Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter Table Preview

It’s Wednesday, but in blogland that means the tables go up for Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch, Susan’s   lovely blog..

I can’t share my whole table yet, but I will show the finished version in my post for Foodie Friday.  We had a terrible storm with flooding and wind, and we have been busy taking care of the damage..

Plus, my centerpiece is live, and I didn’t want it to punk out before Sunday…

table 3580I am using a pale sagey green cloth and napkins, and my wedding china, Heather by Noritake..Little silver basket tealight holders by Sylvestri..

table 3582 

The chargers are from Noritake.

table 3579A dainty basket at each place..

table 3591 With the name, or initial to mark the place..They were 50 cents each at Cts!  :)

table 3572Stems Waterford, Lismore…

table 3585    From Villeroy and Boch, tiny porcelain nests..salt…horseradish, or..

table 3586

a soft green egg…

table 3587

Down the center of the table I used live viola , nests, and muted color eggs…surrounded by spagnum.


table 3574

Here’s the finished table..

table 3592table 3613

table 3601

In the center is a large nest.  I planted viola in cleaned egg shells..

table 3596 table 3609


table 3606 Edited to include the finished table..more in Foodie Friday post..

Wishing you all a very blessed Easter!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tabletop Chicks~Pansy Power

Wishing all those who celebrate Passover a sweet one!

My Easter guests will include 7 little bunnies.  I am going to do a separate table for them..

table 3553

I started with a yellow and white plaid cotton was one of the remnants I got at the fabric outlet..lovely cotton from Portugal. 

I used felt placemats from Michaels, on sale…( I am going to spray them with Stain Guard..

table 3563

Green and white flatware from WSonoma Outlet..(Susan , Thoughts from over the Rainbow) said I can call him Bill, as I am there so often!

Bill charged me 3.89 for service for 4….stop crying all of you who paid full price.  Patience pays off! :)

table 3549Yellow napkins held with Spring cookie cutters..this one is a tulip. They were my mom’s made in USA!

I never remember my mom making cookies, but she had good intentions, and I kept her things. :)

table 3564

table 3552

The little baskets will be filled with candy, and a tag with their name. (They are from Lee  Wards, MANY years ago)

The little yellow ramekins for a buttered roll.. Tarjay, last year.

The little chick dishes are from Michael’s too..on sale for 59 cents… I thought I would serve some fruit salad in them.  Something healthy to counteract the sugar high!

The white plate for the chicken fingers and carrot sticks, and some egg shaped oven fries..

Little carrot dish from HG for the ketchup..

table 3559

A soft and cuddly chick on a bed of paper grass atop a small line green pedestal.

I got a whole gaggle of them Easter Eve last year..very nice and soft..and..less than 2.00 each..really! :)

I spread them out here to show all the varieties…I have given most of them away….just a few chicks left.


Little chick salt and peppers from CTS..

Mini eggs as scatters, no candles, it is a KIDS table..

table 3557

table 3548

table 3555

I filled Carrot goody  bags with candy..

table 3565And a crate of eggs for each..

table 3550It’s…

 table 3571  Please stop by Marty’s at a Stroll Thru Life  for more tabletops.  Thanks, Marty! And don’t forget her cloche party on FRIDAY! 

I am joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday..Not much blooming here..still cold.. I bet Susan has some lovely entries from those of you have Spring flowers already!

I went over to the North Fork  ( Jamesport) for some pansies and violas…   That’s Cass at That Old House territory..summer anyway!

It was chilly, didn’t feel like Spring at all…hoping for warmer weather for the weekend..

table 3544

table 3546

table 3543

table 3542

Right now we are having torrential rains, and floods all over..  Hope those of you in the flood areas are ok…

Thanks for coming,  hope to see you Thursday..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yellow and Blue Frugal Tablecloth

I saw these curtains in my favorite store, Christmas Tree Shop.  They were in the clearance bin. 

table 3562

I liked the colors and it was a nice cotton and decided to get them to make a tablecloth.

table 3566

I still have to finish it up, but you can get an idea….

table 3568

I got 4 napkins from the valance…

table 35694.50 for the cloth and napkins.  I think I will get white ribbon like what is on them to cover the seams.

Or just put a lot on the table so that no one notices! :)

I can use it on my kitchen island when I serve buffet style from there.

I’ll use it in a tablescape after Easter…

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch  for Metamorphosis Monday.

Thanks for stopping by..See you for Tabletop Tues..

Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Things with Laurie

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for her new meme, Favorite Things. Thank you dear Laurie for hosting!

In a few weeks I will start an anti meme ,

Things that Really Annoy Me!.  ( kidding, but maybe???)

This is a wide open topic, it can be anything!

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

IMG_0204 In keeping with the season, I  chose my little rabbit, Spud.  I also chose my dining room carpet, which I love

( is it ok to love a rug Sheila?  ) 

and  it will be coming with me when I go to the old age home.  Or that’s how long dh said I had to keep it to justify buying it!

I also pick forgiveness as a favorite thing..

Cause this little bunny got into the alcohol, and it wasn’t pretty..


He went for rehab, and he has been a model bunny ever since..So I forgave, but never forget! :)


I haven’t looked at any other entries, so I hope they aren’t all highly intelligent and waxing philosophical..:)

Just in case I  will  add this…

table 822

I love walking down to the beach and watching the sun set.  I never get tired of it!

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy some of your favorite things..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Foodie , Flashback and Foto Friday

Designs by Gollum is hosting Foodie Friday and having a Foto contest. 

table 2755

On a recent post she talked about her photography skills ,which are excellent.  She said they weren’t good until she became a Darling Baker, which made me laugh.  First , I was a Darling Baker, and my skills have  a long way to go. Secondly, I knew her before then, and her pics were just fine!

table 3538

I think it is an art, and she is an artist.  She has wonderful lighting, and that is a big part of it.

Anyway, she got many good comments and suggestions.

I am not one to use the light box..dragging foam board around and clamping lights up  takes the fun out of it for me.  It would be like telling  our friend Bill of Affordable Accoutrements to use paper plates and plastic forks..:)

Of course if you are doing it to earn a living, you have to do all those things..

table 1913

table 2602

As one of the comments to ML said , we get better with practice…White balance, etc..all Greek to me!

All of the above pictures were from previous posts, so they are my Flashback Friday with Suzy at Kitchen Bouquet.

Tonight I have something very simple…

table 3532

Milk and oatmeal cookies, anyone? 

table 3524As for the pictures, I like being surprised when I get one that comes out well! And as Yvonne at Stone Gables said, just make sure the laundry basket is out of the picture!  :)

I don’t have that feature that blurs the background..but look, I covered my switch plate with the same fabric I used to make the window treatments, formerly called curtains..:)

Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie is having a  Saturday weekly meme..My Favorite Things..Stop by and get the details at her blog…

Thanks for visiting, and I will keep working on improving!  I have a 4 yo Canon Power Shot A610.   Monique helped me learn to turn off the flash and use the macro mode.  The book made me feel like I was reading directions on brain surgery!  :)

table 3536

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yellow, Purple, Green and Pink Polka Dots~Peter Rabbit, your table for 4…

March is flying, and Easter is early.  There aren’t many TTh’s before the table for the great day…

Some of you may remember a pink polka dot table I did, (here)

I used the same plates, but added lots of color..

table 3516

Peter asked if he could have Flopsie, Mopsie and another bunny over for dinner.  I know they used to spell it with ey on the end, but remember when girls named Kathy, changed it to Kathie, Patty  became Pattie?  Well, they are going with that trend!

In my house you were called what you were Baptized , with the middle name added in if you were in trouble!  :)(glass egg holders WSonoma outlet…Place egg holders CTS..)

table 3509

Since they are bunnies, I thought carrots would be a good napkin ring (they came on a ribbon, made of foam from CTS.  I took them apart and glued them to a plain ring.)

The larger yellow mat is from Kohls, and the smaller pink from CTS, as are the polka dot plates and  $1  egg shaped salad bowls. The guest of honor got a green charger and the others got white, from Noritake when I didn’t even know what a charger plate was!

table 3517

Dark pink napkins, don’t remember of the outlets..:)

Green stems, Lenox on sale..

I used the egg vase but the tulips died   :(  so I used mini daffodils.

table 3507

table 3521

The cute chick salt and peppers are from CTS..

table 3491The rabbit pitcher is from Mikassa a few years ago.

table 3520

It is my  friend Susan’s, ( Savoring Time in the Kitchen ) birthday, so a little cake for her!  Happy Birthday dear friend!

Go take a peek at her  beautiful blog.  Lovely  flowers and food!

table 718

   Now who was the 4th guest Bunny???…why BUGS BUNNY of course and so, as he always said,..

“That’s all folks!”

Thanks for coming…I appreciate your comments!

A little preview..

I got these cute napkins with carrots on them in WSonoma I am working on a table for them..

table 3522

Please visit Susan to see what she has for us this week.  There will be so many tables to visit  this week at Between Naps on the Porch

Also joining Refresh Restyle Spring Table setting Party


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