Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foodie Friday~ Is it Fixed???

I don't know... how does your computer get infected with all the anti this and that you have on the computer to protect it????...over 3 hours on the phone with DELL!!!

I have to do strange things to get on the net...Time will tell..
I am still having a lot of problems and waiting for DELL to call me back...and waiting...and waiting..

My son met Lidia Bastianich the other night at her restaurant. A signed cookbook??? little cell phone pic for his old mom???, no..


It was a Business meeting and he didn't feel it would be appropriate..He's right..but I would have loved to have an autographed cookbook from her, with a little Bolegnese on the side..:) He said the food was very good.

Tonight I am sharing meatloaf stuffed with mozzarella, onions and spinach..good, but as DH says, "It is still meatloaf." I like meatloaf..he doesn't...
So I made some beer battered onion rings to perk it up, some wild rice and a little sauce on the side..



Saturday was my little gson's 6th some cupcakes..vanilla with whipped cream and sprinkles was his request..


I use a product called WHIP IT as a stabilizer for the fresh whipped cream...It is made by Oetker..( no, they didn't ask me to say that..:) )

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend..supposed to be very cold and windy here..
Thanks for visiting..
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  1. We love meatloaf, Kathleen. Yours looks scrumptious.

    I'm sorry to hear of your computer woes!

  2. Yeah!!! She's back up and running. And business meeting or not, an autographed cook book for his Mom would have been nice.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. I hope your computer woes go away soon!

    I hope your son has duly noted his obligations when introduced to a food icon!

    I wish I could grab one of those onion rings off my computer screen!

  4. Oh my goodness...meatloaf and onion rings???? Yummy! Wish I could come by and share:-). Thanks so much for sharing, good luck with your techno problems!

  5. Oy Kathleen, I'm so sorry to hear about your computer problems. I hope they will be resolved asap.

    How fantastic that your son visited Lidia's restaurant ~ I adore her calm manner while teaching ( and her recipes!)

    I would be so happy to have that dinner placed before me. I like meatloaf too... we just don't have it so often any more. And those onion rings, ooh la la! Crunchy perfection ~ very nice.

    Happy Foodie Friday!

  6. I'm sorry you've had computer woes, Kathleen. Hopefully they will all be behind you soon. And I think that meal looks mighty good! Can you pass an onion ring through the screen, please???

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  7. How fun...yes, a signed cookbook would have been a wonderful valentine gift for mom! There is still time.... :)

    Your meatloaf sounds delicious....the whole meal sounds that way!

    Glad you are up and running again. I know how frustrating it is...

  8. I love meatloaf - and onion rings - and rice! Would love all of that. Looks delish!

    Christi @ A Southern Life

  9. I love meatloaf! Yours sounds delicious with the mozzarella and spinach.

  10. My better half and I love meatloaf and this one looks fantastic! I think Fed-Ex could get it here asap, just in case you need to get rid of some...

  11. Kathleen-You provide a new dinner idea for me every week. Both of us would love the meatloaf. But what I really want to know is the trick to those onion rings! I am just never satisfied with mine. ps-I'm with you on Gordon Ramsey :)

  12. Glad your back, Kathleen, I know how frustrating it is!

    How cool he got to meet Lidia. When I was a kid I had dinner at her first restaurant in Forest Hills, it was great, but what did I know back then and she wasn't famous, but she was an excellent cook!

    Not a fan of meatloaf but it looks fabulous! So do the rings. I'll have a lot of those, please!

  13. i do hope that you pc probs are can be so frustrating (been there) :(

    very happy to set you got in your foodie YUMMY entry...
    are problems being resolved, then?
    and i had to laugh...

    as you talked about your son...isn't that just like them ?

  14. I have to try this stuffed meetloaf

  15. That meatloaf looks fabulous! It would be great to have connections like your son, put some heat on him to get you signed cookbooks!

  16. You've got my sympathy. Working with Dell can be very frustrating.

    Those onion rings looks fantastic, Kathleen. Please, oh please tell us your secret. I could eat a plateful of that alone.

  17. I never thought to stuff meatloaf with cheese, until I saw this in a cooking segment on the news just last night. And, yours looks scrumptious! I am definitely going to try it soon.


  18. Oh, Linda Bastianich is fabulous! What a great meatloaf recipe. Yummy!

  19. Ooohhh, I want one of those cupcakes ... they look scrumptious. I'm not a meatloaf fan either, but your additions sound delicious, ... We have a Lidia's nearby that serves a wonderful family style pasta trio. I've never been there when Lidia is in town, but I think that I would ask to take her picture. (Your son has better manners that I do.)

  20. Meatloaf is one of our favorites but I don't make it often...never think to. Cupcakes are cute...the sweets always catch my eye...
    Hope you get your computer running the way it should be! Sometimes they have a mind of their own...

  21. Why in the world haven't I thought to do this to my meatloaf???? I am sooooo going to do this!


  22. Kathleen...I'd think anyone would be in love with that meatloaf. It looks devine!! I really like Lydia and would have been star-struck to meet her, lol. Good for your son to keep his professionalism about him...I probably wouldn't have.

    Hope your computer is feeling better soon :)


  23. Hope your computer problems are behind you! Your meatloaf looks delicious! My DH doesn't like meatloaf either though I've never made it stuffed with cheese and spinach! Those cupcakes must have been a hit with your gson!


  24. That isn't just meatloaf...that is a plate of yummy! It looks wonderful. I like meatloaf.


  25. AH, Kathleen! So busy all week and couldn't even get to post anything...and I come home to your delicious looking meatloaf! What a treat! Everything look fantastic!

  26. Meatloaf is a favorite here and I would love your version. The whole meal looks good and I am suddenly craving onion rings :)

    Hope the computer problems are gone for good!

  27. The meatloaf looks delicious...but those onion rings. Too wonderful for words. I hope your 'puter problems get straightened out.

  28. As usual Kathleen, your food looks fabulous. I'm so excited that your comment made it past my spam folder!! For the last couple months I had to retrieve your comments from spam but this one made it through with no problem. I'm wondering if it was connected to your computer issues or not. Anyway...have a geat weekend.

  29. Hi Kathleen! Your meatloaf looks wonderful and those onion rings are to die for! Sorry about your PC problems! My daughter lost her internet connection after installing Norton and had to go wireless...or something...anyhoo, had problems. lol I loved your comment about my boo-tay lamp! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  30. hated meatloaf myself until i tasted it with ground pork added. cured me! your meatloaf sounds fab...and those onion rings look wicked awesome!

  31. Glad you're up and running again.
    Welcome back!

    Pretty V-Day table in your header.
    Love the red with the 'dots'.

    My MIL made meatloaf with mozzarella..very Italian.
    I also had a friend from Brazil who made hers stuffed with a hard boiled egg! ..anyway, I love it most anyway you serve it, especially with those those unbelievable Onion Rings!!

    Happy 6th to your Grandson...they grow so fast.

  32. I never met a meatloaf I didn't like, but your's looks better than most! Yum.

    I hope you straightened that kid of yours out in case he ever meets a famous chef again. We ate at Lidia's restaurant in Pittsburgh and enjoyed it so much - great food.

    Good luck with your computer troubles, I just had some issues and was happy to get it straightened out.

  33. Kathleen, I can't tell you how much I wanted one of those crisp-looking golden onion rings! Those look perfect! Cupcakes look pretty delicious too! laurie

  34. I seem to have missed commenting on lots of new posts by you, Kath! I your Valentines Day tablescape as well as the gorgeous black & white one, too.

    The cupcakes look yummy....please wish your DGS a very happy #6. Caroline will be the same age June 14th.

    Sorry to hear about your 'puter issues. I feel your pain!
    However, your recent treasure hunt was very successful! ~insert green eyed jealous smile~

    Oh & my DH would LOVE your meatloaf & onion rings. He's not too happy with this new low fat diet. LOL


    p.s. I record Lidia's program on PBS. Great cook!

  35. Hi Kathleen! I certainly hope your puter problems are better now. I love the look of your food. The meatloaf sounds and looks delish! Oh, and the onions! I've just eaten and now I'm ready to eat again.
    Thanks for popping in to see me and be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  36. Oh, that meatloaf looks scrumptious! We are on a rather bland diet right now- no salt just a lot of different herbs to try. I miss my salt!!! LOL I may end up losing weight along with getting Mr. S healthy! I am trying to get a bit more adventurous while not eating a lot of carbs and fats. I have to admit I was lazy this past week- too tired to be creative. Things are better than they started out as 7 days ago, however. I hope you don't forget me! Out of sight, out of mind. LOL
    Hope all gets better with your computer woes. I decided I would never buy another Dell. They tried to get me to take the dang CPU apart one time to check something. I told them I had limited vision and was unable to do so. ( FIB..) They guy from across the ocean told me he was sorry for my vision impairment and then said they would send out a replacement within the week. LOL It worked and I didn't have to mess with trying to do their job for them. Why did I buy an extended warranty if I had to try and fix it myself? How ludicrous! Take care! xo Sue

  37. Hi Kathleen,
    tha meatloaf and those cupcakes looks soooo good! You are an amazing cook! I love that table on your header ! Cindy

  38. So sorry you are having computer issues Kathleen.. I hope Dell was fianlly able to help you get rid of the bug.

    I love your pretty red St. Valentine's Day header! What sweet poka dot plates!

    I love meat loaf ..and yours look delicious.

    I believe you can buy an autographed copy of some of Lidia's cookbooks on her web site! I love to watch her cook on PBS TV on the weekedns..she makes everything look so easy.

    Have a good week and good luck with your computer!

  39. Gosh - I hope your computer gets well quick !
    That meatloaf looks good ...except....spinach ?? Hmmm don't know if I could do that....
    Love those O rings - yummo - bet , the hubby was pleased !
    It is cold and windy here too !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. did your son at least give you the doggie bag ????

  40. I wish I could snatch one of those onion rings through my computer screen! Hope the computer woes are behind you.

  41. Hi...I'm a meatloaf fan as well...yours looks great...the Boss feels the same way as your hubby but he does love spinach and mozzarrella so maybe he would enjoy this...anything special I need to know how it's made...How long do you bake it for?,...Oh and I love your new header....I just bought those placemats at Homegoods to go with my new strawberry plates....

  42. Oh and I forgot to add that I have used that whip cream stabilizer for years....isn't it great...the whip cream actually won't deflate...


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