiful colors.
    My you have so many great accessories.
    Another great menu. I just love Apple Crisp and your's looks soooo delicious (especially w/whip cream)!

  32. Love the crows and the vibrancy of your tablescape!!--nice combo of colors.

  33. What a perfect autumn dinner!

    Cute crows ... remind me of the old Heckle and Jeckle cartoons. ... A beautfiul tablesetting ... I don't remember seeing the plate before ... love the colors.

    My "current" favorite items are the glass leaf salad plate and the scarecrow napkins ring

  34. Love the colors on this tablescape. The purple adds another layer :-)


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