Friday, March 26, 2010

Favorite Things with Laurie

I am joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for her new meme, Favorite Things. Thank you dear Laurie for hosting!

In a few weeks I will start an anti meme ,

Things that Really Annoy Me!.  ( kidding, but maybe???)

This is a wide open topic, it can be anything!

From the sublime to the ridiculous!

IMG_0204 In keeping with the season, I  chose my little rabbit, Spud.  I also chose my dining room carpet, which I love

( is it ok to love a rug Sheila?  ) 

and  it will be coming with me when I go to the old age home.  Or that’s how long dh said I had to keep it to justify buying it!

I also pick forgiveness as a favorite thing..

Cause this little bunny got into the alcohol, and it wasn’t pretty..


He went for rehab, and he has been a model bunny ever since..So I forgave, but never forget! :)


I haven’t looked at any other entries, so I hope they aren’t all highly intelligent and waxing philosophical..:)

Just in case I  will  add this…

table 822

I love walking down to the beach and watching the sun set.  I never get tired of it!

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy some of your favorite things..


  1. Too funny! I love your drunken bunny and his rehab, and what a gorgeous sunset! (Though I had rabbits growing up, and I swear, 7 came out for every pellet they ate! lol!)

  2. Kathleen...I'll never be able to look at Jr. Mints the same again!! You are so witty :)


  3. I will never forget Spud and his 'whoopsie' pies :)

    Gorgeous sunset over the bay, Kathleen!

  4. Spud left a few things behind for ya! :-)

  5. Poor little guy -- he couldn't help it! Love those walks on the beach!

  6. I got a good laugh out of your post. I was feeling a little embarrassed, because mine was a little silly, too. Thanks, I don't feel embarrassed anymore. Oh, I'm sure Sheila will tell you its okay to love a rug. Take care.

  7. Opps! Hope he learned a lesson! :-)
    Enjoy your weekend.

  8. Oh Kathleen, you are just too funny. What did the Easter bunny ever do to you to justify such a story!!! Hmmm... think deep into your childhood.

    And do you want to laugh. That rug that you're taking to the old aged home is the same pattern as in my daughter's room. I won it at a PTA dinner from a very expensive rug store. Never knew you had a soft spot for rugs!

    - The Tablescaper

  9. Oh, dear just crack me up!
    I love all your bunnies, especially the one that HAD a drinking problem...but, most of all, next to God's beautiful sunset, I LOVE THAT RUG!! You know...the one you will be buried with!!? Love it.

    Soo sorry I've missed some posts here. Can I use an excuse? First, I am OLDEN and getting slower by the minute...then, our 50th wedding anniversary is coming up very soon...daughter and son having a reception for us and i have been knee deep in getting address for them..also, daughter wants baby photos of every grand..all 10 and altho I have every one, they were buried in the bottom of a tiny trunk. Been several days sorting thru...I wonder what she is going to do with them??? I just know it's going to be so fun.
    Now...I promise to do better because you know yourself that I love you dearly and will be here every chance I get...!Gotta go get caught up with the other two..:)

  10. You are too funny! Thanks for sharing the humor this evening. I'm still giggling. :-)

  11. Kathleen, I hope I can type a comment. I'm laughing so hard, it makes typing difficult.
    What a naughty bunny is Spud
    To do that on your beautiful rug!
    That rug is a beauty,
    and Spud's a real cutie,
    But mixing these two
    Leads to a rug with do-do! (sorry!)
    Beautiful beach photo. Thank you so much for linking this fun post to Favorite Things. I've had a great laugh tonight! laurie

  12. You are so funny! Poor lil bunny.

  13. Naughty! Naughty! Bunny! LOL

  14. giggle.. this was a great way to start my saturday, Getting bunnies to behave is often a daunting task but it looks like this one is doing fine now.

    happy saturday

  15. Lordy, woman, your creative mind never stops! LOL What a hoot!

    ♥ the sunset & could kick myself for all the years we didn't take full advantage of it when we lived in FL. :-( Would just love to walk the beach right snowed in OH yesterday & we woke up to temps of 15º.

    I didn't know about Laurie's meme until it was too late for this week but I'll try to join in next time.
    Oh & your Unfavorites Meme?? GREAT idea!! I could expound on lack of cell phone manners for hours! Grrrrr...had a dinner meal totally spoiled by 4 adults & 3 kids at a nearby table.

    Re your ? about Polish traditions: I serve smoked kielbassa cut into rounds as an appetizer & pierogies in butter & onions as a side dish, with horseradish. That's the extent of it...remember I'm the Irish one! LOL :-)

  16. Your poor widdle wabbit that had to go to wehab...he is a cutie! That sunset is awesome...

  17. Your such a hoot Kathleen! That carpeting is beautiful, so glad you let us take a peek! And it sounds like your dh is funny too! I love Mr. Rehab bunny and the sunset is gorgeous! I want to add that beach to my cottage view! hehe. Too bad I can't live in Nantucket. Are there hills there too? I need hills. I like the idea of your annoying thing meme. I am pretty sure it would be a hit!
    Have a great week-end, Cindy

  18. Kathleen, I've told you over and over you can't let those bunnies run loose in the house!!
    Love the sunset photo!!!

  19. This is way toooooooo cute. Poor little bunny. So glad he went through rehab. lol Hugs, Marty

  20. Oh, that would be an interesting meme. Shame on bunny....gotta keep an eye on them all the time!

  21. OMG this is so funny! That bunny has been very very bad. Glad he got the help he needed. Love the little "gift" he left you. LOL


  22. Kathleen, you are so funny. The look on spud's face when he left you some junior mints is priceless. Naughty little bunny.

  23. I guess we can all slip up and fall into bad company every once in a while, Kathleen! Glad you gave poor Spud another opportunity to redeem himself. Only you!!
    Mr. S came home from the hospital today and is feeling pretty good. Tired and a little less active than he was prior to going in on Fri., but good none the less. Thanks for everything you've done with prayers, good wishes, and your friendship. xoxo Sue

  24. That Spud is one wascally wabbit! Lucky you have a good heart and cut him some slack... I'm kind of liking the 'Things That Really Annoy Me' meme. I have a couple of doozies waiting in the wings just in case...

  25. Can't wait to explore your blog further. I, too, am a huge Jan Karon fan--to the point of spending a weekend in "Mitford" aka Blowing Rock, NC.


  26. I love your carpet too and if the old age home won't let you bring it you can ship it down here to Georgia.....and just how close are you to that gorgeous beach?....nothing makes me happier then the beach!

  27. That bunny is cracking me up! LOL! I love that carpet! Can I be your roommate in the old folks home so I can enjoy it too!


  28. Your pets have much more issues than mine! Mine don't drink, but we won't talk about "gifts" on the rug :)

    Have a great week, Kathleen, and a very Happy Easter to you and your family. and Spud!

  29. Just precious. Life is too short to take too seriously and not to play and laugh. I think laughter is one of those special gifts, like flowers.

  30. Fantastic beach photo ... and yes, an inspirational saying would be appropriate for all the beauty.

    BUT, I prefer your comments about Spud and his bad behavior. He's my favorite "pet" of yours.

    AND, I don't blame you for loving your carpet. It's lovely. ;)

  31. I can understand why you love that carpet! Just don't let Spud and his juniors on it :-)

    I would love to have sand between my toes, watching the sunset over the bay!

  32. Kathleen, I'd have to add your sense of humor as one of the things I love! This was so funny!

    Gorgeous seunset! Is that your "Nr" in the photo?


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