Thursday, April 8, 2010

Are You Tired of that Easter Ham?

Has that Fresh Ham lost its freshness?  Are you trotting away from the left over Turkey?

Me too..the ham was delicious, but enough!  I am oinked out!

So I made Italian…

table 2250 Such an easy dish to make…Mike makes the sauce..Boil the ziti..Mix the ricotta with egg, grated parmesan reggiano, mozzarella cubed, fresh parsley and garlic powder, pepper.

Spoon lots of sauce over the bottom of the pan, add the warm ziti, top with the cheese mixture, more don’t want it to be dry.  On top of the sauce, add mozzarella and some more parm. Bake covered till it bubbles, remove cover the last few minutes  so the cheese gets some color..

table 2251

I know most of you know how to make it..but maybe one person never has??  :)

Serve with a fresh green salad and good Italian bread…

table 2252


Thank you dear Gollum, at Designs by Gollum  for hosting Foodie Friday…Please go over and look at the other participants this week…

I was a lucky runner up in her food  photo contest..

Nothing prettier than God’s handiwork!

table 2755 Laurie , Bargain Hunting with Laurie is hosting Favorite Things Saturday….and Sunday is Silver Sunday at Gypsy Fish…


  1. Looks yummy, as always! I didn't host Easter, so no leftovers here - except a LOT of eggs!

  2. The answer is Yes! Yes, tired of the Easter ham and yes, ready for Italian. What a cheesy-delightful dish.

    Congratulations on the win!!!

  3. Already froze the rest of the ham... Italian looks very good!

  4. Not really, I am going to grind some up and make ham salad for sandwiches.
    That dish looks wonderful, bubbling over with loads of cheese and sauce.

  5. Yes, gave it away! Love your recipe, looks delicious!

  6. Yummmmm-me!! This looks so goood.
    I have never made this in my entire looong life and don't even know what zita is ! I am so sheltered!!
    xo bj

  7. YOur baked Ziti looks fabulous. Yes, I am tired of ham and egg salad! And I am always in the mood for italian. Baked pasta is especially filling and yummy.

  8. Oh my...I could jump into the screen and devour that baked ziti...that is so right up my alley. I seriously have pasta cravings and add the cheese. YUM!

    p/s Congrats on your Photo at Designs by Golllum...I loved that one when I first saw it! I got an honorable mention..couldn't believe it! Anyway, love your's simply beautiful!

  9. Kathleen, your blog always makes me hungry. I want a bite of that ziti so badly. Congratulations on your photo win. If anybody should win a food photo contest, it would be you. laurie

  10. Your Italian baked ziti looks delicious! I love fast and easy, one dish meals! :-) My daughter has decided to go meatless so she would really like this recipe. She's coming home this weekend for a bridal shower, so I will show it to her. (She does drink milk, and eats eggs, cheese and some fish, so that she gets good protein.)
    Congratulations on your photo too!

  11. Congrats on your win at Gollum's! Those cherries are gorgeous! Just loved looking at your easter table! What a great idea!

  12. That looks so good. I have those little pots too so I can make it look darling like you did! I'm making this dish this week! Heck, I wish it wasn't so late, I'm ready to make it NOW! OK, maybe not make it but sure ready to eat it!


  13. I had to laugh that you are oinked out from the ham:) Me too! I just took my leftovers and made 12 crossant and ham sandwiches and froze them with swiss cheese and a mix of butter and mayo and mustard and grated onion to reheat at a later time when I do not feel like cooking. Pollen is so bad here that grilling outside this week has not been an option so your Italian dish may be on our menu tonight since I have pasta and cheeses already in the fridge.

  14. looks so yummy - love one dish meals - we try to have at least one pasta dish a week-great pictures

  15. Congrats on your Photo Win!

    I've had my share 'up to my ears' of Ham & Turkey!
    Your baked ziti looks outstanding.
    Lou could eat some form of pasta
    every night if I made it! Just like his dad..who up to 93 ate a
    'mararoni' dish every day!!

  16. that Ziti looks delicioso!!
    I would like a pile of it on my plate anytime!! I really love Italian food. My step Mom was Italian and made some really scrumptious stuff, my favorite thing she made tho, was salad with a olive oil and vinegar dressing. Some how she always got the perfect
    mix of the oil and vinegar and we kids would be fighting over the last scrap of lettuce. Amazing!!
    Congratulations on your photo win!
    How fun and exciting!
    You have a great weekend,
    Blessings, Nellie

  17. Hi Kathleen
    I just came from Gollum's, where I fell in love with the hummus and decided it was perfrect for my "diet"...then I came here and fell off the wagon before I ever got on!

    This looks sooooo good!

  18. Hi Kathleen,
    Can I have some of that for breakfast? It looks delicious, and I never met a ziti I didn't like. You are the best cook, I can almost taste it here in Cali.

  19. Yep, I put the leftover ham in the freezer to be used when were not so tired of it. Love Italian food! That looks so delish!


  20. OMG, that Italian dish looks so good, Kathleen. I wish we were neighbors!...Christine

  21. This ziti looks delicious. I love all the delicious melted cheese. YUM!!

  22. Congrats on the win, it's a great photo :)

    The ziti looks amazing! Looks perfect, all that melting, bubbling cheese! Even my picky Jodie loves baked ziti. Go figure! When can I send her over? LOL!

  23. Looks wonderful and the cherries too! Thanks for your sweet visit.

  24. Italian is our favorite food and this would hit the spot right now! You are not the "lucky" runnerup--you are the talented runnerup! I loved this photo. Auction is Monday...tongue out...brain buzzing. Thanks for asking! Have a wonderful weekend!

  25. Oh, I'm dyeing here! That looks so delicious! I'm going to have to make this!
    Congratulations on winning first place at Gollums. That's a beautiful picture of cherries, some of my favorite berries.
    Oh, thank you for the info on the little nesting dolls! I have heard that word. I appreciate your visit.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  26. Oh, that looks so good. One thing I haven't had since coming to Florida was Italian food...may need to change that!

    Congrats on the photo results!

  27. We didn't have ham at Easter this year-we had roasted lamb and vegetables. I have always got ham in the house though, so I will definitely give this yummy recipe a try!

    I loved your photo too!

    Best wishes for a beautiful weekend,

  28. Yep, we are sick of ham, too! It is going in the freezer today. Your baked ziti may be on tap for Sunday dinner. (I have given up cooking on Saturdays...)


  29. The italian looks good and cheesy, yum! The cherry photo is beautiful you deserved first :)

  30. What a great chandelier you found!! Such great bargains! Love the casserole looks so good!

    Thanks so much for being my 100th follower..good luck with the giveaway! I always enjoy your blog !

    Miss Bloomers

  31. You got me excited. As I read the lead in line, I thought I was going to get some inspiration with what to do with my left over ham. I got one at an after Easter sale and there sure is a lot of it left!

    The baked ziti looks awesome in those little casseroles. I haven't even used mine yet, but you've got me thinking!!!!

    -The Tablescaper

  32. Yum, Kathleen! No, I've never made baked ziti, but it does sound simple enough. Your's looks so good! Runner up? Love that pic!! It's great.

  33. I didn't have ham this year. In fact, I didn't make anything at all, because we were on vacation. Most of the restaurant food we tried was mediocre, but the getaway was necessary.

    At any rate, Ziti looks awesome!


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