Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lovely Weather for Ducks!

I finally got to do a table today.  That and spent 5 hours with Dell.

My computer , although protected, got a virus again. 

They said it is because I use the FREE version of AVG which doesn’t catch any of the new bugs, and there must be a million of them! 

So I called, 3 hours and they removed each one manually?  And then I said BTW, you fixed my sound icon and it is gone again.

My sound icon disappeared after Dell fixed it on the fourth.  So when I went to a blog with music, I had to go to the control panel to mute it. 

Well that was another 2  plus hours, no kidding, as they had to set up a whole new system and transfer everything.

But they forgot live writer!!!  OY! 

OK, enough whining, I am sorry, but I just find all this unbelievable.

table 4387We haven’t had rain for a month, but yesterday when I took you to Sag Harbor with me, the skies opened up and it poured till early this afternoon.

Hence, the title of my table!

table 4372  The cloth has been with me a long time, white trimmed in a yellow and white check ruffle.  It came with a square check topper.

The white charger , Noritake, Buttery yellow plate from WSonoma Outlet.  They don’t carry many colors anymore!  If you are reading Mr. Sonoma, or as Susan , Thoughts from Over the Rainbow says I should call him, Bill, is reading, PLEASE bring back the colors!

The paisley napkins are from WSonoma Outlet too, and HI to Bob, Rose, Kathleen and all the great sales associates there in the Riverhead store! :) (nah, I didn’t get paid to say that, they are just nice!)

table 4384

Yellow flatware, yep, WSonoma Outlet too!  Last year, on sale!  (3.97 for service for 4)  Just had to say it!

table 4374

The centerpiece is a bowl from Villeroy and Boch called Fire and Ice.  You can use it with candles or flowers.  I floated some yellow blooms and baby’s breath and have some ducks swimming around the edge.

What do you mean they don’t look like they are swimming?( I got them after Easter in the candy aisle, they are chocolate so they say!)       I have been saving them for this table. Sue at Sullivan and Murphy used some in a table too!

table 4378  Bread and butter plate, yellow ramekin.

table 4389

Yellow duck egg salt and pepper from Christmas Tree Shop.

table 4382                                     

Salad plate and bowl from the set all blogland owns, Clermont.

Now what shall we have?

table 4369

Duck Soup??  :)

table 4380

Please join Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch for more Tablescape Thursday entries.

And this weekend… Cloche Party at Marty’s A Stroll Thru Life, Suzy’s Ice Cream Social at Kitchen Bouquets, Laurie at Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things, and The Tablescaper for Summer Sundays!

Thanks for visiting, I’ll be back with some ice cream!


  1. In case you are wondering, I'm green with envy over all the wonderful stuff you find at the WS outlet. Your table is so cheery and pretty, Kathleen. What a bargain on that flatware. Love the whole thing.

  2. Looks great, love the tablecloth!!! Sorry to hear about the computer issues, I always say they are great... when they work! :@)

  3. Oh girl...this is so darn cute! Just love how you pulled it all together!!

  4. Glad you got your computer fixed! A good virus program is really a neccessity these days.

    I love the cheerful rubber duck motif! I can't believe they are made of chocolate -- so cute!

  5. Oh my gosh, that is a really cute table, Kathleen! I love all the little ducks...and white/ napkins.
    Don't you just want to scream at someone when the computer messes up, do you suppose they would understand you?

  6. What a charming and happy table. Love that tablecloth!

  7. You have some great pieces (and found some great deals!). I love the ducky theme! You can't resist smiling at this tablescape!

  8. I love your table linens. The yellow and white looks so summery. The flatware and the salt and pepper shakers are a nice touch. Sorry about the computer issues; been there...hope this next week is much better for you and by the way, your table is lovely! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Love it! Love it! I want that tablecloth and topper! Throw in the flatware too!! LOL! This is just the cutest with those yellow duckies! Duck soup - LOL!!

    I hope your 'puter is all fixed now! Have missed you!


  10. I really like the cheery yellow theme - it's just ducky :) I like how you put pieces together to always create a perfect setting - great job once again!

  11. What a fun visit to your was just Duckie! I love a table that makes me laugh and envy too. I want the flatware and the napkins...okay you can throw in all the dishes...keep the ducks! They make a lot of messes and I ate one like that at Easter...white chocolate and me don't agree! Joni

  12. You have proved that a true tablescaper will set a table with anything! Cute, cute, cute! Hope you have a great week. Sandi

  13. What an adorably fun table. I love yellow and I love checks, so I thought it was just so neat!!
    Loved the lil cute!!
    Just a fun sweet summery tablescape.
    I loved this post, course, I love most all your posts!!
    You do a great job.
    Blessings, Nellie

  14. Kathleen, you so make me laugh! Duck soup! I haven't heard that expression in eons! You could make a tablescape out of anything.

    - The Tablescaper

  15. What a cute theme ... I must copy it! I have a bunch of pink ducks and I'm sure I can find a few pink dishes! You've inspired me ...

  16. Happy, happy table scape. Quack.

  17. I enjoyed your happy tablescape! And I got a good giggle out of duck soup- too cute! TFS :)

  18. just ducky, Kathleen, you really quack me up :) Pretty table! We got the rain, too, finally!

    and I have one word for you...Mac!

  19. Adorable. A fun, happy table.
    Love the yellow!

  20. Love the Yellow & White tablesetting...everything about it is so cheerful, and what a great buy on the pretty flatware...
    but I have to say, the Yellow Duckies 'steal the show'. They're too cute.
    We had the same heavy downpour yesterday while we were at Home Depot. A drain pipe broke and quickly flooded their main isle...I thought we would have to build an 'Arc' to get out of there..!!

  21. Love your cheery yellow table. I had my table set outside this week, ready to serve real food with real friends, when the sky opened and it poured. I did manage to snap a few pics for this week's blog party ( the first I've participated in for over a month) Summer is sooooo busy!

  22. I love when something makes me smile first thing in the morning. Your rubber duckies did just that. Thanks!

  23. Your tablescape has me "Quacking" up.

  24. Love the yellow color - still can't get over the bargains you get at "Bill's" !! I would have to add on a complete addition for storage..
    Your attention to detail is top notch...

  25. Forgot - throw that computer OUT THE WINDOW!!

  26. What a fun, those little Ducks on the table. They are always cheerful and so is the table with that bright yellow. Unbeliveable that the Duckies are made from chocolate. Cute idea.
    Greetings, Johanna

  27. First of all I am so jealous that you are near a WS Outlet. I have never been to one - didn't even know they existed. Sorry about your computer problems. They can be so frustrating! Love the yellows - so cheery. Really, chocolate??? Wow!

  28. This is so cute! It is so sweet and cheerful! Who can resist a little duckie?
    Sorry about your computer problems. I really swear by webroot spysweeper.

  29. Love your yellow duckies, Kathleen! And a pretty tablescape, too! After several years of drought, we are having rain, too! Yaay! Happy weekend...hugs...Debbie

  30. Sooooo cute, Kathleen, love the rubber duckies and the birght colors of the tablescape. I want a WS outlet near me!! Sorry about your computer problems. I just had one too. My desktop crashed(it's 4 yrs old) but luckily, I purchased a 5 yr. extension when I bought it. I sent the tower in but they could not fix it so they just sent me a new one which I really like cause it's an all in one so I got to use mu lower cabinet for an additional storage, no more towers down there.....Christine

  31. What a darling table! LOVE the yellow gingham, and the yellow paisley napkins really add a touch of sophistication (if a table sporting baby ducks can be called sophisticated!). SO cute and appealing!

  32. This is too cute! I love all the yellow, it's so bright and cheery! I also love your tablecloth and napkins, they're perfect for the theme. And your duckies? Made me smile! Thanks so much for sharing.

  33. I hereby Crown you, QUEEN KATHLEEN OF TABLES AND CUISINE. Now if I can find a crown....

    This is so cute..I love your little duckies...brings back the memories of buying them for my kids and grands.

    Yard working today and I am just about going into cardiac arrest..time for my afternoon nap...and ice water...and chocolate..and a movie...and ice cream..Oh, no...that's on Sat. ...
    I'm delerious..

  34. O, and I've been wondering about your you say cah for car, crick for creek ? I hale from East Texas and talk abit slow...

  35. Well isn't this just too cute. Yellow and white is always so pretty and who doesn't smile at a yellow ducky? This was really clever!

  36. Love your table, so fresh and happy. Beautiful tablecloth!


  37. This is a charming table!!! The colors are wonderful and summery (even though there is enough heat to go around!!!)

  38. Hi Kathleen, Your little ducks are so cute and I must say the first one really made me laugh. He has just the right expression of frustration! I also love yellow. This table is really fun! Come see my new blog if you have a chance! Linda

  39. Kathleen, you are too, too funny! Duck soup? I'm glad I wasn't sipping anything when I got to that part, or I'd have spewed it all over my monitor and had to call Dell! (OK, I don't have a Dell, but you make talking with those nice folks sound like such fun!)

    You and that other Bill make quite a team. I love what you do with things you buy from his stores/outlets!

    Have a great weekend!
    Warmest regards,

  40. Kathleen, this table is sooo cute! I love the yellow and white checks. And personally, I think that the ducks do look like they are swimming around the flowers - so cute! The napkins, that cute yellow flatware, and the ramekin are so perfect on this table. All of this sunshine yellow makes such a happy table! If anyone should be on a first name basis with "Bill", it would be you! laurie

  41. I was just thinking...didn't you just get a brand new computer not long ago? I know you can get a virus on a new one, tho. I use Avast and also Super Anti Spyware, Free addition. So far, they are keeping me protected.
    I take it you don't care for music on blogs....

  42. You really did a great job putting everything together. I really like your dishes. Have a nice weekend, Mary

  43. If you want to hear whining, just listen to me....I want a Williams Sonoma outlet store near me!!! Whaaa!

    Seriously cute table, Kathleen, and I love that flatware that you found. Mack loves chewing on his rubber ducky's beak :)

  44. Yellow is the happiest of colors in my mind. And this table definitely screams "Have a Happy Day!" The gingham textiles, the yellow and white dishes, and the flatware are all calling to me. I have the WS flatware in the red and blue. Didn't know it also came in yellow. Now I'll be searching. :-)
    Hope your weekend is as sunny as this table. ~ Sarah

  45. You know exactly what "Rubber Ducky" song I'm humming right now, doncha? LOL

    This is a wonderfully funny post, filled with some really neat treasures. I'm sooo jealous that you & Tablescaper get to shop together at Bills. LOL

    I adore that oreo cookie cake you post this morning, too. For someone who's been having computer issues, you sure got a lot accomplished.

    BTW, I use the free AVG & haven't had a problem~~she whispers quietly so the pixies won't hear her~~
    Only a fellow Irish woman would understand! :-)

  46. This ducky table is sooooooo cute! I hope you have set it that way for your little grands!

    Another whiner here with all the outlets around NJ you'd think there'd be a WS wouldn't you - not near my house!


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