Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Six Months from now….

Six months from now, we will have forgotten all about winter, the cold and the snow.  In fact we may be complaining about the heat!

But today, with several more cold months ahead…I am fast forwarding…



table 2614

It doesn’t go with the theme of the party..but it makes me smile..:)


So in 6 months we can…


table 2693

Eat out on the deck….and have a Garden Party…


 table 2700

Smell the flowers..

table 871


table 872

Have an ice cream soda…

table 2643

And sit on the beach and watch the sun go down….table 822


Things to look forward to…

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  1. what a lovely table setting! somethings are really worth looking forward to. have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Your photo of a soda looks delicious.
    Joyce M

  3. Ahhh, the lazy, hazy, days of summer, can't wait! Nice pics, Kathleen! Cindy

  4. Fabolous tablescape.
    Awesome sunset.
    Great and a wonderful post.
    Soon its springtime.

  5. Needed this today as we have had 3 days of fog...Need the warmth of the sun and the clarity in the gorgeous flowers!!! Thank you for you place of retreat! CAthy

  6. Oh, I can hardly wait......that's what gets me through winter ...thoughts of summer.....
    Thanks for the reminder !

  7. Great photos and terrific post! You are so right - we will be complaining about the heat this summer! But your photos just make me miss it all the more!

  8. What a pretty summer table...love the hydrangeas! That sunset is beautiful...

  9. Thanks for giving me something warm and sunny to look forward to!

  10. Beautiful photos, K.
    I like summer, too, but I sure am not ready to give up my beautiful wintertime just yet. By March, when the wind and sand is blowing a gale out here in West Texas (I DON'T like spring), THEN, I'll be ready for summer. :O)
    I'm going to lunch with a friend and thrifting most of the day..woo hoo...
    xo bj

  11. Not just ready to give up on the snow yet, Kathleen! I know you are very ready :) and not only do you have sun, flowers and heat to look forward to, you have the crowds and the tourists, LOL!

  12. I'd love to fast forward that those beautiful scenes too but I don't want to miss one minute of spring either.

  13. Beautiful photos, Kathleen. I needed the reminder that spring will indeed be here before long. But it's so cold, windy and soggy outside right now. Guess I better put the soup pot on the stove and dream about dinner on the patio.

  14. Hi Kathleen
    Your photos are scrumptious!
    It's nice to fast forward sometimes and dream. I just complained in my blog about going backward..lol
    Actually the best time is the "here and now" and to make the most of it while we have it :-)

    Going back to look at that sunset photo one more time...so beautiful!

  15. Hi Kathleen,
    Your pictures are stunning...I can almost feel and smell summer right now. How close do you live to that unbelievable sunset? Just gorgeous.

  16. Yup, I think we all wish that to happen soon hehehe.

    Snow no More for Outdoor Wednesday.

  17. Six months from now? I can't last that long!

    You're no fun at all.

    But your lovely photos might distract me...a little while longer.

  18. lovely picture but that does seem like such a long period of time

  19. Kathleen, the photos of summer dining are perfect for getting us through these long winter months. You have a perfect spot for it under the gazebo arbor.

    Stay warm it will be spring before we now it!

  20. Well, this just made me feel good! As I've gotten older, I really try not to wish my life away. You know the "I can't wait until summer" thing we all do? It is really hard when it is so cold and ugly (freezing rain here today) to not want to fast forward a bit.

    I have a giveaway on my blog today...check it out!


  21. Kathleen that table has my name written all over it. What kind of wine are we having? Yummy.
    Is that a wisteria hanging down? It must provide some much needed shade in the summer time.

  22. Kathleen, you've done it! Seeing that fabulous outside table setting makes me wish the six months would fly by. Isn't it crazy how in winter we are dreaming of summer and in summer we are pouring over old Christmas magazines anxious to get our decorations out?!!


  23. It is so nice to see your table at this time of year. Thanks for sharing it with our winter weary souls. Have a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday.

  24. Do you think if we blink twice fast it will be here???

    Love your outdoor table - so nice and inviting..hope the deer leave all your beautiful flowers alone so they will be back in splendor in six months!

  25. Kathleen, a garden party sounds lovely, and as inviting as your beautiful table looks, and as much as I dislike cold weather, I'm not ready for summer. Spring is lovely around here, and I am looking forward to it.

  26. Sometimes I think we need these cold barren days to really appreciate those Spring and Summer months.

    - The Tablescaper

  27. Thanks for the reminder that we have a lot to look forward to!

  28. Looking at these photos made me feel warmer! Can't wait! I do wish I could sit at that pretty table. I also wish I could walk on that pretty beach - but after it warms up. laurie

  29. Can't wait for all of those thing!


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