Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tablescape Thursday ~ Thanksgiving for 4

I don’t have Thanksgiving at my house, I am a guest. There are usually around 30 for a sit down dinner.  We get assigned 4 things to bring.  The hostess does a lovely job setting things has to be moved etc.  Ah youth!

Then the little Pilgrims raid the Halloween costume box and do a show for us!

I usually do make a smaller version for  us here, and this is the table I did last November, pre new to you.  My friends at Holidays have seen it..

This turkey has a slightly metallic taste, but it is good to hold tea lights..:)

table 1280

I used a beige cloth and napkins.

Black round placemats, gold chargers, and Lenox  Eternal plates .

The hurricanes with etched leaves are from Villeroy and Boch..

table 1273


table 1263


These sweet little pheasant salt and peppers are from Pottery Barn Outlet.  They are porcelain, and of course, a great price..They would have flown out of my cart if they weren’t  ! I don’t have the white Target birds though!table 1277

table 1271

I wrapped the napkins with berries and acorns. 

Flatware is stainless and gold by Wallace..

I put a faux wreath between the pumpkin soup bowl, and used brass letters stuck in a foam pumpkin for the place card.


table 1272


table 1274

Gold trimmed stems, etched wine glasses.

Centerpiece is a caged bronze pumpkin with a candle and leaves..Small Lenox cornucopia , have a mint?table 1275


table 1315  

One of the things I bring to to the celebration are these cookies…

Please visit Susan’s delightful blog, Between Naps on the Porch to see all the other tables…

I hope to see you for Foodie and Flashback Friday..I have a cute little craft to show you if I get it finished.. When I was over at Blondie’s she talked about a Tues. event at Kathy’s Cottage where you show your home made Christmas gifts…Looks like fun!

OOPS...Kathy says wait till Tues to show the craft..her McLincky ends at midnight and I am not finished yet!

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  1. Beautiful table, Kathleen. At our age it is more fun to be the guest instead of the hostess, yes? You are so creative....I wouldn't have thought to put a wreath between (my favorite) white pumpkin mini tureens and the salad plate...I just don't have a creative bone in my body. I love the pheasant s/p. I don't have the Target birds, either; mine are from TJMaxx and really tiny.

  2. I know it just wouldn't be cost effective for me to jump on a plane and come to go shopping for deals with you but boy am I tempted :0)
    Beautiful table!!

  3. Oh what a gorgeous table. I love everything about it. The dishes and crystal are stunning as well as the flatware. Your centerpiece is beautiful, but the thing that stole my heart are the gorgeous pumpkin soup tureens. I just absolutely love them. Thanks for sharing such a lovely table. Hugs, Marty

  4. What a lovely table...i love the white pumpkins and what do you mean you don't have those damn Target birds....I don't have them either...I feel ashamed...Your lucky you get to have someone cook for you....I always just cook a turkey for two...We get to feel like Ina and Jeffrey!! But this year the Boss thought we should go out for ribs...Oh my...we really do live in the South......

  5. Just the kind of table I LOVE! Full of detail and interesting and beautiful things to look at. I am wild over your wreath and soup tureen idea. Very eye-popping.
    I also think your hurricanes are just gorgeous and very fitting on this Autumnal tablescape. Bravo!

  6. Lovely table -- love all of your little touches and the cookies are especially charming!

  7. Hi Kathleen,
    You never cease to amaze me with all your beautiful tables! I love that etched glassware, the creamy white pumpkins, oh I love those and that centerpiece is outstanding! Your are a table diva for sure! Cindy

  8. What a pretty table! I love the plates and the soup tureens, they are just precious! The sprays on the plates are such a neat addition. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Kathleen, I've only been a guest at Thanksgiving once in the last 38 years. Yours sounds wonderful ... especially the grandkids dressing up.

    I LOVE your metal turkey, and the brass "M" caught my eye in the first picture. What about the 08? Is that so you'll know which year you had this gorgeous tablesetting? The pheasant S & P are perfect.

  10. What a charming and beautiful table. I love the round mats, gold chargers and the flatware is just stunning. I also adore the little tureens.
    I always have everyone here for Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. There's 18 of us and sometimes we have a few friends over, too. It is absolute bedlam and we love every single minute of it.
    I've been pouring over recipes out of my new cookbook and have some great ones to try. My family is so good about letting me try new dishes on them!!!
    Tell this dinner you go to ea year with 30 people...paper plates and solo cups or crystal and REAl napkins?? :O)
    LOVE your precious cookies...

  11. What a gorgeous table! I have found some great fall buys at Hobby Lobby this last week too!

  12. Kathleen, I always look forward to your tablescapes! I love all your special touches. Those pheasant shakers are the cutest ever!

  13. Your table is gorgeous! We usually host Thanksgiving and I love it! We have a wonderful family and it is always a happy time:>) I'm looking forward to seeing your handmade holiday project!

  14. This is all so beautiful! Love the wreaths around the little soup pumpkins! Great tablescape!


  15. I always wondered if it was normal to take pictures of my table (pre blog)! I still don't know the answer, but at least I know I have good company :) Your table is beautiful and the pumpkin/placecard idea is great! I remember seeing those cookies--love them and I bet the family does too!

  16. Scrumptious cookies! But your tablescape is just gorgeous, so many pretty accessories and so well put together....Christine

  17. I really like that touch of adding the wreath between the pumpkins and the plates. So pretty, as is everything.


  18. It is all very pretty but now lets make room for the food for Foodie Friday.
    Really though it is such a pretty table setting.

  19. Everything is beautiful, the white pumpkins are the most beautiful. I really should have some of those cookies, they are so cool

  20. Love it, love it, love it!!! Wow, where to begin? Love the wreaths around the pumpkins. They look so full and bountiful. Of course I love those pumpkin soup bowls, but I think my favorites are the brass letters in the mini pumpkins as place cards. Where on earth did you get those?

    Hard to believe you won't be home on Thanksgiving to share this lovely table.

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Kathleen,
    I love ALL the details that make up this Very Elegant Table.
    Another outstanding job!

    The pheasant shakers are so different and cute.
    Love the idea of the pumpkin placecard.

    I remember those wonderful cookies...what a nice treat to bring.

    It's nice being a guest, however it's nice that you do something for the two of you too..
    otherwise there'd be no left-overs!!

  22. Another gorgeous one, Kathleen!

  23. Absolutely gorgeous table! Not only do I not have the target birds - I don't have the pumpkins either!


  24. I love your pumpkins! I would love to add those to my collection!! :) This is really a lovely table!!


  25. Your table is beautiful, Kathleen. I especially admire your lovely white pumpkin bowls on each plate. I don't think I'll be cooking this year either. It will be nice to have a break, but I'll miss the house smelling so wonderful as the turkey roasts. Maybe I'll cook a small one too.

  26. Beautiful table Kathleen! Your little phasants are darling and I love the little white pumkins :)


  27. Absolutely gorgeous, Kathleen!!!

  28. Your table is so colorful and charming! I'll have to go look for those little pheasants now, they're adorable. Have a wonderful holiday!
    Cheers, Andrea

  29. I love all the details. The placecard holders, florals and those adorable mini soup tureens. I'm quite a fan of pheasants and love your s & p shakers. Blessings.

  30. Very pretty table setting! Will you share how you made the cookies? They are so cute!

  31. Very elegant table, Kathleen.

    And metallic taste or not, that turkey is a cute little gobbler. But, it should come as no surprise, the white pumpkin soup bowl still reigns as my personal favorite.
    And the cookies, well, they're in a league of their own.

  32. Beautifully detailed table setting! The letters atop the pumpkins as place cards is a unique touch.

  33. Hi Kathleen,
    You do set a beautiful table. This table was preblog? Did you always take pictures of your tables?
    I love everything about this table but one of my favorites are those cute pumpkin tureens. I don't think outside the box enough because I would have never thought to put the little wreaths around them. I bet you make a delicious soup to put in them don't you? Thanks for sharing this beautifully put together table.

  34. Kathleen, I love all the beautiful colors and textures of your table. I've been on a pheasant kick for a while now, and those pheasant salt and pepper shakers are so cute!

  35. Just a gorgeous table! And those cookies look delicious.

  36. Another hit! Love the post, as always ... and this year, as well as last, I am in love with white pumpkins! I also like the way you incorporated the year into the tablescape.

  37. I love your table. I love your mini-pumpkin tureens. Beautiful.

    Great-looking cookies, too!!

  38. I love the white pumpkins! Nice post. You went to a lot of trouble to set this up for us, thank you!

  39. One day, I hope to be a guest too! The sound of the Thanksgiving pageant with costumes sounds so cute. What a gorgeous table! But your tables always are gorgeous :)

  40. Kathleen, your table is so beautiful. So many special touches, and I love all of them. The pheasant candle holders are so unique, and I adore the wreath around the pretty pumpkin soup bowls. The brass letters in pumpkins for place cards is just as clever as it can be. laurie

  41. Just beautiful, Kathleen! No room for the food, good thing you're going out :)

    I'm using the wreath idea on the plates - gorgeous!

  42. Hi K:

    What a wonderful tablescape! Yes, I have been to the duck--what red blodded Long Islander hasn't? Although I think to East Enders I am officially an UpIlander, right?

  43. Hi Kathleen! I'm late to comment as we were away for a few days but wanted to say that I'm so glad you posted this 'scape from last year. I remember loving those flower rings around the pumpkin bowls - great idea! Your centerpiece is terrific too.


  44. Lovely - I especially enjoy the white pumpkins on the plates! The colors are perfect.


  45. I thought I had commented on this post - oops! I love the tablesetting for four - it is very beautiful but then any tablesetting with the white pumpkins is :) I especially like the little pheasant s & p's too.

    You could show those cute fall leaf and acorn cookies for the chocolate covered anything holiday!

  46. Gorgeous tables as always :-) I love the little turkey tealight holders and the white pumpkins are a fave of mine. I've never seen them here although I've seen them on quite a few tables online.

  47. Hi,
    There are so many lovely things to see on your table. I'm simply amazed that something could look so inviting. I couldn't believe when I saw the lidded pumpkin soup bowls in your picture! For quite some time I have tried and tried to find them. Please tell me where I might locate them. I would appreciate your help so much. I have searched on the internet and have come up empty-handed. I first saw them in a little Tea Time Magazine and haven't seen them since. Hope you'll be kind enough to help me otherwise I'm afraid I'll never fine them. Thank you so much for sharing all of these absolutely stunning pictures that tell a beautiful story of your creativity. They're all an inspiration to me to do better this coming Fall.


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