Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pink Hydrangea~ And a Lily for Lily

Once in a while I know what I am going to do, but usually I am trying to think of something I haven’t done!

I mean dh yells  asks 10 times a day, “What are YOU doing?”  Somehow I don’t think he is referring to my tablescape of the week! :)

My inspiration this week…

table 4173

By Waverly, pink hydrangea with shades of green…

And this…

table 4187

Pink Hydrangea by the good Lord!

I started with a  soft green tablecloth with a flower design. (clearance at BBandB because the pkg was missing!)

table 4207

The plates are a rosy pink and are from Portugal via TJMAXX. They are oval shaped, and marked down to $2.00

table 4195 

The salad plate is a soft mossy green.  I got service for 4 for 12 dollars.  Yep, clearance section of Home Goods!

table 4185

Complete in cute little hat boxes.  Makes it easy to store!

table 4186

table 4196

The glasses are from Lenox.

table 4200

Flatware by Dansk. Beaded  napkin rings from CTS.  20 cents!

table 4204

I also have these, same color, but wood by Park B. Smith, whatever!, also 20 cents at CTS.

table 4203


Little pink and green ceramic buckets I have had . They are from a no longer store, Odd Lots or Job Lots.  The price is still on them, 99 for the small, 1.99 for the large one.

table 4199

table 4198

My friend Marigene at In the Middle  of Nowhere loves green, but I hope she will excuse my pink! :) I am trying to convert her!

table 4202

Saturday was my dear little gdau Lily’s dance recital.

She was in 3 numbers and did a great job!

My mom always made a nosegay for our recitals, and I continue the tradition.

Hydrangeas, Baby’s Breath and of course, a Lily for Lily!  Last year, the deer ate all my flowers the night before, so I was guarding the blooms closely!

table 4172

I made a little one for The Tablescaper’s sweet daughter who was in the recital too.

table 4165

My 3 little gsons sat for the 3 hour recital!  Thanks to DSI’s, those electronic games.

Please visit Susan, our hostess  at Between Naps on the Porch for all the other tables this week!

And since I have pink this week, I am joining Beverly for Pink Saturday. Thank you, Beverly!

Gollums Foodie Friday, Suzy’s Flashback Friday, Laurie’s Favorite Things and The Tablescaper’s Summer Sundays are all coming up.  Maybe you will be joining in this week?

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  1. I do like this tablescape, Kathleen, or should I say Miss Super Shopper. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite flowers and you've made such a pretty bouquet for little Lily. The weather has been so awful and mine aren't anywhere close to blooming.

  2. Beautiful! I'm thinking of painting my kitchen walls sage green and I might have to find this fabric for curtains!!! Thank you :)

    Have a great week!

    ~ ~

  3. what a beautiful & refreshing table setting, fantastic settting for having a few friends over

  4. dear friend, I LOVE this table. First I have to tell you that I have those same mossy green Amilia Salad Plates (clearanced at TJM a few years ago). They are beautiful. The Waverly napkins are perfect with all the colors and elements of your table. LOVE the hydrangeas...they are one of the 1000 or so favorites of mine from the garden, lol!

    How sweet that you had such lovely flowers for your Lily. Love the name was my g-gramdma's name and I remember her fondly.


  5. I love the soft pink and green combo and the waverly print napkins are gorgeous. I wish we had a CTS to shop at it seems you get so many bargains there.

    Lily's nosegay is perfect and I like the one standout pink lily for her amongst the hydrangea. You are a good friend to make one for TB's daughter as well.

    Great post!

  6. How pretty, Kathleen. Love the tablecloth and napkins and flowers!! This is really fresh and lovely.

    I miss those little dance recitals and plays. Can't wait for some grandkids. And some pretty blooms like yours!


  7. So pretty table, love your napkins and flowers, all looks so special.


  8. Pretty - really like the flowers. I just noticed it is 70 on your weather gadget - almost 90 here!

  9. Love the Waverly and hydrangea, the whole setting is very pretty!
    PS-if you notice the seasons starting to change at CTS, please give me a shout-thanks!

  10. I remember those 3 hour recitals, LOL!
    I love the hydrangea's, they always remind me of you! So do a lot of things, I can never pass by a trunk wondering if theirs is loaded with dishes or what?

    Love the pink and green, very pretty!

  11. Hi Kathleen!

    I love your light green and pink color combination! It goes perfectly with your pink hydrangeas. I miss "Odd Job" stores in Manhattan but there are some that are similar called"Jack's World" that sell clearance and close outs. We also have a place in Brooklyn called "Amazing Savings" that sells at great prices. Unfortunately they don't usually have many dishes.

    Congratulations to Lily! The nosegay you made for her is so pretty! Not having many flowers in my yard, each year I always had the florist make a bouquet of carnations dyed to match my daughter's last dance number. She was always so excited to get her bouquet and take pictures after the recital..good memories!

    Enjoy the weekend!

    ♥ Pat

  12. Kathleen, this table is gorgeous! And to think you came up with all the pretty details based on that set of napkins! You are a GOOD bargain shopper -- love the plates in the round box -- and have such an eye for putting things together. What a sweet tradition the nosegay is!

  13. Kathleen, you are wearing me down when it comes to pink! Maybe it's the hydrangeas, but this table really is gorgeous! I checked my hydrangea bush and it has lots of blossoms this year...about time. Love the napkins and plates, especially the salad plate, they remind me of the white Ralph Lauren 'Boxwood' plates, that are my all-time favorites. The little buckets with the hydrangeas are adorable.

  14. Oh Kathleen I love this! I'm missing my hydrngeas this year :( My husband unwittingly pruned at the wrong time and we ended up with VERY few blooms. LOVE those napkins too! I was thinking of you and the Tablescaper this weekend- so glad it went well
    xoxo pattie

  15. Hi Kathleen. Great blog you have here. Such pretty flowers! And your table looks wonderful!

  16. Oh Kathleen, it's scary how much we think alike! I took photos of the bouquet and it will be my Pink Saturday post!!!

    Love your table and all of the hydrangas.

    I miss Odd Lot. I also miss Mace's.There are a ton of dollar stores, but those that were more than a dollar but had great bargains, seem to be gone. I used to enjoy the thrill of the hunt. There just aren't as many places to hunt anymore.

    - The Tablescaper

  17. Pink and green are such a lovely, summery combination! That is such a pretty nosegay that you made for Lily, Kathleen, and a wonderful tradition that you have continued.

  18. How incredibly beautiful. The pink and green and the hydrangeas are just perfect. Everything looks perfect. THank you for sharing.

  19. I just love this pink and green combo Kathleen! And the hydrangeas, just the perfect touch!
    Now, did you fend off those deer with a shotgun? hehe. just kidding. Or like me, I just throw cans at them.
    And those napkin rings for .20 cents! Wow, but what is the store?

  20. I love the pink and green table - and the nosegay for Lily, and that you made one for your friend's daughter too! Who's sweeter than you? Love it!

  21. Such a lovely color combination.
    I too just love hydrangeas and can relate to 'Deer' friends.
    Great buy on the dishes. Those napkins are so lovely and fit perfectly with everything.
    Lovely Nosegay for Lily...and such a nice tradition!

  22. I love hydrangeas and the fact that they are all different colors, blue, pink and purple and white are in my garden today. Not sure how they are now all different in color as they were all suppose to be blue/purple and are planted in the same sandy soil bed? Good find on the dishes. So nice to have the flower/recital flower tradition. Bless those boys for sitting for the entire recital:-)

  23. I love hydrangeas and your table is just lovely with the pinks and greens.

  24. Wow, that is soooo pretty!! I really like the napkins...and my fav Hydrangeas!

  25. Another gorgeous table - love the pink and green, such a cheery summer table.
    The nosegays are beau - so sweet of you to make one for Alma's dau also! Fantastic tradition!

  26. How pretty is this. The deals you found make it even better. I liked the napkin rings. I really need to get some nice ones...after I get some nice napkins to put them on.

  27. Kathleen, this is a VERY pretty one!! I really like pink and green together and your combo looks terrific! The napkins are especially pretty but then so are the plates and the hydrangeas! I just bought that same tablecloth BB&B awhile back. I'll bet you, the keen shopper, got a much better deal. I love it though am wishing I had gotten another in a different colour.
    You are such a sweet grandma making those beautiful nosegays for your gdaughter!


  28. exquisite table as usual Kathleen! I love those ceramic buckets and the combination of pink and green is beautiful! Well done!

  29. What a lovely table, K.
    Everything looks just perfect.
    I love the nosegays...I always bring a single rose and baby's breath to my grandgirls piano recitals..:))

  30. Everything is so pretty. I love green and pink together. SO sweet that you are continuing the tradition of the nosegay. I bet your granddaughter felt so special.

  31. What a delightfully feminine table. You have brightened my rainy day.

  32. Lovely, lovely table! Glad I stopped by to see it! I'm more inspired to have hydrangeas now...

  33. Love your tablescape! Very springy!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog! Nice to meet you as well! :)

  34. I love the green and pink pairing, and waverly print napkins are perfect for your tablescape. Perhaps I will find them on my visit to the CTS on Friday.

    Lily's nosegay is lovely. Sweet of you to make one for your friend's daughter too.

  35. Your table is so pretty. Love the pink and green combo. Thanks for sharing and have a great day!

  36. Kathleen, love pink and green together! The nosegays are charming. You know those little girls felt like princesses with these in hand. What a wonderful gift!
    Hope you have a beautiful weekend! ~ Sarah

  37. Kathleen, that cookiesickle is so cute! Did you have a mold for that? Can't wait to see the Oreo cake - just wish I could taste it. How sweet the little bouqets are. I know they made those girls feel so special. laurie

  38. Well, shoot! I had to get up and leave the computer for a minute, and came back and got confused about which of your great posts I was commenting on. Love those napkins and the real hydrangeas too. Since I love anything Hydrangea, this table is a favorite of mine. laurie

  39. Kathleen, you made such a thoughtfull planned tablescape. All is so nicely combined and matches perfect. So many nice deatils! I love your Hydrangeas and the stemware looks really adorable.
    Greetings, Johanna

  40. I love the pink and green combination -- always a favorite of mine! This is just so pretty, I'm sure the ladies would love dining at this setting. I know I would!

  41. I love pink and green together! Just so refreshing....your nosegay is fabulous! Thank you!

  42. Your table is so darling, and I just love the ceramic buckets. Pink is my fav color.

    It's so nice to carry on tradition. The nosegay is so cute.


  43. Kathleen, I love your table, but more than that, I love and adore that bouquet you made for your granddaughter's recital! That is beautiful!

    We had recitals recently, too, and I have a picture of my goddaughter at hers. She has teeth this year, unlike last! LOL! They really do grow up fast, don't they?

    Love to you...


    Sheila :-)

  44. Hi Kathleen, your tablescape's very pretty. I love the colors, so springy and the bouquets for the kids are gorgeous. How sweet of you to make one for the Tablescaper's daughter too....Christine

  45. Happy Pink Saturday, Kathleen.

    I love this tablescape. The color combinations make for such a cool and refreshing look.

    I hear so many people mentioning CTS. What is is?

    And, the nosegays are perfect. What a sweet memory for the girls.


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