Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yellow, Purple, Green and Pink Polka Dots~Peter Rabbit, your table for 4…

March is flying, and Easter is early.  There aren’t many TTh’s before the table for the great day…

Some of you may remember a pink polka dot table I did, (here)

I used the same plates, but added lots of color..

table 3516

Peter asked if he could have Flopsie, Mopsie and another bunny over for dinner.  I know they used to spell it with ey on the end, but remember when girls named Kathy, changed it to Kathie, Patty  became Pattie?  Well, they are going with that trend!

In my house you were called what you were Baptized , with the middle name added in if you were in trouble!  :)(glass egg holders WSonoma outlet…Place egg holders CTS..)

table 3509

Since they are bunnies, I thought carrots would be a good napkin ring (they came on a ribbon, made of foam from CTS.  I took them apart and glued them to a plain ring.)

The larger yellow mat is from Kohls, and the smaller pink from CTS, as are the polka dot plates and  $1  egg shaped salad bowls. The guest of honor got a green charger and the others got white, from Noritake when I didn’t even know what a charger plate was!

table 3517

Dark pink napkins, don’t remember of the outlets..:)

Green stems, Lenox on sale..

I used the egg vase but the tulips died   :(  so I used mini daffodils.

table 3507

table 3521

The cute chick salt and peppers are from CTS..

table 3491The rabbit pitcher is from Mikassa a few years ago.

table 3520

It is my  friend Susan’s, ( Savoring Time in the Kitchen ) birthday, so a little cake for her!  Happy Birthday dear friend!

Go take a peek at her  beautiful blog.  Lovely  flowers and food!

table 718

   Now who was the 4th guest Bunny???…why BUGS BUNNY of course and so, as he always said,..

“That’s all folks!”

Thanks for coming…I appreciate your comments!

A little preview..

I got these cute napkins with carrots on them in WSonoma I am working on a table for them..

table 3522

Please visit Susan to see what she has for us this week.  There will be so many tables to visit  this week at Between Naps on the Porch

Also joining Refresh Restyle Spring Table setting Party


  1. Just darling. I adore the carrots on the napkins! How perfect for a table with bunnies.

  2. Darling table, Kathleen! I love the Easter-y pastels, the rabbit pitcher and the chick S&P. You find the cutest things. I love your new carrot napkins too!

    I hope Flopsie, Mopsie, Peter and Bugs don't make a mess in your house ;)

  3. Hi Kathleen, Such a cute table...Love all the cute bunnies

  4. Really cute table, love all the muted pastels. Adorable like chick salt and the green dessert pedestal.
    I am already working on next week's Easter table...hope it comes out the way I am visioning it!

  5. Oh so cute..I need a 3 hr there and 3 hr back trip to CTS..:)
    You take great care in everything~

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    Love the bunnies and the polka dots. What a fun spring table and cute idea with the carrot napkin rings....but you always have cute ideas.

    PS Love the guest list...but watch out for those carrot napking rings.

  7. I love the bunnies, I love the pastel dishes and the carrot rings, too cute! Your tables are always wonderful Kathleen!

  8. Cute springy table - just love the polka dot plates...
    Can't believe you let those bunnies just climb all over the table!! ;)

  9. Oh, this is SO cute, Kathleen. I love the carrot napkins rings and how you layered the place mats for more color. Also love the little peeps scattered about! Perfect table for the little ones!


  10. Adorable. Every bit of it. Adorable.
    We don't have Kohl's or CTS in Canada. I rarely find cool stuff like that or for a decent price. So jealous.

  11. I wish I could come & sit at the table. SO much to enjoy. The carrot napkin rings were perfect to add to the darling napkins.
    Beckie in Brentwood, Tn

  12. So adorable!! The kind of table I could sit at all day :) I love the pastel colors of Spring!
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  13. Love your tablescape, Kathleen! I really love the plates! Just stunning!

  14. This is really pretty! Love all those colors and patterns together! Those green stems are beautiful!
    Can't wait to see what you do with the carrot napkins! Your words are always so clever. I couldn't come up with anything brilliant for my baby chicks!


  15. So adorable! I love all of your layering, it really makes your table look special.

  16. Once again you pulled off another darling tablescape. I am so jealous of your cute things you find at the CTS. We don't have one here. I would be there weekly if we did! You find the best things there!

    Those napkins are darling. Can't wait to see the whole tablescape you do with them.


  17. Love those polka dot dishes....can't wait to get mine out of storage in Jersey....Have to wait until June to sow them off...and I love the napkins from WSO with the cute.

  18. Just adorable tablescape. Love the little chicks salt and pepper shakers and the polka dot plates. Joni

  19. Adorable Spring setting! I love the linens with the carrots too...look forward to seeing the table when you put it together!

  20. Sooooo cute, just so cute, I love the large bunny pitcher, so pretty and all the layering, you did an outstanding job of mixing the beautiful colors, those napkins are soooo cute, gotta find that outlet...Loved the table..Phyllis

  21. I feel like hoping on over for lunch with you after seeing this cute table. I loved the egg vase in yesterdays post. You find the best things when you shop. Oh and the BD cake looks delicious. If I was your neighbor I would be so fat from coming over to eat your delicious foods:)

  22. Oh Kathleen, it's so adorable! I see several remembrances of our shopping trip: carrots, egg shaped dishes, polka dot plates. We do have fun. Luvin those glass egg cups. It's so neat how the round placemats are different sizes so you get to add yet another layer!

    - The Tablescaper

  23. I had to come back to say Thank You for the birthday cupcake and wishes, K! You are a dear friend for mentioned it :)

  24. You have the most beautiful tablescapes! Your table is so pretty. I especially love those little bunny name place card holders. Everything is just lovely.

  25. Lots of Easter cuteness on your table today! Love all the layers -- those carrot napkin rings are perfect! Love your new napkins too!

  26. Wow, you have got so many beautiful Easter accessories! I really love all of your lovely bunnies. It looks like you and your family will have a wonderful Easter celebration.

    Best wishes,

  27. Everything looks so fun and Eastery! Lots of cute things here. Love those carrot napkins!

  28. What a great looking Easter table! I love those cute little carrot napkin holders. The chick salt and peppers are also adorable. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  29. Love your Spring-y things, Kathleen. The carrot napkins are sweet... looking forward to that table.

  30. What a sweet table, only thing wrong is that I didn't see my name on one of those name cards! I want those polka dotted dishes!

  31. Kathleen, you have the best STUFF and you use it so well! Love all the layering you did on this 'scape, especially the placemats - adds that extra bit of colour. The egg with the daffodils makes a great centerpiece. I really like how you made those carrots into napkin rings! Can't wait to see how you use those lovely carrot napkins!
    (I think the even more modern version of the bunny names would be with an "i" only, as in Flopsi, Mopsi, etc!)

  32. The Springy colors are so fun. I love the dots too. Cute tablescape. Thanks for sharing.

  33. There she goes again flaunting her -
    I am just a wee jealous...LOL !
    I am loving those napkins - so sweet and the whole table is great !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  34. I love your polka dots! And those little duck s&p shakers are adorable! I would love to have some like that. Can't wait to see how you use the new napkins, too.

  35. Oh, I MUST find some polka-dot plates now! SO cute! And those dear little robin's egg salt and pepper shakers in the silver basket! What a pretty and fun table!

  36. how cute is this table???? waaaayyy cute! adore the bunnies.

  37. I love your Easter table, Kathleen. All those pretty pastels are perfect for the season and layering them really shows them off. Your carrot napkins really caught my eye.

  38. This is one of the best table settings for Easter that I have seen. Very festive and adorable!

  39. How utterly delightful! I ♥ all the cute little bunnies & those S&P shakers are just adorable.
    What is "CTS"?? We probably don't have one around here, but I would love to shop in one.

    Oh & I had to smile at "you were called what you were Baptized , with the middle name added in if you were in trouble!" Lord, yes...I can still hear my Mother!
    "Loretta ANN!!!" LOL Thanks for the smile.


  40. Hi Kathleen! What a fun table! I remember my mother reading me that story when I was a li'l tyke ... so your bunnies bring back happy memories. The little cake is adorable ... will you eat one in my honor on my birthday? I'd do it for you! ;)

    Warmest regards,

  41. What a pretty table with such fun touches! Love your carrots for napkin rings - brilliant! Of course, the polka dot dishes are a fav of mine. And how cute those place card holders are! Oh, and your new napkins are soooo cute! Can't wait to see that tablescape! laurie

  42. Well I was wondering who the fourth bunny was going to be! Great post Kathleen! I love, love, love your new carrot napkins :-)

  43. Oh Kathleen! You are so far ahead of me with your Easter prep that I'm embarassed! I need to do some food shopping before I can even think about making the babkas! I'm going to have to get in gear. Everything you've done looks so beautiful! I did get my bunnies out. Now I need to round up my linens and dishes. You may have set the bar too high for me this year!

  44. Sweet and adorable, love your table, Kathleen!

    hahaha, my house, too, we got the middle name, or she stretched out the first one with extra syllables! and you know with me, that happened quite often!

  45. I love the chicks S&P shakers and the bunny pitcher! Such a cheerful table!

  46. OH, K....this is the sweetest table. I am so in love with those little polka dot plates. Everything is precious...I love the bunnies...even with their names changed.
    Yes, me, too...I was BETTY JEAN every time I got in trouble at home but, for some reason, when I started to school, everyone there called me Betty Jean, too. I think, back THEN, every one was called by their two names..Billy Bob, Jimmy Joe, Betty Jean..redneck!! FOR SURE!!
    Thanks for this cute cute post...and I love those new napkins with the carrots.
    Oh, and meant to say how blessed you are to live close to a beautiful beach...*sigh....

  47. LOve your tablescape. I love the china and all the accessories that you used to bring it together!

  48. Now that is Eastery and a FUN table! Love it!

  49. Kathleen, what a cute and springy tablescape. Every detail is perfect, but my very favorite are the adorable chick salt and pepper shakers.

  50. Your table is beautiful! I would love to have those polka dot plates!! Thanks for linking up at the Spring'tacular party!!

  51. This table is so dang cute. Is that a flower frog shaped like an Easter egg? The miniature daffodils are so pretty.

    Ricki Jill


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