Thursday, January 14, 2010

Foodie Friday~ Cathy’s Stollen

My friend Cathy at Wives with Knives posted her mother’s recipe for stollen before Christmas.  Mike has made them in the  past, so I told him I had a new recipe for him to try.

He didn’t get to it before Christmas. but it is perfect anytime with your morning coffee.

I am joining Gollum for Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum….


Blog Labor 161


I forgot to take a picture of it before we cut into it, but you get the idea..


Blog Labor 163

It was delicious!  You can read all about it, and find the recipe here

Thank you, Cathy for sharing your dear mother’s recipe..

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I am also linking this to Saturday Blog Showcase, where you show what you made from a recipe you found on a blog..

The details are here ..All that Splatters

And since it is still Thursday in the real world…a Flashback to  a dinner party I did for Mr. Frosty…

The only negative was the puddle he left under his chair..:)

table 1550 table 1548

table 1549

The plates were bought at CVS after Cmas last year for 90% off.  Perfect kids table.

If this weather stays the way it is, another snowman table may be on the horizon…

There are 87 other tables to see over at Susan’s Between Naps on the Porch…..take a look..

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for coming by..table 1550


  1. Kathleen, adorable snowman tablescape! And I see that you are not the only baker in your house!
    Beautiful recipe- thanks for passing it along.

  2. Oh I love Men Who Cook..
    Mike's stollen looks simply devine.
    I'll take mine with tea, Thank You!

    I remember your Snowman Table from last year. I loved the mitten plates.
    I'm waaaay past being a kid, but I'd love to be sitting at that adorable table too!
    Any hot chocolate?
    Oh Sorry, that was rude of me...I think that might be a problem for Frosty !!

  3. Stollen is good any time and snowmen will last until the spring thaw. Nancy
    BTW: Stollen is the one thing I didn't make this year! I still have some candied fruit around and I think you've inspired me...

  4. Kathleen-Mike is quite the cook. My husband really cooks only on the grill--but he is good at that! I have always wanted to try a stollen and have never done it. Love Frosty's setting! I always notice your place cards. I have been looking for a calligraphy class in town and cannot find one! Take care :)

  5. Very lucky that Mike helps with cooking! Joe does too :-)Love Frosty's setting! I have never tried stollen but it does good.

  6. The stollen looks delicious. Wish I had some right now!

    The snowman table is so cute!

  7. You are the Queen of bargain shopping and those plates at 90% off are just darling. Me, the only thing I find at my CVS is lots of germs:) Now I did see and copy Cathy's recipe but have not had time to make it. I think her recipes, like your recipes, are top notch. Thanks for the fun snowman post. Wish I was melting here but it is still cold but not so bitter like last week. Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Hi Kathleen - I'm so very happy you enjoyed my mom's stollen recipe. Yours looks so good. Wish I could reach in and take a slice to have with my coffee this morning.

  9. Kathleen, I remembered that your snowman plates were from CVS and what a great buy they were even before I read your post. I love those plates. ... Such a fun tablescape.

    Cathy's mother's stollen looks and sounds fabulous, AND lucky you that MIke enjoys making them.

  10. I wish I had a piece of that stollen right now! It looks wonderful!

    I love your Frosty table :)

  11. Everything looks perfect. What shall I ask more?

    Wonderful. Drooling all the foodies you shared.


    TY for sharing---

  12. What a lovely post. The stollen looks wonderful. I hope you are having a wonderful Foodie Friday.

  13. How great that Mike made that beautiful stollen. You are too funny! I'm still laughing about the snowman's puddle under the table. You also leave me laughing with your comments on my blog. You sure can set a great table. Love all of the snowman accessories. This is just delightful. laurie

  14. Your blog is lovely and the recipe is great. Thanks, Doylene

  15. Love your tablescape. I, too, am a collector of all things snowmen. My brother-in-law tried to sneak off with one of his favorites on Christmas day! I took it as a compliment.
    Beckie in TN

  16. Oh Kathleen, that raisin nut bread looks scrumptious. I like your tablescape too especially the mittens....Christine

  17. Adorable table, K...but, are you telling us that you haven't managed to get Mr. Frosty potty trained, yet?
    Howard would love that stollen, me, I would have to pick out all the raisins!
    P.S. AJ said he would hiss at you! LOL

  18. I Love stolen and so does George. I decided this morning that I was vowing off sugar til Valentines day so I could drop 10.
    I'll just have to get my sugar fix from your blog!

  19. The Stollen looked wonderful...but did you slather it with butter? I would have slathered it with butter....and i love the mitten cute.

  20. Your stollen looks delicious! I'll have to give it a try, too.

  21. Stollen for breakfast, or with an afternoon cup of tea--heaven. Your dishes are too cute for words. The mitten soup bowl has got to be the darlingest dish in the world!

  22. Mmmmm I wish I had some of that stollen for tomorrow's breakfast!

    Love the Frosty table setting! I loved the Frsoty the Snowman story as a child.

    Have a good weekend Kathleen!

  23. Oh your snow table is just darling for little people and big people too! Thanks for your sweet comments -- I truly appreciate them!

  24. That looks delicious and best of all it looks like something my husband would like. He doesn't always like the same sweet things I do.

    The tablescape is darling. How lucky to find those plates 90 percent off.


  25. This is soooo cute!!! Love those snowman plates, and the mitten bowls!


  26. The stollen looks fantastic. I have never made it so I'll have to give it a try.

  27. Your (& Cathy's!) stollen looks delicious! DH used to have Polish patients who would bring him some homemade every Easter. Yummo!

    Your snowman table is just so bright & personable. I smiled at the comment about him leaving a puddle! LOL

  28. Your (& Cathy's!) stollen looks delicious! DH used to have Polish patients who would bring him some homemade every Easter. Yummo!

    Your snowman table is just so bright & personable. I smiled at the comment about him leaving a puddle! LOL

  29. The stollen looks wonderful and the perfect treat for a winter morning's coffee. You are so lucky to have a baking husband!!

    The frosty place setting his gorgeous. I love the plates and the mittens and how you used the foam snowflakes as chargers!

  30. The stollen looks fabulous. Perfect with morning coffee.

  31. The stollen looks good, Kathleen. My friend always makes stollen... I'll have to compare the recipes. Cute table!

  32. Great looking Stollen Kathleen. Love that you were generous with the glaze. Thanks for showcasing Cathy's recipe.

  33. Mmmmmm yummy !
    Love your table setting....
    Looked at your outdoor pictures and that ice sailing looks brrrrr colllld !
    I really enjoyed your post on your own napkins and I can't believe the great deal you got - WOW !
    I like the fringe and have seen it on "store" napkins a bunch !
    Stay warm ~

  34. Kathleen, how cute! I love Frosty's table. I've never tried stollen before, but it looks delicious.

  35. The stollen is beautiful. A couple of slices with a steaming hot cup of coffee and life would be good.

    Your holiday table looks very nice. Great deal at CVS!

  36. You table setting was adorable with the snowmen! I am such a rookie at this...however with all the inspiration here, I am sure to get it in time:) Debbie

  37. Wow Kathleen, you are ONE popular blogger! I visit about a dozen blogs and you're right up there with SK, NP, and PW!

    I saw your flounder and Parmesan potato dinner on the CF and came here looking for the potato recipe. What did you do to them? They looked great!

  38. Hi Kathleen!! That stolen looks so delicious! I've never had homemade before. This looks so good.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  39. My mother in law makes a delicous stollen at Christmas time. I really miss it when we are not together then.
    I should try to make one myself. Maybe next December. This looks so good and I can picture the powdered sugar on everyone's lips

  40. Kathleen:

    You were right. I did miss this one. It's adorable. I love the mittens!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  41. Delicious!
    I've been interested in making Stollen since the very first time my eyeballs spotted one, in a bakery in Frankenmuth [I'm certain I butchered the spelling].

    And your cheerful guests sitting at the table are adorable.

  42. The stolen would be tasty with morning coffee...or as a snack when passing by it!


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