Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Flour Power and the Truth..

Do you know Joyce from Flour Power?  She is the gal that does a lot of baking for our troops and ships them her delicious cookies..

If you go to her blog in the sidebar you will see a button for Operation Baking Gals.  You can get the info there.

Thanks Joyce for bringing a bit of home to our troops overseas!

Imagine my surprise when a box arrived from Joyce filled with Southern “thangs”.   Joyce is a displaced NYer who ended up in the land of cotton :) They must love her accent!

table 3949

An adorable cupcake apron, some Peach Salsa , Smoky BBQ sauce, delicious Meyer Lemon cookies, Cheese straws, cupcake papers, note cards, a reusable shopping bag, and an adorable catalog , Summer at the Seashore by Vera Bradley, complete with beachy paper dolls!

table 3950

Joyce summers in Hilton Head, and will show us the sights this summer on her blog.  Do drop in and say hello.

Tell her the New Yawker sent you, LOL

And thank you dear, Joyce..I loved everything!


I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday.

Instead of a big table , I am showing you  a few of the little settings I do for an every night dinner..The  way we eat every bells and whistles..When I was working , the table got set, but not much variation.

But I am retired now, and I enjoy using the different things I have accumulated..table 080

The aqua charger and salad are from Pier One..a few years ago.

The aqua stems..about 20 yrs old!

table 725

Placemats TJMAXX, same striped napkins, 20 yrs old..Plate from WSonoma outlet..

table 2786

Green plates, Dollar Tree, ruffled bowl HG, napkin V and B via HG.

table 1487

Placemats, HG, Pier One black plates , Stems Pfaltzgraff, white lace salad, Christmas Tree Shop, alabaster napkin ring, WSonoma outlet.

table 993

One more..

table 875

The place mats were a dollar, napkins from Kohls a few years ago..Lighthouse tea light holders…I forget..:)

Shells for napkin holders from the beach at Casey Key, Fla, some from my friend Ellen and some from Monique at La Table de Nana..

So that’s the truth, just fun little settings for two!

Next week will be a Memorial Day Table or Uncle Sam’s Supper..:)

Thanks for visiting!


June 2nd at The Tablescapers..  (those really are some of her million dishes) oh my!


  1. Oh, you guys eat so nice. I bet it is relaxing. I love it.

  2. You have some lovely pieces! Thanks for passing along the tablescaper link too, I will have to check it out.

  3. Really fun settings Kathleen! They just add so much to dinner!

  4. A woman after my own heart!! I LOVE that you always set a nice table!
    Can you do me a favor and email me?? I need to ask you something
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Girlfriend! Those "no bells and whistles" table settings are fabulous! Love each one and the variety. That truly is more my style...although I can put on the ritz if I need to :0)

  6. I wish there were Christmas Tree Shops in the west...are there? hum...haven't seen them

  7. WOW! Awesome table scapes ...
    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  8. Your "regular" tablescape is a hundred times nicer than my everyday chinette!

    I love the aqua table, very pretty, Kathleen!

    Joyce sent you some awesome stuff! She may live in the south but she'll always be a New Yawka :)

  9. Wow! You have SO many pretty tablesettings for your everyday meals at home! LOVE those first two aqua settings, especially. But the blue and white ones always appeal to me, too.

  10. Oh, Kathleen. I too love the fact that you bother to set a table each night. And I happen to think that they each have a bell or a whistle or maybe both.
    Say, what did you two get each other for your anniversary?????

  11. Hi...Joyce buys the best stuff to give as gifts...I must say I was the proud recipient of one of those cupcake aprons a few weeks ago...I love it..and we all love Joyce!!I love your everyday this house it's a t.v. tray (yes, people still use those awful things) infront of the t.v. breakfast, lunch and dinner...I need a life!!

  12. Wow! So many cute tablescapes in one post. Each one is lovely. I can't wait to see where everyone is keeping all their dishes. I need help in finding places for mine. I'm hoping to get some great ideas.

    Next week I'm doing a Memorial Day tablescape too. Again, great minds think alike!


  13. Kathleen, You said everyday dining, no bells and, come on now...those are BEAUTIFUL tablescapes! I like the black and white and the aqua themes best, but they all are pretty, color coordinated, well-organized, and showing that you have many dishes. Love it!

  14. Kathleen,
    Do you ever run out of tablescape ideas? Honestly, they are all lovely and really well done! Our everyday would be paper napkins and no frills for sure.

  15. THose are beautiful inspiration table scapes....I am fond of all the fun whimsical colors.

  16. I'm so impressed! I'm lucky to get one tablescape a week done -- yours are all beautiful!

  17. Kathleen, which one of those beautiful tablescapes is my favorite, the green and white, of course!
    That was sweet of Joyce to send you a goodie package, adorable apron.

  18. Hi Kathleen! Oh, your everyday settings are so pretty! I loved seeing all of your dishes and linens.
    Nice nice nice.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  19. Kathleen, what a nice gift you received! Someone that bakes for the troops - that's is so thoughtful!
    Loved seeing all your "everyday" tablescapes! It is wonderful that you use your things for daily meals and not save them just for "special"! My favs are the green/pink and the black one after that.


  20. I am recently retired and find that setting the table every day (or at least every day that I make dinner)makes me feel so special and it feels so good to to use pieces that I've collected for years. Your tables are truly inspiring to me. I can't decide which one I like the best and/or which one I'm going to copy first!!

  21. Cute things from Joyce - bet the lemon cookies don't last long!!

    Lvoe all your "Table for Two" settings..hope Mike appreciates your efforts. I would love to sit down at any of them, the meal would seem special no matter what you made.

  22. You're everyday place settings put mine to shame, Kathleen! I soooo wish I lived near a CTS or a *Bill's* outlet. :( Maybe its a good thing that I don't!

    Are those REALLY Tablescapers OWN dishes???? I thought it was a shot from a restaurant's back room!!!! Holy Crimoli, Batman...she's got us all beat! LOL

    I hope to join her party. I wasn't able to do a tablescape this week as DH hasn't been feeling well. Next week, for sure, I'll join in!

    The Gazebo House

  23. Great tablescapes. And I love that you do this for everyday eating. I'm lucky if I can do a tablescape every couple of weeks. And my family doesn't even eat at them. They are just for looks. We eat in front of the TV.

  24. Oh Kathleen, they are each so lovelyt in their own way. It's so neat that you don't keep it all for "special" or just pull ir out for Tablescpae Thursday, but that you and Mr. Cuisine (I know he loves that name! LOL) get to enjoy your treasures on a daily basis. I fully believe, why have it if you're not going to use it!

    Thanks so much for all of your mentions of my party. It's very thoughtful of you. I am looking forward to seeing where everyone stashes it! LOL!

    - The Tablescaper

  25. Kathleen, that does it! I'm sneaking over when you're not looking, and I'm going to pinch that cupcake apron. How cute is that! And your tablescapes... loved them ALL! Great job on these...


    SHeila :-)

  26. You always set such an incredible, beautiful table!!!

  27. So beautiful setting, so much inpiration!!!


  28. Hi Kathleen,
    Well, I see you have been having a fun time playing. All your tablescapes were very pretty and fun to look at!! Nothing like a pretty table. I am getting ready to set one this morning for a Birthday lunch for a dear friend. Enjoyed the inspiration. Thanks hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  29. I enjoyed seeing all the different settings. You have such a lovely variety of things. I especially liked the aqua plates in the first photo. They are so distinctive.

  30. I love the first comment--"You eat nice"--I agree! I try, but my husband prefers to eat on the plastic plates I bought to use by the pool--says he likes the size and weight :) Oh well :) Can't wait to see the Memorial Day 'scape! ps-the homemade fondant is delicious!

  31. I emjoyed seeing your everyday table setting for 2, Kathleen. Each of them is as pretty as the next. Your gifts from Joyce are all wonderful...Christine

  32. Lovely gifts from Joyce ... The cupcake apron is adorable.

    Your nightly tablesettings for two are much nicer and better thought out than what I do for special occasions. It's obvious that you enjoy what you do and are good at it, Kathleen.

  33. Kathleen...what a wonderful box of goodies :)

    I love all your tablescapes! All so inviting. You are a pro :)


  34. Well you need to set FIVE MORE PLACE SETTINGS at one of those tables. We are heading for Southold tomorrow, Friday -- and staying for the weekend. Bringing our kids, and Alida's boyfriend whose family lives in the Mojave Desert! The East End should be an interesting experience for him. :-)

    The girls and I are going to try and get to the outlets this time! W/S is calling my name... can you hear it?

    Now, order up some PERFECT East End weather for us, OK?

    And your table settings are beautiful. That's what all of us should be doing for ourselves, because we DO matter! Lovely.

  35. Hi Kathleen,
    You put me to shame with your lovely "every evening" settings...too cute. I love those aquas, I have always been a sucker for that color, and love the others as well. I would love to have some of those navy napkins with the stars, perfect for the patriotic holidays. I am looking forward to dinner with Uncle Sam.
    I am already feeling very American.
    Enjoy your day.
    PS...I noticed someone mentioned good fondant in the comments. Do you have a good recipe for fondant? Thanks

  36. Glad you liked the bag of goodies. That is the hottest apron to find and it is so smokin hot it flies out of Ikea. The BBQ sauce is a local sauce well known here in Atlanta. I am so excited to be beach side again this summer. Planning on teaching the little grands some surfing like in the old days when I was out at Shinnecock Inlet catching the waves! Off to eat Nathan's hot dogs from our BBQ in front of the TV. Oh and Sue is the only one who can understand my accent or I should say appreciate it down here in the south:-)

  37. I see that you like dishes as much as I and enjoy using them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us dish addicts could swap!

  38. I see that you like dishes as much as I and enjoy using them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us dish addicts could swap!

  39. I see that you like dishes as much as I and enjoy using them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us dish addicts could swap!

  40. I see that you like dishes as much as I and enjoy using them. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us dish addicts could swap!

  41. Hi Kathleen

    Sorry I ahven't been in touch--so busy running state tests in all of our buildings and getting my junior daughter through the SAT...whew!

    40 yrs, how nice for you both...just love your tablescape designs, and i often do wonder where you keep everything!

    Your side bar is looking very delish--Tate's has nothing on you!

  42. Hi Kathleen,
    I just love all your tablesettings for two! Your DH is one lucky man...dining at such delightful tables each night! I especially love that you use all your beautiful pieces you've collected over the years! That Joyce is a sweetheart for sending you such a precious care fun!
    Love the cupcake apron! :-)

  43. Kathleen, even without a fuss you set an inviting table. You have some fun dishes and linens with which to play. I don't think I could pick a favorite, though those aqua glass plates are standouts. I liked each one because they each have their own style. :-)
    Enjoyed seeing the wealth of goodies from the south. Cute, cute apron!
    Hugs ~ Sarah

  44. Kathleen, even your tables for two are picture perfect and so inviting.

  45. All of the place settings are so pretty! So nice to have a variety of nice dishes to share daily with a table for two setting!


  46. Wow! all of your settings are beautiful! Especially like the seascapes. Blues and whites are my favorites.

  47. Kathleen, I love options and table setting options are so wonderful. I love each one. But those aqua glass plates are so becomming!

  48. Even your everyday is fabulous! Have a great weekend and enjoy your goodies!

  49. What a great box of goodies from Joyce! Your tables are always so much fun to see, Kathleen, and what a great collection of napkin rings you have! Cute seashell candle too ;)

  50. When I say we are eating without too much fuss, it means grab a plate from the cabinet and serve up some food. These settings are so pretty. You have such pretty china to use. I love the square aqua set. Those little lighthouse candle holders are so cute. What a great package you got. That apron is adorable. laurie

  51. That was so nice of Joyce and I'm sure all those goodies were very well deserved, Kathleen!

    I bet my accent would surprise even New Yawkers like you and'm a Brooklyn girl, no mistaking it!

    All your tables look so pretty. I don't knoiw why but I have a "thing" for lighthouses, so that was my favorite!


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