Friday, January 8, 2010

Hot, Hot and Hot..Foodie Friday…

I am joining Foodie Friday at Designs by is still Friday! I hope you will go visit ML and see what she, and many others, have cooked up for you..

Some chicken soup for what ails you?  Sending a big bowl to The Tablescaper, she’s feeling under the weather..( I KNOW. lots of people did soup! )

table 1621


Or maybe some Pot pie??

table 345


I label it in case we forget what we are eating…:) My friend Sol at Memories in the Baking showed us that before we were bloggers..of course, she does hers better!) You can get the alphabet cutters in Michael’s with your coupon!

And some dessert..

table 1543  

An individual apple crisp made with left over oatmeal raisin cookie dough that never made it to the cookie stage..

Put a little ice cream on it, you deserve it!

Have a wonderful weekend…Do you have all you decorations down?  Inside, yes, but waiting to be hauled to the basement..outside..uh..nope..too cold and icy!

Thanks for stopping by…


  1. If I could only label my food for the freezer so well it would save a lot of surprises.
    What a good idea for the cookie dough. If it is no longer going to be a cookie does it still have all the calories? I'm just asking.

  2. Looks so good and comforting!

    But seriously Kathleen, it's hard to imagine any warmth emanating through your blog, while I'm freezing my donkey off.

    Have a great and cozy weekend!

  3. All three look wonderful and perfect for a damp and chilly winter day. Your photos are wonderful.

  4. Oh, Kathleen thank you so much. I wish I could just reach into the screen and grab that bowl. I thought I had some in my freezer, but only chicken broth. I did throw some veggies in, but when you're feeling lousy, somehow making your own soup just doesn't cut it. Only wish you were closer!

    Love the reminder of what we're eating!!!

    - The Tablescaper

  5. I'll take all three!! It is so cold they would be perfect...

    Love the labeling of your potpie... that's what I need to make this weekend!

  6. Kathleen, you make the prettiest food! I'm sure it tastes delicious, but your presentation is just incredible! I need the letters, so I can initial my pot pie, because my husband finishes his first and then starts eating mine! That tablescape makes such a beautiful winter header. I told my husband today that we might have our outdoor Christmas lights up until spring, 'cause I'm not getting out in this cold to take them down! Maybe my neighbors will get tired of looking at them and come take them down! laurie

  7. I love the potpie with the letters cut out... I stared and stared and tried to figure out how you did it! Finally I read a little! lol!!

    All of the soul warming food looks delish!!


  8. Funny, I posted about comfort food this week also! Everything here looks so yummy! Stay warm!

  9. Forget the soups, I need chicken pot pie! It's one of the few foods that my husband really won't eat. I left my devoted pot pie eaters on Long Island. I may have to make them and have friends in for lunch.
    Hope you're staying warm... Nancy

  10. There can never be too many soup is my favorite! Love the potpie...I rarely make it, I should do that more.

    Our decorations have been down a while, but the outdoor decorations may be up until May at the way the weather is behaving.


  11. Three perfect comfort-food groups ;) Sure, go ahead and put some ice cream on for me!

  12. May I drop by for a pot pie, Kathleen? That's a favorite of mine and I would love to sit at your gorgeous table and chat.

    Hope your weather is improving and the snow is gone for the present.

  13. Snowing here today and I'd love some of that potpie to warm me up and apple crisp with cookie dough sounds/looks perfect ...of course, with ice cream! Keep warm!


  14. The more soup, the better. That's my motto. There are always subtle differences that keep a cook from getting into a recipe rut. So this one is going into my file.
    I adore the letter cutters. Your pot pies look delicious, but anything in your kitchen is a dream.

  15. Kathleen, we can never have enough soup ~ I could gladly eat it every day and yours looks particularly delicious.

    And the pot pie, and the crisp... brilliant to use the cookie dough that way. It's ALL good. :D

    Hope your weather tames down and your driveway thaws. Stay safe and warm!!

  16. What and where in Michaels will I be looking for those cute cut cookie cutters?....near the baking stuff??....I'm sending over the biscotti recipe in a minute....let me know how you like them...

  17. This hit the spot. Chicken soup is always wonderful but especially good when under the weather! I am lovin' the letters and the little pot pies!

  18. It all looks good, Kathleen! Catching up with all that I missed. All my decs. are put away except for one outside thing!

  19. Kathleen, what a perfect snow day meal. I love pot pies but have never made one. John would love your chicken soup. I never make it; I'm not a fan. He and my mom used to make it together a couple of times a month during the winter. He misses that.

  20. Making me hungry. I can't warm up tonight and all your food looks like they might help that situation.

  21. MMMMMMmmmmmm, I'll be over in a jiff !
    I think the cutters are great - wonder how they would work on calzones....ya know how everyone wants them filled out different !!?!?
    Soup sounds great for this yucky weather..Mmmmm apple crisp... I haven't eaten breakfast and now I am starved !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  22. We're all thinking soup these days! It all looks wondeful Kathleen!

  23. It all looks great in individual servings like that. Great post!


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