Monday, January 25, 2010

Three or More Tuesday and Tabletop Tuesday

The gremlins are at it again!  I installed Norton 2010, and now everything is a restricted site and infected with a virus.  Even Photobucket…!!  I have no idea what to do, it says my email is infected and I can’t open it.

Pop ups keep saying I have a Spyware Worm Windows.32..I mean that sounds terminal..  Norton keeps popping up saying it has blocked a Trojan..Holy cwap, I am under attack!!

I am going to leave 2 aspirins on this Dell, and hope it cures itself by morning…it has been shut down a dozen times..

I have a few bargains to show you…more than 3 so I am joining Tam at The Gypsy’s Corner

And since they are for a tabletop I am joining Tabletop Tuesday over at Barb’s Grits and  Glamour..Thanks for hosting ladies!

First I found these pretty  embossed white platters by Gibson..

Blog Labor 244


Blog Labor 241


They were $2.50

How about all the colors in these??  Fiesta time table??  Also by Gibson..

Blog Labor 248

Bowls, and plates..FIFTY cents!  Red, yellow, orange, green, blue…


I could get a month of Tablescape Thursdays just by changing the linens and accessories..:)  I found these at the supermarket..

Finally, another visit to WSonoma Outlet led me to these…

Blog Labor 246Marked $8.00

But you know let people wipe their mouths on??  .99 cents!

I had been looking at the pink ones for weeks..I didn’t like them..then The Tablescaper did a table with them, and it looked very pretty…so I gave in…

I am thinking the pale yellow trimmed napkins with a yellow plate?  What do you think??

Dinner??  Perfect for a January night..

Pot Roast, Mashed potatoes and Red Cabbage with apples..and a Greek salad…

Blog Labor 213 

Thanks for visiting..wish me luck with my computer ailments..:)

I have been trying to visit your blogs, but RESTRICTED SITE keeps popping up on many of them.  I am trying to figure it out..:(


  1. Hope your computer heals itself! the food looks great as usual. Love those napkins for WS!!

  2. Yum, that food looks delicious! Love those dishes and linens, can't wait to see the tablescapes you come up with!


  3. Uninstall Norton's, Kathleen and try a free one. Avira AntiVirus Personal works great for me, never had any issues. Norton never worked well on my Dell, conflicted with too much!

    Plates are very pretty, and so colorful! Love the napkins, and dinner looks amazing!

  4. Ooh, love your dishes and linens! Beautiful!!

    Here's my 3 or more...

  5. Love the dishes and those napkins! Good luck with your computer issues.

  6. I agree with DishesDone.. Dell and Norton conflict for many folks and makes their computer go wonky..
    Love the white platter and those lovely toile napkins. "wavin Hi" from NC.. I think I'm your newest follower.. Can't wait to see more~!
    Brightest Blessings

  7. Indeed, good luck with your computer. "Simon" was ill just after the 1st of the year. I've just about decided to schedule an annual physical every year just to keep him "well." It has to be cheaper than buying a new one!!!

    You pot roast looks magnificent. I'm thinking I'll have to take out my red cabbage recipe...YUMMY

  8. Hi Kathleen, Love all your finds. I think I have the yellow plates- got them on clearance for 75 cents at OTP. This is a quickie break from the morning start of another crazy day! I think I am getting into the mode of dealing with all the meds and nursing I am having to do with Mr. S. wow, I know I had the life of Riley before all this happened! I will e-mail you later, just wanted to say hi. xo Sue

  9. I fell in love with those pink and blue napkins after The Tablescaper used them too! No WS outlet near me, though. Love the dishes and platter too.

    Sorry about your computer problems. You mentioned you have a Dell. We've been getting Dells for years, but no more. My computer is less than six months old and it's practically unusable at times. Hubby has lots of problems with his too.

  10. Great post, as always. LOVE that white platter! Good luck with the computer. Make sure you back up all your data and photos just in case! (I learned that the hard way!)

  11. I do declare that you get the best deals on napkins !
    I am sorry about your computer...I use Norton too..but I also use - I downloaded the free version to my desktop and it is great for trojans and adware junk that gets on the computer at times - Norton just can't get rid of this stuff -but this Malwarebytes can - you might try it - it has saved my computer a few times....

  12. You always find the best bargains! Almost choked on my coffee reading the line about not spending $8 for someone to wipe their mouth on! I love all of your bargains but especially the bright colored dishes - those are my kind of colors :) Food looks fantastic even at breakfast time!

  13. Oh oh, this doesn't sound good! I had one problem after another (2 complete crashes) and finally got McAfee and haven't had a problem since.

    Love the napkins, Kathleen, and the colorful dishes too. A splash of color is so nice in the grey winter months.

  14. Hi Kathleen. Your photos are wonderful and now I am hungry since haven't had breakfast. I have the same dishes shown in #3. I found mine at Big Lots. They are sure festive. I am new to TOMT and just learning about this theme. A great post and your blog is beautiful. Pop over for a visit if you have a chance. Blessings

  15. HI Kathleen! Oh, no!! I hope your puter gets better really soon!
    Now I love the looks of your pretty dishes and that yummy food! ummmm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. You always find the best things on sale! I really like those napkins, so nice and cheery. That pot roast dinner looks delicious!

  17. O, darlin', I hate to hear about your computer woes. I just HATE it when mine goes astray. Good luck on finding out what is going on with it.

    Love all your beautiful dishes and the napkins are wonderful, too.

    Your dinner looks to die for and sounds even better!
    hugs, bj

  18. Mmmm, your dinner looks so good! I love those napkins. I love the idea of using them to dress up a table with white dishes maybe.

  19. Hope you get the computer ills fixed. Not fun!
    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. Great finds as usual.

  20. Love your dishes and Napkins Kathleen..great prices too!

    I was a day ahead of you with the Pot Roast & Mashed...
    Nothing like some 'Comfort Food' on a dreary winter day.

    My new netbook (Christmas Gift) came with Norton. I'm having Plenty of issus with it too...won't let me open all web pages... It's a free trial offer..but I'm thinking of dumping it and maybe going with something free to download. I'll have to check it out.
    Hope you work out the problem with yours.

  21. You found great things! I'm also drooling over the meal. Almost 2 weeks of WW meals and I could eat about a ton of mashed potatoes.


  22. Glad your computer has access to my blog as I see your comments today. I still can't get my computer to show some photos that are posted on other peoples blogs and not one computer geek can figure it out. So I am clueless as to give any computer advise. Once again I see you scored at WS. I am having a big Valentine blog gals tea here and wish you lived close to us so that you could come. Stay warm eating your delicious looking meal.

  23. Great bargains and pretty plates you found! I love those napkins! What a steal. Hope you solve your virus issues.

    Miss Bloomers

  24. Great finds, as usual! I am so jealous...

    I understand your pain with Norton. Norton was randomly stopping some out going email...why some and not all I ask? Who knows. I scanned the machine...and shut down parts of Norton. My computer hasn't run with any speed st all since I allowed Norton to join me!!

  25. Kathleen, I can imagine the uses that you'll find for the Gibson plates and the Wm-S napkins. I look forward to seeing them on one of your "Kathleen" special tablescapes and accessorized to the hilt.

    I hope someone reads your post and has a solution to your computer woes. What a pain ... definitely takes some of the fun out of internet use.

  26. I am so coming for dinner at your place. It all looks fab but Greek salad is my favorite for sure.
    I use a anti virus product called eset or enod. You can buy it online and download it. It is not expensive. They are based in California I think. They actually phoned me half an hour after I emailed them with a question.
    It works great and in the background so it isn't always asking me stuff.

  27. Great buys again - can't wait to see how you use the dishes!!

    Dinner looks good and comfy filling!!

  28. YIKES! Your computer problems do not sound good-this from a woman who knows nothing about computers! What great deals you got. I went to a W-S Outlet this weekend too. I got the marked down pink and green toile tablecloths (4 of them) to give one of my granddaughters to use for curtains on her bedroom window. Can't beat $9 curtain panels. My W-S didn't have all of those pretty napkins, but I did get a couple of other things. Everything I saw reminded me of you. I just love W-S! You got some great dishes too. Hope your computer problems clear up quickly. laurie

  29. i am keeping fingers crossed for your computer to behave itself!
    technology is a temptress LOL

    your post imagery today is heavenly! bright lush and bold!

  30. Such pretty napkins. Amazing the deals you find!

    Count me (and my geek DH) as not a Norton fan. I swore years ago I'd never put it on another computer. Malwarebytes, AVG and Spybot -- all free and all very good programs.

  31. I loved the aspirin comment. Too funny!!! I hope your computer gets healed. Maybe you need to put it in front of the TV when one of the TV faith healers are on. Just a thought.

    And great deal on the dishes and napkins. I love them!

  32. Hope you've healed.

    Great bargains!

    - The Tablescaper

  33. Hi Kathleen
    I'm sorry you are having computer problems..I know how frustrating that is! I finally got the part for my new computer to repces the defective part and now it's working fine.

    Nice bargaisn as always! Love the napkins for 99 cents!

  34. I hope the 2 aspirin helped, Kathleen :)

    What great finds, once again! Of course my favorites are the red and yellow Fiesta ware and the red and yellow napkins from WS. Next time you go into WS tell them there is a a desperate woman in Wisconsin who wants them to open an outlet within driving distance of Milwaukee...please!

  35. Kathleen, you found some fantastic bargains! I especially love the orange and yellow dishes. I can't wait to see your table setting using them.

  36. Ohhh....more pretty napkins! I need them. Mashed taters look pretty good too!

  37. I see the bargain queen hasn't lost her touch! The orange and yellow dishes will look great in a tablescape!


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