Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Things…

The calendar says it is Spring…and it was a beautiful weekend. Today, not so much…rain.  And the farm down the road did their Spring fertilizing, and believe me, more than the weather stunk!

I dragged all the Leprechauns down to the basement (kicking and wailing like Banshees)  and brought up some of the Spring things.. Don’t have much for my  table top yet, but I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life…and remember her cloche party on Apr. 2nd…

table 3492The egg vase holding the tulips is from Villeroy and Boch.  I have the large version too…

The Salt and Pepper shakers are Blue Robin’s eggs…I don’t have the Birds so many of you have, so maybe when these hatch I will have some..:)

The pitcher I got at Mikassa a few years ago..

table 3491 table 704 This is the larger egg, and the plates were a birthday gift from my friend Pam..:) And the bunny and carrot bowl from my friend Vita..Aren’t friends generous?

So it would be nice to treat them to a steak, twice baked potato, onion ring and asparagus dinner I think! But I didn’t..shame on me!

table 710

Yesterday was my dear little gdau’s bday.

She asked me if  I could make the cake one layer white,

one chocolate, iced in whipped cream and have pink writing…. But of course!

table 3483 

I didn’t get a good pic of the inside..sorry…

table 3484

It has whipped cream and cherries in between  the layers..

table 3487

Time for tea…I borrowed  Lily’s little silver tea set..and the cup is from my wedding china, Heather by Noritake.. The little chintz teapot and cup ornaments were a gift sent to me by a forum friend, Catie.. so cute!

table 735 Turning out my little Tea Pot lamp..and wishing you all good  night!

table 3494

I am sharing tea with Lady Katherine, Wanda at the The Plumed Pen, and Rhondi at Rose Colored Glasses..Please join them for tea, pinkies raised!

Gail at Faithfulness Farm is having a 100th post  give away, and Sue at Sullivan and Murphy  is having a Blogaversary ..hop over!

Thank you for visiting!

Also joining the Spring Table party at Refresh Restyle


  1. Hello there sweet lady,

    This is just so precious! My what a pretty tea table vignette and such a sweet birthday treat and cake for your little sweetie!..,

    Thanks ever so much for joining me as well, for my little 23rd, 'Tuesday Tea For Two' blog tea party!.., What a delight; what fun!

    Have a wonderful week!

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  2. Oops!~ I also had meant to mention my dear; do bring some of that steak, twice baked ptoatoe, asparagus and onions rings over for tea next time will you?!.., My that made me hungry!!~(Ahem..,and I had just eaten)!~ Hehe

    'Yum in my tum'!!..,


  3. OH...K....that is such a beautiful birthday cake. Just stunnig and it looks so delicious. I know the grandgirl loved it.
    I love your pretty table and that dinner looks so so delicious.
    xo bj

  4. Kathleen, so nice to see your Spring things! So pretty!

  5. What a beautiful birthday celebration! The meal looks delicious and the birthday cake is just amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh,how darling is the bunny teapot! The plates, and little cabbage bunny bowl are so sweet! Love the napkin in the glasses! I just simply love the egg vase! Happy Birthday Lilly G.! Your Birthday Cake is divine! Looks like she will be making up her own recipes! The Tea Service is wonderful,as is the little tea cup and Teapot! Love the silver vase! Now can I borrow the egg vase? I do love it so! Your lamp is great too! I am sure the steak and twiced baked potatoes was loved by all! One of my favorites! Thank You so much for joining me for Tea Time Tuesday! I had such a lovely time, scrolling up and down your page looking at all your lovely treasures!

  7. I forgot to say... Happy Birthday, Lily!

  8. I love the tulip vase, so cute!!~ Cake, I love Cake! Your teapots are always a treat to see, I collect them too:)

  9. What a fabulous cake...and dinner!
    I didn't mean to drool on the screen here...Yikes!
    xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  10. that cake looks delish. I bet your granddaughter loved it!

  11. I'm sure you are the best grandmother ever! What a beautiful caake. Love the egg vase. Have a good week :)

  12. Looks so pretty! The cake looks delicious!

  13. What a great idea for a cake. I want to try this. Love your little teapot lamp, too.


  14. Kathleen, I really like that giant Easter egg you used as a centerpiece - a unique piece. I have a bunny-pitcher as well but I like yours better - your bunny looks cuter! The birthday/Easter plates are wonderful - must have been nice to get something that wasn't St. Pat's themed! Your gdaughter knows how to "design" a cake and her gmother knows how to bake it! Yummy!


  15. Great bunny table! The birthday tea party for Lily is wonderful!

    I have a tea pot lamp like that!


  16. Such a special cake for a very sweet little girl! I love your teapot lamp too!

  17. Oh Kathryn, those eggs with tulips are fantastic! I'm going to be on a search for one of those! Love your bunny pitcher, and your Easter plates are so cute. Of course, I want a bite of that cake. What a cute little tea set. laurie

  18. And what a lot of leprechauns you had to haul too! Your party was a blast! I have never seen a tulip vase, that is beautiful. The food looks wonderful. And what great cake looks delish. And what a fun lamp. Good night to you!

  19. I have never seen a post you wrote that I did not love....Your blog makes me so envious....

  20. Hi Kathleen,
    So cute...your granddaughter sure knows how to pick cake. Looks delish. Happy Birthday to the lucky lady.
    Your table is that vase.

  21. Kathleen, This is a beautiful post. Also love your new header - so right for Easter coming up and such a pretty table! Love the little tea party set-up and the cake is beautiful!

  22. I have never seen such a cute lamp! Where did you find it?

    I love your beautiful Easter pieces too. I am going to have to find some bunny china!

    Best wishes for a wonderful week,

  23. Beautiful post, Kathleen and oh my that fabulous cake!!

  24. Beautiful post and the cake looks great! I am sure your little granddaughter will always think of you with love!

  25. Such charm and beauty..wonderful pictures!!

  26. YOur bunnies and eggs are just gorgeous. I love how the two eggs hold flowers. So pretty. Your tea service is beautiful and all the accessories are lovely. That birthday cake looks just yummy. I am with your GD, that is exactly the kind of cake I like. What a lucky little girl. Thanks so much for joining the party. Hugs, Marty

  27. Hi Kathleen, just a beautiful and yummy looking post! You are amazing!

    Barb ♥

  28. How inspiring! It's just beautiful Thanks for posting.

  29. Hi Kathleen
    What a lovely table you've set today. I noticed that the cup of tea and some bubbles in it. My Mom always said that if you scooped out the bubbles with a spoon before they floated to the side of the cup that you would be getting some money. Thanks for that memory. I had forgotten all about it. I'm glad you joined the tea party today.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  30. Isn't it sweet when they make a very specific request for their birthday. You rock girlie!! I'd love to be Lily!!

  31. Wow, what a lovely, lovely post. Did you make that cake for your Grandaugther? It was beautiful. And it looked luscious.

    I have to admit your sidebar recipes are kinda/sorta making me drool.

    Great blog.

  32. Happy Birthday, Lily! Hope you saved me a piece of that delicious looking cake.
    I like the vase holding the beautiful tulips...but love the little silver tea service, how cute is that.

  33. Her tea set and cake are adorable..Happy Bday..I still remember her dresses you bought her..remember..The Lily P ones?

  34. Thank you for letting us share the fun of the birthday tea party!

    Love all your Easter decorations!

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that wishes do come true...sort of. Your egg salt and pepper shakers may not actually turn into the bird salt and pepper shakers but I did come across another set I had.

    So please email me your address and I'll send them to you! My email is


  35. I laughed thinking of you hauling the howling leprechauns off! Love your table and what a cake!!! What a lucky Birthday girl!

  36. You sure have a lot going on. Getting those little green men into the basement must have been quite the chore. Love all of the egg vases from V&B. Can you believe I don't have a one.

    Sure hope Miss Lily enjoyed her special order cake! Thanks for the delivery.

    - The Tablescaper

  37. Kathleen I cannot keep up with you! The birthday dinner looks wonderful. I love the tea set and I know the cake was delicious, too.

  38. I hope the leprechauns have stopped screaming, Kathleen - LOL! I love the change to Easter and all the pretty pastel colors.

    Lily is such a lucky little girl to have you to make such wonderful birthday treats for her!

  39. Those plates are adorable as are your bunnies. I so want that cake for my birthday. it looks scrumptious~!

  40. I'm not sure where to start, but everything is so pretty. The bunny pitcher is so cute and the teapot lamp is great. I love the tiny teapot and cup and now I'll have to go back and look again!!!
    The's to die for!!!

  41. Lucky Lily that her Nana made her such a tasty looking and pretty cake. It looks delicious.

    Kathleen, your spring table and accessories make me smile. I'm so over winter even though we still have snow here.

    I love the BIG EGG, very versatile and a great centerpiece.

  42. What a very sweet grandma you are, Kathleen! Lily's birthday cake looks delicious and oh, so pretty. It's time to bring out the spring things and start getting ready for Easter. It's nice to be home.

  43. I'm a little late to the party, but I hope you saved me a small piece of cake! Happy Birthday to Lily! I'm sure she knows what a wonderful Nana she has.

  44. Happy belated birthday to Lily! The cake you made her looked scrumptious!

    ♥ Pat

  45. Love this table too! And the food looks great! Thanks for linking up!

  46. Okay, the answer is yes! I can see the flower frog much better with the tulips. So cute!

    Ricki Jill


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