Monday, March 29, 2010

Tabletop Chicks~Pansy Power

Wishing all those who celebrate Passover a sweet one!

My Easter guests will include 7 little bunnies.  I am going to do a separate table for them..

table 3553

I started with a yellow and white plaid cotton was one of the remnants I got at the fabric outlet..lovely cotton from Portugal. 

I used felt placemats from Michaels, on sale…( I am going to spray them with Stain Guard..

table 3563

Green and white flatware from WSonoma Outlet..(Susan , Thoughts from over the Rainbow) said I can call him Bill, as I am there so often!

Bill charged me 3.89 for service for 4….stop crying all of you who paid full price.  Patience pays off! :)

table 3549Yellow napkins held with Spring cookie cutters..this one is a tulip. They were my mom’s made in USA!

I never remember my mom making cookies, but she had good intentions, and I kept her things. :)

table 3564

table 3552

The little baskets will be filled with candy, and a tag with their name. (They are from Lee  Wards, MANY years ago)

The little yellow ramekins for a buttered roll.. Tarjay, last year.

The little chick dishes are from Michael’s too..on sale for 59 cents… I thought I would serve some fruit salad in them.  Something healthy to counteract the sugar high!

The white plate for the chicken fingers and carrot sticks, and some egg shaped oven fries..

Little carrot dish from HG for the ketchup..

table 3559

A soft and cuddly chick on a bed of paper grass atop a small line green pedestal.

I got a whole gaggle of them Easter Eve last year..very nice and soft..and..less than 2.00 each..really! :)

I spread them out here to show all the varieties…I have given most of them away….just a few chicks left.


Little chick salt and peppers from CTS..

Mini eggs as scatters, no candles, it is a KIDS table..

table 3557

table 3548

table 3555

I filled Carrot goody  bags with candy..

table 3565And a crate of eggs for each..

table 3550It’s…

 table 3571  Please stop by Marty’s at a Stroll Thru Life  for more tabletops.  Thanks, Marty! And don’t forget her cloche party on FRIDAY! 

I am joining Susan for Outdoor Wednesday..Not much blooming here..still cold.. I bet Susan has some lovely entries from those of you have Spring flowers already!

I went over to the North Fork  ( Jamesport) for some pansies and violas…   That’s Cass at That Old House territory..summer anyway!

It was chilly, didn’t feel like Spring at all…hoping for warmer weather for the weekend..

table 3544

table 3546

table 3543

table 3542

Right now we are having torrential rains, and floods all over..  Hope those of you in the flood areas are ok…

Thanks for coming,  hope to see you Thursday..


  1. That's a really cute table! I love that flatware! I used to buy my daughter those chalk eggs every year too.


  2. I love when your whimsical side comes out, Kathleen! Everything is so cute and I love your collection of furry friends. You have a bunch of cute ideas going!

    Your garden center is jam packed with pansies. I love them but it is still a bit cold here to put them out. Hopefully it will warm up soon!


  3. Too much rain here on LI lately! But I'm sure all your little chickies will love that table. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. That's just about the cutest Easter table I've ever seen. I saw those chick dishes at Michael's too. I even picked them up, but then put them back down again. I'm going to have to run back and see if they have any left. I only have 3 little bunnies coming to my Easter brunch, but they'd love something like this. Thanks for explaining each step so well. We are at 80 degree in So. Cal right now, but supposed to get lot of rain in the next couple of days. Again, love the chick table.

  5. Oh my word. YOur table is wonderful and it will make the little ones so happy to have such a pretty table just for them with such wonderful and fun dishes. I love all of it. What great fun. The flowers are gorgeous too. I am so ready for some in the yard. Way too pretty. Thanks so much for joining the party. You are the best. Hugs, Marty

  6. Cute table, Kathleen! Love the chalk eggs, the kids will have fun with those all over your driveway :)

    All those tulips! North Fork is fun!

  7. I can just see the parents' driveways now ;) Adorable table, Kathleen! Your gkids are very lucky to have you as their Nana. Mack won't know the different this year!

    How wonderful that you still have your mom's cookie cutters.

    Beautiful garden center photos! My grocery store had pansies out today so I bought a pack.

  8. The kids will love that table - you will really make them feel special! You'll hav to take some photos after they have used the sidewalk chalk!!
    Nice that you actually have the box that the cookie cutters came in..they look OLD!!

  9. Your table is just darling. Who isn't a kid at heart when everything is so perfectly done. Thanks for posting. I just adore the flatware and wish I lived near some of these terrific outlets I keep reading about on these posts. The flowers are beautiful also. It's going to get cooler and rain some more so I am resisting the urge to get out there and plant.

  10. Look at all the tulips and pansies! (I think it might be safe for us to plant pansies... they don't mind cold snaps.)
    I Love your idea to use cookies cutters as napkin rings! :-) I might steal that idea for Easter dinner, if you don't mind.

  11. You never cease to amaze me Kathleen with your gorgeous and whimsical tables! If I had a Bill outlet near me, I could be patient too! Just think of the mark up on their stuff. But I do have a Michaels and I made need to look for some of those so cute bowls!

  12. Pansies ~! I love those..
    your table is so pretty and all your little guests look so happy to have been invited...


  13. You have created such a cheerful table! I love how you have used all of your little dishes. Inspiring!
    Happy Easter, Andrea

  14. Oh Kathleen, I want to be a kid again and be invited to your table. It is so cute and adorable!....Christine

  15. Just adorable! I see you found those little chick dishes on sale, I had to pay a whole 99 cents each! LOL! I'm glad I posted mine last week because I had originally planned to post it this week, and we would have been similar! LOL Great minds think alike!

    Pretty flowers too!


  16. Happy Easter to you Kathleen and your family !
    I bet everyone will just love your tables..(can I sit at the kids table ??)
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. Yes, I see you visited William - now I know you call him Bill - does your hubby know....LOL

  17. Love your sweet stuffed critters! The yellows are so bright and cheerful. Your Spring weather sounds a lot like ours -- but the weatherman is extending us hope for upper 70's by the end of the week!

  18. Kathleen, I'm so glad about the heads up on those chick dishes. They are too cute! Loved your 'scape.


    Sheila :-)

  19. Love the cute whimsical Easter table. I love the way you used your Mom's cookie cutters as napkin rings. Now that is thinking outside the box. Beautiful pics of spring flowers, too.

  20. A very pretty Easter table -- is Lee Ward's still in business?

    Love all of your little touches!

  21. Kathleen, a pefect children's Easter table.

  22. THIS IS JUST THE DEAREST MOST WHIMSICAL EASTER TABLESCAPE!~I love every detail..,The colours, the bunnies, the pretty little dishes;simply outstanding!

    Do please pop by and visit for 'Tuesday Tea For Two', where there are many sweet surprises, including a very special whimsical tablescape of my own..,

    Cheers and hugs from Wanda Lee @ The Plumed Pen

  23. What a clever idea to use cookie cutters for napkin rings! Wouldn't that be a cute idea for a baking birthday party? I also love those darling carrots. Perfect for Easter!

  24. Kathleen, your gkids will love your table! So much fun - everything from the centerpiece to the carrot goody bags! How nice of you to incorporate something of your mom's as in using the cookie cutters for napkin rings!
    Loved seeing the pics of all those pansies and tulips!

  25. Kathleen, you asked about our menu. We usually serve everything buffet style, and this year we have decided to keep everything really simple with little appetizers and finger foods rather than a plated meal. We have 17 people who will be there, and we are serving:
    Ham with brown sugar glaze
    Various cheeses
    rolls (so people can make sandwiches if they like)
    Raw veggies and dip (carrots, celery, red pepper, cucumber & broccoli)
    Fruit (strawberries, oranges, grapes and honeydew melon)
    Deviled eggs
    There will also be chocolate eggs (from the hunt) and a few other appetizers that people will bring along that I don't know about yet.

    We are not counting calories on Easter. :-)
    I'd love to hear more about what you are planning to have. Babka and all.

  26. Kathleen, what a Happy table! The kidlets will love it just as I do. Those little chicky bowls are just too cute. Why doesn't MY "Tarjay" ever carry anything like that? Hrumph!

    Your flower photos are so enticing. I can't ever remember being so anxious for warm weather to arrive. Thanks for the preview!

  27. Adorable, Kathleen. I see you put each treasure from your many shopping trips to good use. The chicks look adorable! When I was at Michael's the other day they only had one chick left and bunny bowls. The bunnies just weren't doing it for me. Love all of the photos of the North Fork. It looks gorgeous with all of those flowers ready to go.

    Now if we could just chase away some of this rain. Doesn't Mother Nature realize it's not time for April showeres yet!

    Have a blessed Easter.

    - The Tablescaper

  28. I love the table. I'm going to do one for the young'uns on the little round table, for Easter. Hopefully, that is...I think I can find enough stuff around here to do it.;-)

    Those pots of flowers are gorgeous. I am so ready to see sights like that!

  29. I want to sit at the kids' table! SO cute -- your seven little bunnies will love it!

  30. Hiya kathleen!

    This is an adorable table! I love the bright and cheery yellow chick theme!

    I was in Century 21 in Manhattan yesterday and all I could think about was how much you'd love that store as they had some good bargains :-)

    I also got the last of "Bill's" bunny plates at the Cedarhurst WS outlet! They will be fun to use for Easter breakfast.

    ♥ Pat

  31. Too cute! Almost makes me wish I was a kid and able to sit at that table! There won't be any whining about not being able to sit with the adults! Your seven little bunnies will totally enjoy their special table!

    ~ Tracy

  32. I want to make a reservation at the "KIDS" table. Too cute. Honestly do you sleep at the WS store to get these great bargains? I need to shop at your WS store. I love all the colorful flowers. My city looks similar to Susan's post today with all the Cherry Trees in bloom. Hope the rain stops in your area and the sun shines for everyone up there for Easter weekend.

  33. What a cute table set for Easter! I hope you and your family have a great weekend.

    The pansies are beautiful.

    I hope you'll drop by AtticMag to see the butterflies I found. #8 on Outdoor Wednesday.


  34. How creative you are! Everything is just adorable!!

    Susan and Bentley

  35. Love the table all yellow! Too cute, looks like lots of fun! The flowers are so bright and cheerful too! Have a great Outdoor Wednesday and enjoy the Easter Weekend! Sherri : )

  36. The children will love eating here! Happy Easter, Joan

  37. Oh Kathleen, this is adorable! Those place mats are just the cutest! Aren't you clever to use the cookie cutters for napkin rings, and I love that they were your mother's and that you have that cute vintage box they came in! Your little bunnies are going to just love this table with all of your special touches on it. OOO, the flowers are so pretty. laurie

  38. Your humor always makes me laugh. Love this kids table. All of the Easter goodness is sure to bring smiles!

  39. All those beautiful flowers sure make it look like spring. Love your kids tables, Kathleen, and your line up of bunnies and chicks waiting for the Easter bunny.

  40. Kathleen-This is too cute! Sometimes I think it is fun to just go with it and you have left no detail spared! The kids are going to LOVE it! Love the flatware. I hope you, Bill :) and the rest of the gang have a blessed and joyous Easter!

  41. Such a cute post, just delightful.
    The tulips are gorgeous.
    Happy OW.

  42. This is just wonderful, really cute! I wish you a happy easter. Do visit us for some nice easter recipes

  43. Love the tablecloth, the cookie cutter napkin rings {so clever}, the flatware...I love it all!

  44. Kathleen, love the gorgeous new header ... What a bargain on the stuffed Easter animals. Seven little bunnies as guests?? Are they multiplying? ... Lots of cute items from the little chick bowls, the placemats, the carrots containers, ALL of it.

    How wonderful to see all those beautiful pansies in one place.

  45. Such a cute table you've set here and I just love the flatware you got from 'Bill'. I'm your newest follower! Hope you'll visit me sometime too...and follow if you like. Have a blessed Easter!

  46. The little chicken dishes are so cute! $.59 at Michaels, you always find the cutest stuff!


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