Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rack them, Stack them, Just don’t crack them!

It’s time for The Tablescaper’s first party…

Dishes in Poetry

Where do you keep it all?

So many people ask..

Finding room for all this cwap.

Is not an easy task!

table 4116

Fill up every closet…

Stuff it in a drawer

Give away a few things,

Make some room for more!

table 4121

table 4130

table 4129

table 4104

Stack it in the pantry,

Racks in basement too

I don’t have a dish ROOM,

Like so many of you do!

table 4124

table 4122

table 4127

table 4125

Now this is just a smidgen

Of lots and lots of junk…

So when the dish police are watching,

I keep it in my trunk! :)

table 585

Be sure to visit The Tablescaper to see her very organized dish room!


  1. *giggle-giggle-snort-snort* The TRUNK is the best place!!

    I forgot to get a picture of the empty garbage can in the garage that I some use...temporarily, if you know what I mean! LOL

    I just knew yours was going to be incredible. :-) I'm sure we didn't see the half of it, either.

    How funny that we BOTH went with poetry, too. :-P I ♥ it!!

  2. Well, I think I am definitely in the wrong blogdom. I haven't had that many dishes or crystal in my life time and now I never will. Your things are beautiful and what things I have left are pretty lame compared to what you have. Enjoy it!

  3. I shouldn't be laughing, but I am...like a hyena!

  4. Okay, I'm showing Ray ALL these pictures from ALL the participants so he can see that I am NOT insane- but under no circumstances will he see the trunk picture! THAT will remain my little secret!
    xoxo Pattie

  5. Oh...this is TOO funny!! I have always wondered where you kept all of your dishes. They show up in the strangest of places, don't they?!!


  6. WOW! You beat me hands down! Chuckle!

    Have a great week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  7. Kathleen, you are too funny! I remember that you have temporary storage in your trunk and it is great that you shared that secret too! (I'm sure lots of us do that when the Dish Police are about!) Your poem is so cute and witty and really sums up this Dish-ease! However, I don't feel too bad viewing some of these posts (yours included!) and I think the DP around here have nothing to get worked up about...yet!


  8. To funny, I love the trunk ideal. I would try it but I don't have one. Matbe I'll buy a new car then some new dishes. Sounds good to me. Thanks for sharing. Stop by, I'm having a giveaway.

  9. Oh, Kathleen. I'm still chuckling. My trunk is forever full of something. :-) Honestly I stash my dishes in drawers, cupboards, closets, any place that has a fit. Love your little poem. You are so clever!
    Thanks for sharing. ~ Sarah

  10. I thought that last photo was so funny. Why? Because that is so what my trunk looks like. But, I love it because sometimes I forget what I have and as I dig through looking for something I come across a little gem I forgot I had.


  11. That is so funny, the trunk! I think you are doing really well with your dishes. Thanks for sharing!!

  12. That was too cute! You could start a store, Kathleen!

  13. Katheleen...you are WAY too clever. I see I need to stop driving a mini van and get myself a car with a trunk, lol!!


  14. I am cracking up about the stash in your trunk!! Love your glass storage area. I'm thinking one of those wire storage units might be next on my list. I was just telling my husband I think I have more room for glasses...He just shakes his head...

  15. Your trunk...so funny! I have a dish room but I still have things other places...it seems to reproduce all by itself.

  16. I'm just laughing out loud at your trunk! I love that! We all do a little hiding! Love seeing all of your storage! I want a basement!! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  17. I think the trunk is the best! I think Mr. Cuisine knows anyway based on those shelves :)

  18. What can I do?
    I do not know.
    The bed's too high
    The couch too low.

    Where can I put that china box?
    My drawers are all filled up with socks.

    No china room; no basement here.
    I'm filled with dread, and yes,a tear.

    Sonoma,Haviland, a set for tea
    Kathleen says he's watching me!

    And just before I'm in a funk
    Kathleen to the rescue--fill up the trunk!

  19. Oh Kathleen, you make me laugh! but what else is new!!!

    Stack em, rack em, just don't crack em. I've cracked a few in my day. It seems when you've got so many and you're just trying to fit a few more in (after all, who can resist a baragain - ahem) you increase the chances of the cracking part!

    I love that trunk stash. It does make it convenient for returns, if we remember what's in there! I just have to be careful that one of my children are not putting some sports item on top of something breakable. Something breakable in my trunk? Never!

    Thanks so much for coming to the party and providing all of us addicts, I mean collectors, with some humor.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. LOL, love the trunk the best, hmmmm, I didn't see, I can't be sure, is my "special thing" in there? :)

  21. Cutie Patootie post,Kathleen!!!! Your wit amazes me, my friend. What is it with our addiction to accumulating more and more "stuff," anyway? LOL I pale in comparison to all you members of royalty of the dishdom!!!
    hugs, Sue

  22. I knew you would have a wonderful, neat and perfect strage areas! I like all the open shelving, mkes it easier to find items! The VERY best is of course the infamous TRUNK!! LOL

    Fantastic post Kathleen - was smiling the entire time I was reading...

  23. LOL, Kathleen. I am not sure if you are not as sick as I am. I am convinced that you are! And it does not stop cause we keep buying, don't we? I have 82 pieces of Bavarian dishes coming soon in the mail and I have to make room for them again....Christine

  24. The trunk is a total hoot! I have way too many dishes, but I just can't part with them!

  25. HEHEHE Kathleen!
    The trunk, you are so clever but doesn't hubby read your blog?? I am feeling like the most dish deprived person on this planet after visiting some of my bloggy friends. And VP Biden??? That must have been exciting!

  26. Just too funny. I love the trunk. The dryer was always a good temporary spot until you could process (remove stickers) the new stuff.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  27. LOL! Love your poem! Thanks for starting my day with a big laugh! I must confess to having used my trunk in a similar way until Mr. Unsuspecting is out of the house. Thanks for sharing with us!

  28. The BEST post, Kathleen! I laughed out loud at the pics (the trunk) and reading the poem. I have a similar problem, you know... with fabric!

    Enjoy your day! ...Karen

  29. Kathleen, you are so organized and tidy with all that stuff going on!
    Bet you know where everything is when you need it!

  30. Haha, good one, Kathleen! I don't have a dish free square inch of cupboard space in my hour. Mmmm, never thought of the trunk. But, what the heck, we need all this stuff.

  31. this is so funny! am laughing out loud.. teehee.. love the trunk! hehehehe.. thanks for sharing..

  32. Kathleen, this is too funny! You are one clever lady. Love your poem and love your trunk full of dishes, etc.! I kind of miss having a trunk, since I drive an SUV now. I used to keep my purchases in the trunk until my husband left the house! Those boxes look like they have some fabulous dishes in them. I look forward to seeing them on a tablescape. laurie

  33. Hi Kathleen,
    You had me laughing out loud, and for that I love you!

    Thanks for letting me peek and dream.

  34. Thanks for sharing your stuff and the junk in your trunk :). You have a lovely blog.

  35. Oh Kathleen! What a fun post! You had me giggling. it is so nice to read all about all us dish lovers/addicts! All of your dishes and goodies look great! thanks for sharing it all with us!

  36. I just can't get over all the beautiful dishes you have Kathleen. All you avid table scapers...really inspire me. I have no place to put all this though:)

  37. I'm saving this post for the next time Randy says where are you gonna but THAT! lol I'd sure love to go shopping on that set of shelves. Looks like our Tuesday Morning lol.

  38. You have found some very clever ways of storing your amazing collections of goodies! I have often wondered where people keep all their things so this has been such a fun party! Thanks for spilling the beans!

    Best wishes,

  39. Kathleen, I have a sneaking suspicion that you've only shown us a smidgeon of your dishes. ;)

    I chuckle out loud every time I see or hear you mention your car trunk and the dish police. I'm sure he knows what you're up to. Maybe it's a case of out of sight out of mind.

  40. LOL This is to funny! I think we have all become tablescape junkies :>) You have got some beautiful things for your tablescapes. I never thought of my trunk..... Hummmm.....

  41. Great poem, funny, and so true!! I've enjoyed seeing where others store their loot! LOL! I didn't have time to take pictures, mine wouldn't be a pretty sight, a lot of them are stored in the garage, most behind cabinet doors, some under the bed!!


    We didn't stay at the Floridian, but hope to by the end of the year, kids may give us a stay there for a gift!

  42. Kathleen...you are soo funny! I loved your poem and thanks for showing us some of your fab stash of dishes. :-)

  43. Love this Kathleen! Shhh...don't tell anyone...I bought more dishes this week.:-)

  44. Oh, K.
    you just tickle me to death.
    Now, I love this cute little poem...you must copy all these down and make a little book of poems someday!! :)
    I wanted to do this meme sooo bad but have just been too busy getting things together for our trip. Maybe she will have another one sometime and I can do it...or I just may do a post on it when I get home.
    Love all your dishes and glasses. You have SO many.
    hugs, bj

  45. LOL! I've been one to ask you where you kept it all, Kathleen, and now I saw all your secrets! You do a remakable job keeping track of it all and it makes you happy --that is what counts!

    Sorry I haven't visited for awhile. Since I've been home its been one thing after another. I'm finally all caught up and back on the normal routine.

    ♥ Pat

  46. OK, Ms. Kathleen, the next time there's an opening for a poet laureate, you'd be MY choice!
    Like everyone else, I loved the trunk photo. Almost as creative as The Tablescaper keeping some of her finest in the bathroom!

    I have to admit something a trifle embarrassing. I was looking for something else in my car trunk the other day and found a new-in-the-box place setting of dishes that I forgot I'd purchased! It really is a sickness, isn't it???


  47. Kathleen, I can relate! As long as you don't buy a van to accomodate your dishes, you are normal! Have a nice weekend my friend.

  48. Enjoyed the poem. You sure have lots of dishes. I have to pack up my entire kitchen here at the beach by August 1st when they start the kitchen renovation. Meeting with the kitchen designer today and tomorrow and will tell him I need more dish cabinets since they put a Home Goods here on the island which I peak in a few times a week now :-)

  49. What a wonderful storehouse of dishes! I too love the trunk story and will never forget it -is Carol's gift still in there too?

  50. I love it! I really have to show the picture of your trunk to my hubby because it looks so much like mine! He will really laugh!

  51. I thought Jain's addiction was bad with outside storage, but your friend the Tablescaper takes the cake! Hope y'all never have to move, lol.


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