Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hot~ Hot~ Hot!!!

Yes, it is!  But it is summer, and it is nothing new! I read that in  1926 it was 108 here in NY, so the nineties we are having are cool compared to that!  And that was pre air conditioning! (Thank you inventor of central air!!)

I took these July 4th down the street at the Peconic Bay in Southampton, NY.

table 4290

table 4289

This kind of weather makes you want some ice cream!

table 2640 Homemade creamy vanilla in between fresh baked chocolate chip cookies. 

Speaking of ice cream, my friend Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets is having her second annual ice cream social .

Please join in!  Last year it was lots of fun, and you don’t have to make the ice cream!

Ice Cream Social Logo2010

I am joining Susan at A Southern Daydreamer for Outdoor Wednesday.  Thank you, Susan!

Stay cool everyone, and thanks for visiting.


  1. Gorgeous pics!!!! And the ice cream cookie! Oh my!!! Wishing you well. Try to stay cool! We're doing our best to do that here! Cathy

  2. Gorgeous shots, and I'm posting the ice cream social on my sidebar... Sounds like fun!

  3. That's one gorgeous sunset, Kathleen. And a very scrumptious cookie too. I don't know about this heat. Last Saturday it was 65 degrees and it's going to hit 95 this Saturday. At least the tomatoes are ripening.

  4. Looks like summer!! That cookie ice cream sandwich looks fabulous!!

  5. Gorgeous pictures Kathleen and that ice cream looks oh, so good! I always wonder about those brave pioneers who came west to find HOT and HUMID weather in Nebraska...no gentle ocean breezes just high, hot winds and no air conditioned relief. They were made of sturdier stuff than me :)


  6. Beautiful sunset...wonder if you will get the rain we have been and will be having for the next week or more. Stay inside with that a/c set low!

  7. Oh my goodness...what gorgeous images! The cookie looks pretty good too;)!


  8. Now that is the way to keep cool eating an ice cream cookie. What a view!
    Joyce M

  9. Kathleen, you live in a pretty area! That ice-cream really makes me think "summer" and thankfully, we are FINALLY getting some nice weather here this week!


  10. That ice cream looks so cool :) It's been unbearable the past couple days! Makes me more cranky than normal, LOL!

  11. Kathleen, what a beautiful sky! Sky here in Santa Fe was also amazing this evening. ~ Sarah

  12. Hmmm yummy! You need a lot of those so you can keep from frying, Kathleen. I heard about the extreme heat in NY. Are you back on line? The sunset pics are amazing!...Christine

  13. Gorgeous! What a beautiful sunset! There is definitely no place like the hamptons beaches in the summer time. But you are right - it is SO hot here - stay cool, my friend!

  14. Watching the weather for the north here in Sunny sofla and our high was all of 83'... poor North!
    with a smile on my face! But then I do realize so many people can not take that kind of heat! Sorry for them! Notice how the weather go's from on extreme to the next, each year?

  15. Beautiful sunset and ice cream sandwiches ... Perfect!!

    Susan and Bentley

  16. Beautiful pictures....I can NEVER remember it not only being so hot here but SO HUMID....

  17. I made Choco chip cookies to make ice cream sandwiches too! Unfortunately they were hot and gooy and all were eaten before they cooled enough to make. I enjoyed coming and visiting hope you can stop by my place soon. Debbie

  18. What lovely pictures of a very hot universe. Sure makes one wonder how hot can it really get before we all melt down. That ice cream sandwhich sure would help prevent a meltdown where I am...yummy!

  19. Fantastic sunset photos - the ice cream sandwich looks really, really good! LOL

    Practicing for the Ice Cream social huh??? I'm still looking for a maker!

  20. Wonderful pics....and I feel your pain concerning the heat. I live in New Jersey, ugh the heat is almost unbearable. You have a lovely blog, Im glad you commented mine so that I found yours. Im now a follower so I can keep up.

  21. Such glorious photographs. We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful spot. There is beauty at every turn.

    Hmmm...an ice cream social, that sounds like fun.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Kathleen, I have been behind on visiting my blog list and I wanted you to know I have thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful tablescapes and delicious food posts. Wow, you are definitely a baker! Keep your flag-a-wavin', Joan

  23. Beautiful pics Kathleen!

    I haven't made ice cream sandwiches in a gazillion years. I need to make some soon!

  24. Such a gorgeous sunset! That ice cream sandwich looks delicious. Would love to sink my teeth into that right now.

  25. The sky looks amazing in these shots. I would love to join he ice cream social but I do not have my ice creamer maker with me. Since I am packing up now I did not want to bring it down and have yet another appliance to pack. Call me lazy:-) I usually make blueberry cream cheese ice cream this time of the year from David Lebowitz ice cream book. Heavenly!

  26. Hey Kathleen !
    It has been raining here in Colorado for last couple of days - uggg - I want some of your hot !
    Homeade ice cream ?? I need a good recipe - I bought a brand new machine last year at the thrift..which reminds me that I need to post that....ice cream...yummy !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  27. Kathleen, those photographs are gorgeous! Ice cream between chocolate chip cookies - YUM! laurie

  28. Yummy ice cream sandwich. I "scream" for ice cream when it looks like this! Thanks for the refreshing treat! ~ sarah

  29. Your pictures are breathe taking.

    And can you imagine without a/c?

    And did you mean this Susan or the Susan at Naps at the Porch?


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