Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday~ Is it Spring Yet??

Oh my goodness, I am tired of this already!  And 3 more long months of it??

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A view from my window to the house across the street..you didn't think I was going outside did you?

Blog Labor 102

We didn’t get the 28 inches we got before Christmas….but it just kept spitting white stuff for 2 days…and the wind..brrr..

So everything is ICE…an hour away..NADA!  I don’t mind the cold, but the snow and ice keeps me out of the stores, and you know this economy can use all the help I can give!

So I’ll remember  it IS Winter ..I live in NY..and ..it is what it is!  6 months from now we will be doing this!


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Flying Point, Southampton, NY


My blogger friend, The Tablescaper was out for the holiday weekend.  We got snowed out of a lunch, but finally met for coffee on Sat. before she left to return home.

We always have so much to talk about when we meet, the time flies! 

We exchanged gifts..she was armed with 2 shopping bags..this was a tiny little coffee cafe and we were taking up a lot of space..:)  I felt everyone’s eyes on us as we opened our gifts! But we didn’t get thrown out…( I just glimpsed at my sidebar and saw Sue has a good story for us.  I must have missed it in the NY paper..oh those Jersey girls..:)

TT has a thing about 12..she buys 12 of everything..so I was gifted with 12 of these lovely salad plates..

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She also gave me a large bowl and 6 matching smaller ones she found at an antique mall while away for a weekend.

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I have lots of plans for them..

If that wasn’t enough, she brought the take home gifts she gave at her luncheon I missed due to a dead battery.

It is a lovely glass candleholder surrounded by a pretty wreath!

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If you missed her beautiful luncheon, you can see it here on The Tablescaper’s blog.  Thank you, A!!

And if you want to see what I gave her, you will have to ask her?  :)

I am joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday..Please go visit her blog to see the other entries..Thank you, Susan, for hosting..

As this is my first post of 2010, I want to wish you all many blessings in the new year…


  1. Happy New Year and Hang in there! We barely got a flurry here in Nassau ... it is cold, but not much snow so come on by if you need an escape!

  2. I can relate. Last year it was horrible here in the Vancouver area. It snowed every day for over a month.
    Thank goodness we really haven't had any to speak of this year.
    It is great you got to meet up if only for coffee.
    And gifts too? Awesome.

  3. As cold as it is here I"m wishing it were Spring...Alas I still must wait. Did so enjoy you blog today! Thank you! CAthy

  4. What a lovely gift. By the looks of all your 'tablescapes' you must have storage galore at your house!

    Oh, and it was minus 32 here the other morning :)

  5. Oh brrr...that is cold. When I was in Washington we had a few days that cold and I was so bundled up...
    Glad you were able to finally meet up. What great gifts!! I'm sure you'll put them to good use!
    Happy O.W.!

  6. I love that house w/ the snow:) What a fun get together! The little cristal bowls look like antiques~

  7. Oh Kathleen, it was a lovely but brief visit! I'm so happy you enjoyed the treasures.

    Thank you for my wonderful napkin rings. There are 12 of them, of course!

    You know I would have given you 12 bowls, but they are vintage.

    - The Tablescaper

  8. OK Kathleen,
    That looks like short sleeve weather to me! Just kidding, it's been bitter cold here! I actually like the snow, don't mind driving in it but the bitter cold I hate! Let's hope for an early spring! Hang in there, Cindy

  9. The photos are beautiful. Both seasons!

    Wonderful gifts. Twelve is a great number. I should buy in 12's.

    Happy New Year, Kathleen!

  10. First of all - Love the new header!!

    You know I can relate with the snow and low temps..we're waiting for another hit tonight and tomorrow..goodie!!

    Your gifts are beautiful, can't wait to see some great tablescapes..

    Great photos!

  11. Hi K:

    It is so cold it's unreal! Love all the goodies you received--the plates are very different! Never saw anything like that before!

    Your new header is divine! All the silver is so--well-Januaryish!

  12. We haven't had much snow and what we did have happened while we were in Florida. We just have sub-zero temps and a winter storm coming our way on Thursday. I will say that I'm getting a lot done at home since it is too cold to leave the house!

    Happy New Year! I love all your new treasures!


  13. 74
    More days till SPRING.....errrrrrrrrrrrr - it is going to snow again tomorrow !
    I hear your pain.....

    Hugs ~ Kammy

    p.s. I see that Ms Tablescaper is a sweet gifty girl like yourself :o)

  14. Elegant and beautiful new header picture, Kathleen ... I'm also tired of the snow and cold, but your picture of the red house in the snow is so pretty. I guess the trick will be to stay inside until spring and enjoy the view.

  15. Great plates....and I love anybody that thinks all good things come in twelves!! Thanks for the link to the blog...I could use all the support I can get...Oh how people will turn on you!!....Keep warm.
    Sue...the bad influence.

  16. Kathleen, It has been cold here, as well. Today it snowed and the roads were horrible. Why do people insist on traveling 70 mph when it is icy and slippery out? Then they give you the bird as they honk at you and flash their lights. But then I get a little satisfaction when I pass them later and they are in the ditch. I am evil. Sue in NJ and I would raise a real ruckus if we were together. lol
    I am counting down, just like Kammy. I like to look at snow but not be in the cold. Is that possible?
    Take care my friend, and a Happy New Year to you!
    hugs, Sue

    LOL my word verification was enema!

  17. Kathleen,
    Beautiful gifts, and I agree, enough on the cold and snow already.

  18. Gorgeous plates, 12 of them, wow! Love the salad bowl set, very pretty.

    I am sick of cold and snow, too! Didn't go to Columbus because we are supposed to get more snow tonight/tomorrow...It's been a long winter and still too many months left before it is nice out.

  19. Lovely Gifts Kathleen.

    Was that 12 for the '12 Days Of Christmas'...lol

    I'm with you in the weather dept...here in New England, we've been getting too much of the white stuff along with the brrr temps.
    I'm so looking forward to Spring.. how many more days???

    Love your new opening header
    table...very Romatic.

  20. What delightful gifts! Guess we can expect a table set for 12 soon as a post for Tablescape Thursday. Look forward to it.....Sarah

  21. Nice idea to post what is and what was or will be.
    Joyce M

  22. Its brrr indeed! If you can't wait for months and I can send you some warm sunshine from our State!
    These are wonderful gifts too!Its a nice feeling to meet friends!
    Happy New Year and more blogging posts for 2010!

  23. Hi Kathleen

    It looks like it will be a long cold winter! More snow tomorrow...ugh!

    Your friend is very generous and she picked out some nice things for you!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

    X0 Pat

  24. Yep, yep, yep....that's the reason we moved from snowy Colorado to the coast of Texas!! But, this year for us...it's bitter cold here also!! Not anywhere near your cold temps tho!

    Come on over to see C shells!! For WEDNESDAY

  25. You actually got 28 inches of snow at one time! I can't imaagine. We have 12 inches one year and that was almost devastating for us. I love the contrast of the snow falling in front of your red house.

  26. The photo of the snow up against your red house is striking. It sounds like you're ready for summer to arrive!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  27. That a bunch of the white stuff! I'm complaining because it got to 32º last night! Thanks for sharing. Happy OW.

  28. What lovely gifts. How nice you finally got to meet. Your photos of snow and sand are wonderful. Have a great Outdoor Wednesday.

  29. Oh, is this cold or what!! I had heard that you guys got it bad, but the thermometer says it all. We are in the red and are expecting 8~10 inches tonight. Compared to the 18 we got at the lake this past weekend, I am not concerned!

    Love your new plates. I love meeting bloggers!! :-)


  30. Here I am in Nassau, enjoying nada :) May be ending on Friday, they say more snow but that could change!

    Gorgeous plates, such nice gifts!

  31. ahhhh Kathleen, it is always fun to visit with you! This time you made my day! Your Mom's little glass dishes were also my Mom's and now mine. It makes me smile so big when I see them on your table!! I will have to set mine out and take a picture....believe it or not, I probably have 200 pieces of the "Petal" pattern! Your table is wonderful and I enjoyed seeing all of your pretties!

  32. It may be cold and snowy outside but you've certainly warmed up your home with that beautiful table!

    What lovely gifts from your friend!

  33. What generous gifts from A! I do like the color combo you have chosen to display them too.

    Winter is here to stay I am afraid but you made the best of it with that gorgeous photo of snow falling against the red house - maybe if we all make your beach photo our screen save we'll feel warmer :)

  34. Kathleen, I bet it is so much fun to have lunch with you! Your gifts she brought are fabulous! Sorry about all of the snow. If it's any consolation, it is pretty cold here in Ark. too! The wind is horrible, and 4 degrees tonight sounds horrible to me! Try to stay warm and cozy. laurie

  35. I'm not so fond of this season either! Lovely gifts, K... belated Happy New Year to you!

  36. Great gifts from your friend! I am sooo ready for spring too. Too cold!


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