Friday, December 4, 2009

Cloches and More~Foodie Flashback Friday

I don’t know how to take a good pic of a cloche.  I am sure there is a way..Marty seems to have the knack! I am joining her cloche party..please go see the other entries.

I got my really big mouth cloche at Wm. Sonoma Outlet…on sale you ask, why of course!

I suspended a beautiful Waterford ornament….gift from my son when he was in college..


Blog Labor 515

Blog Labor 514

Blog Labor 516


Then I tried a plaid box…


Blog Labor 529


Blog Labor 521



Blog Labor 522

I will have to ask my friend Susan, at Savoring Time in the Kitchen.

She is a photographer, so maybe she can give me a few tips before the next cloche party!


Here’s a little one..

Blog Labor 519 

Thanks, Marty for hosting!

Now on to Food…I join Gollum at Designs by Gollum,


Last year a few Darling Bakers made home made marshmallows…I am not a fan of marshmallow, nor am I a candy maker ,but I went along for the ride. 

I would never do it again..hear me friends??, LOL, I really didn’t think they were worth the effort..but they all liked them..

I think it was Foley’s idea, so you can find the recipe there.. I am the only one who didn’t like them!

And Gail at Faithfulness Farm has beautiful marshmallow and other candies posted with the recipes..Go take a look..and drool!

table 1356 Here they are in the pan ready to cut..

And a few of the end results..Some I cut with a snowflake cutter and dipped in choc. Some are dusted with cocoa..



table 1359

table 1362

Wrapped in paper to give away…


table 1364


This year I want to try the Peppermint Bark.  I had some from WSonoma last year, and it was excellent.

I have the recipe..I’ll post it when I try it out!

Still time to get in on my little give away..go to yesterday’s post and make a comment…winner announced Monday.

Thanks for visiting..

Don’t forget Deck the Halls Tues., and Marsha’s Dipped in Choc on the 16th..

Have a great weekend!


  1. Awesome. YOur ornament with the gold leaves and vines is just stunning. What a beautiful display for a cloche. The plaid box with the plaid box garland is just about the cutest thing I have ever seen. What a wonderful idea and so original. YOur marshmellows look wonderful, but I don't think I would make them either. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is such fun. Hugs, Marty

  2. Supercute! I love Waterford! Those marshmallows are so cute in the radio flyer. Looks so festive and fun!

  3. Does a glass-domed cake pedestal qualify as a cloche? I'll have to come up with some ideas. I love that beautiful Waterford ornament from your son. What a beautiful gift!

    It's almost impossible to photograph rounded glass and not pick up reflections. As far as a tip, all I can say is no windows, no flash, no overhead lights...Almost impossible unless you have tripod and use a slow shudder speed. As long as you can see what's inside, no biggie!

    I was just looking at pictures of my marshmallows from last year too :)

  4. Thanks for letting me know. I am adding you again so everyone can find you. Hugs, marty

  5. The Waterford ornament is gorgeous! I am surprised you didn't like the marshmallows, Kathleen...I will remember to never ask you to make them for me!
    Thanks for sharing that beautiful ornament.

  6. It was my first cloche and I found that I kept showing up in the pictures, reflected in the glass or the ornaments. If you find out the secret...let me know. I love yours, my favorite is the plaid cute. I was going to make marshmallows this weekend. I've always wanted to, hmmm...


  7. Kathleen

    The pics look great, never you mind! And I did not know you could even make your own marshmallows! They look yummy!

  8. Join the crowd. I have trouble taking pictures too. Let us know how the peppermint bark making goes.
    I would love to try some too.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  9. Hi Sweetie...
    I love the ornament from your son. It is just beautiful. Inside the cloche it looks gorgeous. I love the large cloche. They are hard to find.

    I love the way your display the little wagon on the snowflake on your table. It is so cute. I thank you so much for sharing today.

    I love the bark candies, so please let me know when you share that recipe.

    Country hugs...Sherry

  10. That's a BIG cloche!!! Love the ornament your son gave you..

    And just WHO are you LOVED making those marshmallows!!! LOL

  11. Beautiful cloche and ornament. I have never seen a Waterford ornament like that anywhere, and I love Waterford! So pretty.
    Thanks for the marshmallow recipe- I have always wanted to make them. Wouldn't they make a great gift with a homemade hot chocolate mix and a mug?
    Thank you so much. Lots of good ideas!!!!

  12. Your wide mouth cloche is wonderful, and the Waterford ornament is just glorious! I like the little plaid box too!

    I did a terrible job with my cloche photography :-( but used them anyway, didn't want to miss the party!


  13. P.S. - I've never had homemade marshmallows, but I like them so I'm sure they must be delicious, especially with chocolate!


  14. Love the marshmallows in the little wagon and with the plaid ribbon. I'll bet they are yummy.

  15. You did just fine with the photos.
    We make mint bark every year. I found the recipe in a magazine about 20 years ago. Now my 22 year old son makes it at Christmas time. Wouldn't be Christmas without it.

  16. They are all beautiful Kathleen! It would be very difficult to choose a favorite, that's for sure. :)

  17. Kathleen - even the things you think didn't work turned out great! Hope it's a little warmer on your end of LI!

  18. Kathleen, that ornament is beautiful, and what a wonderful idea to showcase it in a cloche. The little plaid box with a Christmas tree is so cute. The marshmallow cut outs look so cute, even if they weren't worth the effort. (I didn't know anybody actually MADE marshmallows - I thought they just came in a bag from the grocery store!) laurie

  19. All the vignettes are cute :) You're not at a loss for creativity and imagination..:) Or props:)!!Fun!

  20. Love your post today, Kathleen. I've never tried to make marshmallows and probably won't in the future, but am very interested in your peppermint bark. That I love! I'm looking forward to the recipe.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  21. I have always wanted to try making home made marshmallows. I think yours look great, although if you aren't a big marshmallow fan I could see how it might not be worth it for the mess. Have you tried them in hot cocoa?

  22. Kathleen, I love that Waterford ornament! I should've suspended mine somehow instead of just laying it down. Oh well, maybe next time. Can't believe you made the marshmallows- I've seen a recipe before, but never thought to actually do it. I think I'd rather have chocolate! LOL
    lotsa hugs, Sue

  23. Kathleen, the Waterford ornament is quite a beauty and I'm sure a treasured gift for you. I love your big-mouthed cloche ... quite the variety of items to put inside it ... from elegant to fun. ... So, no more home made marshmallows for you? I think that making them would be a good project to do with your grandkids some day. :)

  24. the plaid matches the ball gown I wore to daughters wedding....Don't ask!!
    making candy is too easy if you use my method....I posted last Christmas and I think I may have posted about the just buy Merkins white chocolate melt them in the microwave then mix with the broken candies....spread onto a parchment covered cookie then break into idiot can make it and believe me I speak from experiance....go into my blog under December of last year and see what else i make....all super simple...and impresses the heck out of people...

  25. Kathleen, the Waterford ornament is just beautiful. I love how it's displayed.

    That plaid box and little red wagon look so cute.

    I love how each of the displays look in that wonderful cloche.

  26. Kathleen, I love all your cloche photos but my favorite is the special ornament gifted from your son. I'm a sucker for sentiment :) What do you mean you didn't enjoy our marshmallow party? They were a mess but I really enjoyed them in hot chocolate - they melted to perfection!

  27. Beautiful cloche, Kathleen, but I absolutely love the ornament from your son :)

  28. Great cloche pics, Kathleen! I agree, it is very hard to photograph them but you did a good job. How special to put that ornament from your son under a cloche, looks lovely! My fav though is the plaid box with the little tree. I don't have an actual cloche but sure what to get one. I think it makes whatever you put underneath look very special. I'd love to have a little nativity under one - guess I better look for one of those too!


  29. What a great cloche! It's so huge you can do so many things underneath it. I also think it's hard to photograph them (I always get glare back from the glass) but you've done a beautiful job. I love the plaid box display!


  30. I just spent a fun time catching up with you Kathleen! I love your cloche displays. You photographed them very well!

    I loved your tablescape post. Beautiful Christmas table!

    Have a wonderful week!

  31. I loved your snowflake marshmllows! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  32. Love cloches! And the pretties tucked inside of them. Beautiful Waterford ornament!

  33. The cloches are lovely, like you've caught little moments in time.The marshmallows look delicious. Since I am still grappling with BASIC ICING and cookie decorating, I shan't try this. LOL I will look forward to the peppermint bark.


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