Monday, July 12, 2010

What’s on the Table?

Marty At A Stroll Thru Life does Tabletop Tues every week.  Such pretty vignettes are displayed, and she is the Queen of Cloches.

I am challenged in both areas.  My mantle gets changed only for holidays.

What to do?

I know!  I will show you a funky little set I bought a few years ago. It is called Bird Of Paradise by Pfaltzgraff.

I was standing on line to pay  in the clearance center, not the outlet, this was even cheaper, when I spied them.  I couldn’t believe the price! 

The whole place setting, in a box…96 cents.  I had to take a few settings, it would have been a sin not to!  Maybe I will dig them out and do a scape with them, use yellow for summer.


table 4330

table 279

You would have bought them at that price, wouldn’t you?

table 4351

Tasty Tuesday, Thrifty Tuesday, Three or More Tuesday?

Pulled Beef  topped with cole slaw.  Pulled Beef is just like pulled pork. It tastes almost the same, so if you like pulled pork, you will like this.
I made it with Top Round London Broil, cooked on low all night in the oven. I couldn't find my crock pot! :) @1.47 lb.  It streeeeeetches your dollar!

One last thing…these cute stackable cookie cutters from WSonoma Outlet.  My little gson Seamus loves elephants, so I will make him some ele cookies! There’s a rhino and a monkey too! They fit inside of each other for easy storage.

table 4327

Tomorrow I will take you with me to Sag Harbor, NY.  Be ready around noon!


  1. Kathleen-I've missed visiting! Yes, I definitely would have bought them--love the happy colors! I can't wait to see your cookies. After cupcakes, I want to learn to do really pretty sugar cookies. I would love to learn to outline and flood them! You are not "challenged" :)

  2. G'eve Kathleen ~ Your dishes are darling & yes! for that price how could anyone turn them down ... beautiful presentation.

    Have a lovely week.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  3. OMG! YES I would have bought them. I can't believe the bargins you find. I went to the Outlet store for WS in Vegas and there wasn't anything worth getting there. The prices were still super high. You are so lucky to have the stores near you.


  4. I remember when you bought those dishes...they were in the trunk photo :)

    The pulled beef sandwich and cole slaw looks quite good. I love those kind of summer meals.

    Looking forward to the trip to Sag Harbor.

  5. Noon huh? Hmmm, I think I can make it. I'll be ready. Mmmm, that sandwich looks great. I've never tried coleslaw on beef, but I've had it on pulled pork...delish!

  6. I'll be ready at noon - you did mean you would be picking me up, right????
    Love the colors in the dishes - and yes, I would have picked up a few sets also at that price!
    The pulled beef look delicious..I like no-fuss meals!

  7. I would have bought these in a heartbeat! The whole place setting for less than a buck!? You are right, it would have been a sin not to get some:>) Very pretty table setting.

  8. No you didn't! You did not get those cute dishes for that price!! You are the luckiest shopper I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Love the bright colors and the wavy edges on that china. Those are really cute cookie cutters. Can't wait to see how the cookies turn out. laurie

  9. The famous trunk, LOL! I never find stuff like, would have cost me $96! Larry says the whole store could be on sale, except what I schlep to the register :) Pretty dishes at any price! I love the cutters! Seamus is a lucky little guy, he'll be getting some very cool looking cookies!

  10. I remember those dishes...they would look cute with a bright yellow...and yes, I would have snatched them up, too! Can't wait to see the elephant cookies decorated.

  11. I love them too! I really like the colors and the pattern. Can't believe the deal!!

  12. Honestly in Canada when they put something on clearance they take 10% off. It is pitiful.
    What a great deal.

  13. Only twice a year, jeeeesh, LOL !
    I will be back to go with you on your trip...what should I wear ???
    Hugs ` Kammy

  14. looking forward to the tour! Cathy

    OH! The blueberry tart was just wonderful! Thanks!

  15. Ooh! I LOVE Sag Harbor, and I haven't been in about 2 years! I can't wait to see where you take us. Great post as always - I bet the little guy loves his elephant cookies.

  16. Who could resist such a great bargain an I can't wait to see those cookies. The monkey place card holders from yesterdays post are adorable. Monkeys at a wedding for a theme? Guess if your names are Tarzan and Jane it would be a cute theme. I have seem many a guest act like silly monkeys on the dance floor slipping and sliding like they were on banana peels:-)

  17. Oh yeah, I would have bought them!! I just love dishes, and a bargain to boot. Love the colors in these, Kathleen. Cookies? Honey, can ya send me some? I am so craving goodies, since I have cut back on the sugar because of Mr. S. Don't want to eat in front of him... But eating in the closet without him knowing it wouldn't be so bad, would it? LOL
    xo Sue
    P.S. My bruises are sore today...

  18. Hi Kathleen,
    I have been to your neck of the woods and back. We had a great time, I even passed through Sag Harbor on Saturday. The weather was a little on the humid and hot side but we had an absolute blast. Great trip and great place! It would have been fun to meet you. I hope to visit again soon.
    Enjoy your day!!

  19. Wonderful bargain!!

    Yummy food!

    Cute cutters!

    (in the NC mtns!)

  20. OMGosh, I do believe you are the QUEEN OF BARGAINS..I've never seen anything like it. I am soooo envious.
    Love those little cookie cutters..and i love the half staff alert widget. I want it, too...and the pulled beef (whatever that might be), and the cute dishes, and the cookie cutters and your house....!

    Question: Every single comment I make, Google makes me type in my username and password. It used to be automatic but of late, I've had to do it and it is making me NUTS!!
    Any idea how to reset it??

  21. Those dishes are amazing! You must be near some great outlets. The cookie cutters are so cute, how fun for your grandchildren.

  22. Oh how pretty. Pfaltzgraph is always so pretty and such great dishes, I would definitely bought them at that price. Love the color and pattern. The cookie cutters are so much fun. How neat. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  23. What a sweet deal! Heavens yes, I'd have scooped up boxes. I love this pattern and the colors.

  24. No one does a bargain more beautifully than you, Kathleen! I can't wait to see Sag Harbor and I hope you show us what you do with those elephant cutters!

  25. Hi Kathleen! Oh, yes yes! I would have bought as many of these place settings I could. The dishes are wonderful. I've never seen this pattern and I just love it! It's all so colorful.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  26. Marty might be the Queen of Cloches but your are certainly the
    "Queen of Cheap China" find the best bargains....Well, let's just see how good I can do when I make a trek to the CTS in two weeks with the BF in search of all things cheap....I can't wait!!!

  27. I am Sooooooooo jealous of all your wonderful bargains, Kathleen! I would have grabbed a set of 12 of those, at least!! You could use the plates by themselves in a patriotic table.
    The elephant cookie cutters are going to be so cute!!! PINK icing, maybe??? LOL

  28. I would definitely buy those dishes at that price, Kathleen, even if they were amde you know! I love the color and design.

    The cookie cutters are so cute! I bought a set at the outlet last time I visited that were animals` and had seperate leg pieces so they could be put togther to stand. I hope to do the same as you are and make a set for my grandson one day.

  29. Kathleen, as you can see I'm spending my Saturday catcing up on your wonderful posts. You are putting a big smile on my face! :-)
    Gee, it would have definitely been a sin to pass up these dishes. Giving them away comes to mind. So appropriate that they went home with you. ~ sarah

  30. $.96 per place setting? You stinker! You always find the best deals and always so cute too!!


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