Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Whites…

Last year around this time I did a Let There Be White Tablesetting party.

Since this is the start of summer, and we can wear white officially, I am showing it again.

Why?  MY CAMERA IS MISBEHAVING!  When I press the button to take a shot, it goes dark!  It does it off and on.  More often than not!  I see a new camera is my future!

After all the color in my last post, it may be a welcome change!

table 2534

table 2527

table 2540

table 2545

table 2544

So get out those whites, it’s summer!

I have a little bargain to show you.  I was in the supermarket  last week, and they had these nice cloth lined baskets as you checked out.

table 4239

$2.25!  I went back to get more, but they were gone!  Of course, it was a good price! See, even the tag was telling me to buy MORE!  :)

table 4238

Anyone up for another all white event?  Let me know and we can pick a date.

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  1. beatiful, thought i was at a june wedding!

  2. Very elegant table. I love your attention to detail and placement. Beautiful table cloth, btw.

    soooo.... what's on the menu? ;-) ...Karen

    ~and what a great bargain at the supermarket for those baskets! The lining can be changed for all seasons.

  3. How elegant with all the crystal, Kathleen...I would join in an all white dish party with you.

  4. I love your white events! You can always count me in :)

    Gorgeous table, Kathleen, it's so pretty I actually have no wise cracks for you! Must be the weather, hot hazy and humid!

  5. It seems that most of my tablescapes have a lot of white in them. I like that with some accent colors. Maybe I have a little of my restaurant experience left in me...white shows off food the best!

    Love those baskets. I would have scooped up a few at that price, too! Great find, Kathleen!


  6. Love your elegant white setting!
    Beautiful tablecloth!


  7. Sorry to hear about your camera. Your all white table is gorgeous and count me in for an all white event. I just got a new (thrift) white damask tablecloh :)


  8. Lovely table, sooo hot today, white kinda cools you off a bit! I'll bring my Fenton and milk glass to your white party, just let me know the date!

  9. Kathleen, all white is so elegant! I like your idea of a white even. I'm in!
    Great buy on those baskets. Where will you use them?
    I'd need shelf space. LOL ~ Sarah

  10. Beautiful Brandenburg table cloth. Hoping your camera just needs new batteries. My camera did this at my son's wedding in December. Had to rely on others for pics...Wishing you well! Cathy

  11. I don't think anything is prettier than white... I LOVE your table! Elegant! It's a winner!

  12. Kathleen, so nice to get a "replay" when it is one of your gorgeous tables! Your white 'scape from last year looks so pretty! Depending when you have it, I'd be "in" for another "Show Your Whites" party! What a good deal on those baskets! Are you going to use them to make up gift baskets full of your delicious food?...I take 3!!

  13. Your table is just FULL of elegant flavor, K.
    It is just stunning. I so love the simpler tables which you are so good at doing. I tend to get too much on mine and it ends up looking like a tornado hit the table...:(

    You surely know how much I love white...especially using white dishes. Count on me if you decide to do another WHITE day...
    xo bj

  14. I love this table Kathleen! It's so fresh and summery. I hope you do another let there white, their fun!
    Those darn deer are eating my plants again,grrrrrr, they are really getting me irritated!
    And hubby had lymes 2 summers ago. He was really ill, it's a nasty disease.
    Take care,

  15. I always love your tables and your shopping success!! Being a bargain lover I am in awe! :0)
    I hope I can get back to a tablescaping routine in the near future! Blessings...

  16. Gorgeous table! All the white looks so elegant, and the different textures add a lot of interest. I'm afraid all my dishes are COLORFUL, so I'd be hard pressed to participate in an all-white party. But I would enjoy seeing others' contributions!

  17. Your table looks so cool on this hot and humid day, Kathleen!

    Those baskets were too cute to last long at that price! I hate it when I go back for more on soemthing like that and they are all gone.

    ♥ Pat

  18. What a gorgeous, airy and serene table setting.

    Wow, those baskets were a great deal! Yes, they were chanting 'more, more, more'. hehe
    I can see why they went so fast! They're adorable and they are usually $15 or more with the linings. Great find!

  19. Only you could find a deal like that on lined baskets! You've got the gift, Kathleen.

    Your white table is lovely, so serene and pretty.

  20. All white is always a favorite, a classic. Your table is so pretty...I love your hydrangeas too. They make the perfect centerpiece! Thanks so much for sharing and BTW, great deal on the baskets!
    Ms. Sharlotte's...Southern Reflections

  21. Kathleen,
    Please do an all white event and count me in! I love white done right! And love to see all the creative ways our wonderful blogging community uses their whites!
    I am so glad you re-posted your white table. I have only been blogging 9 months so I haven't seen this before.

    I love the soft whites, bright whites, with just the hint of green you used. They mix and play so well together!

    Your individual white soup tureens are fabulous! The look like they are substantial and have some heft to them. They anchor each place setting beautifully, and give make a big statement.

    And the darling leaf bread plates add a touch of whimsy and have an organic feel. I love that you used a leaf pattern with all the whites. The texture on the plates give the table interest.

    You really did a marvelous job putting this table together. Each detail so well thought out. Silver, white and touches of green... a real stunner!

  22. Oh I love your classic whites! I'm always up for a pretty white tablescape.

  23. Oooh Kathleen, I love this!! I think an all white table makes a huge statement- just gorgeous. I have those tureens and love them- and you know I love the cloth! Just wonderful!
    xoxo Pattie

  24. Your table is so pretty. I love the white ramikans.

    Those baskets were a great buy! I would use them to put together some great gift baskets for bridal and baby showers.

  25. Love the all white with the hydrangea for the centerpiece. Gorgeous as usual :) Oh what a deal on the baskets!! Gosh I can't believe they were that price! Lucky Duck you are.


  26. Gorgeous whites! So cool and refreshing!


  27. I love it as much this time as I did the first! The lace topper is glorious.

    Now what are you going to do with all of those baskets?

    - The Tablescaper

  28. Kathleen, I remember this beautiful table so well. This is the table that made me want to get some of those individual tureens from W.S. I finally did buy 2 of them when they marked them down. What a deal on those baskets!! If you had bought all of them, you could have sold them at a profit!! I would have paid $5 plus postage!! laurie

  29. First of all, I am so in love with that gorgeous tablecloth. The intricate cut outs are beyond beautiful. You've set a lovely table that anyone would appreciate to dine at. Thanks for sharing and happy TT to you!

  30. Gorgeous white setting! I like the napkins with the little flower sprig tucked in the napkin ring!

    Good luck with the camera!


  31. Kathloeen, I am in love with your table. The white with all the crystal makes it very festive. I love those star shaped mirrors with the candles on it. Great idea.
    Greetings, Johanna

  32. I remember this beautiful table! So beautiful! I'm up for another white party, say the word! I'm in!

  33. Very pretty in white, and worth showing again. The prettiest thing to me is the candle glow on the glasses.


  34. Beautiful....and my camera is giving me trouble today too....Hate it when that happens....Hope you are having a good week...

  35. Hi Kathleen...

    Ohhh my...your all white table is simply exquisite! You really can't beat an all white's my "all time favorite"! I really enjoyed looking through all of your beautiful white pieces and ohhh...all of your lovely crystal too! Beautiful floral centerpiece...just a gorgeous table, my friend! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  36. Beautiful white tablescape. The cutwork tablecloth just sets the stage. Very elegant and the crystal gives the sparkle. You got a great bargain on those baskets. I just love to get a great deal. Lucky you. Thanks for posting.

  37. Love the idea of "Let There Be White"~ what a great idea. It's always so cool & refreshing, especially since we're in the midst of an unusually hot June here! Beautiful table :-)

  38. Kahtleen, I love your white table! It's beautiful! And I adore your header... those polka dots are MAJORLY cute!

    I would need to check out my white stash to do an all white table. Does a gold rim disqualify my good china? I would love to set a table with it and just it. I usually have salads in a different pattern for fun, but I would like to do a full table with this service like when I first married.


    Sheila :-)

  39. love the all white theme and your table cloth is divine! great job.

  40. Oh, this is so restful on the eyes and so elegant! I love that gorgeous tablecloth. I hope your camera is going to be okay!

  41. funny how white can be refreshing in Summer but yet cozy in Winter LOL love the white setting!

  42. This is so lovely. White is my favorite color! Since I am new to blogging world, this is new to me also. I would love to try my hand at an all white tablescape.

  43. I'm sorry you're camera is not playing nice but it was so nice to see your white table setting again!

    What a great deal on the baskets! I can just see them piled high with your Irish Soda Bread or Banana Bread given as gifts to your friends and family.

  44. Lovely! The table would be a lovely one for a bridal luncheon.

  45. Beautiful table, Kathleen! Glad to see it again, but sorry you're having camera challenges.

    Great deal on the baskets. Don't you hate it when you resist buying too much of something ... and then realize you didn't buy enough???

    I'd love to participate in a White event! I might even have to go shopping this weekend!

    Warmest regards,

  46. What a beautiful, elegant table! My camera wasn't working right either and I finally upgraded to a new one yesterday. Have fun picking a new one!

  47. Remember the white event quite well! Great buy on the baskets - could think of alot of uses for them!

  48. So pretty and fresh!...Christine

  49. This is stunning! I love all the white! You are one talented lady.

  50. What a great deal!! What store did you find these?


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