Saturday, August 7, 2010

Everything’s BIG in Texas

But some of us in NY like BIG things too!

Like, a big chocolate cupcake with whipped cream

table 1112

Or a REALLY BIG chocolate cup cake with whipped cream!

table 3189

Or some fresh blueberry muffins, big and fruity!

table 1589

Those are a few of my favorite edible things!

And for a Summer Sunday with The Tablescaper I invite you to a sunfish race down at our beach. 

I brought the muffins and cupcakes so we can eat while we watch! :)DSCF0051

We will save one for the winner…or not! :)

I am joining Bargain Hunting with Laurie for Favorite Things and Summer Sundays with The Tablescaper.

table 1023

Don’t forget Hyacinth’s for the Soul special give away!  Go check it out!


  1. LOVIN' your cupcakes! Wish I had one now!

  2. I can't decide...cupcake or muffin? Can I have one of each please?

  3. What a great day! And cupcakes too!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. Oh my! Those cupcakes look like clouds! I think they are marvelous! I just want to take 1 big bite into the top of one!

  5. those cupcakes look seriously good!! wish I had a few right now!

  6. Great looking cupcakes and muffins - I always think of you when I see whipped cream topping on cakes :)

    I would have loved to see that little sailboat race - they sure are cute little ones.

  7. Oh, I wish I had one of those big cupcakes right now! Love the colorful sails and that gorgeous beach scene. ~ Sarah

  8. Great looking cupcakes! Bigger is better when it comes to a cupcake! So I guess it needs a huge glass of milk to go with it :)

    We used to sail a Sunfish in the bay here, lots of fun!

  9. Sensational sailboats and terrific treats! Glad you're enjoying your weekend...

  10. No better way to enjoy sunfish
    racing, than munching on those yummy cupcakes & muffins.
    Got Milk?

  11. I could really go for one of your big blueberry muffins this morning. Love the colors of the sails against the water. Where are the waves?

  12. fun this must be. I have lived in West Texas all my life and can't imagine having water fun like this.

    Your cupcakes and muffins look absolutely amazing. What a good cook you are.

    I was glad to hear from you...was beginning to wonder where you were. Hope all is well in your world.

    xo bj

  13. I wish I had one of those muffins to go with my coffee right now! Then, I grab a cupcake for later ;)

    John used to have a Butterfly sailboat when we were first married which is very similar. Fun times and beautiful views with all of those sails in the wind!

  14. Your blog is beautiful! I'd have a cupcake now, and pack a few for later. Yum.

  15. Yummy, Kathleen! Those cupcakes look sooo good! And I'll have a muffin, go with my cup of coffee on the patio tomorrow the first of the school buses rumble by my house! Woo hoo! Nothing beats retirement! Happy week!...hugs...Debbie

  16. Oh my! I just want to lick that icing, lol!!

  17. Hi, just popped over from The Tablescaper and wanted to let you know how delicious those cupcakes look! Such wonderful photos! Please stop by Frog Hollow Farm Girl if you have a minute or two. Ciao, bella!

  18. Got milk! I will need a large glass when I sit down with that cupcake! Yum!

  19. Hi Kathleen, I love blueberry muffins, but I absolutely cannot resist chocolate cupcakes, especially with whipped cream!! And I would love to be on that beach or in those sailboats right now!! This is wonderful! Linda

  20. The cupcakes look delish Kathleen.

    I absolutely love the boats! Beautiful!

  21. Oh I could see the messy white rimmed mouths from biting into those delicious whip cream topped cupcakes.
    Don't bother saving one for the winner. These athletes never eat cupcakes.

  22. Those boats are so colorful, Kathleen, so pretty and so much fun! Your cupcakes and muffins are yummylicious. I want one right now! Funny you should mention about me needing another house, lol. I am looking into buying a small cottage to put in our sideyard, a little bigger than the size of a storage units. I saw one that I really like and it even has a front porch. I want to use it for a painting gallery. I am so excited about the idea b/c I cannot wait to decorate it. Thanks for your blessings on my mom and baby Angelino...Christine

  23. Looks delicious. Love the giant cupcake. The beach looks amazing.

  24. The food, the water, the boats...they all look real good! enjoy...

  25. glad to see you're enjoying the summer.
    Yes Texan like to do it up big but we're right behind them.

  26. Kathleen, Those are some cupcakes to share! Unfortunately, I might not be willing to share since they are chocolate and look absolutely delicious. The colorful sunfish look so pretty. Great photo. Thank you for linking this to Favorite Things Sat. laurie

  27. Kathleen, you provide us with the most mouth-watering subject matter each week! Outstanding!

    Sure wish DH wasn't diabetic. I would love to bake & enjoy some of your tasty treats.

  28. Can you tell that everyone LOVES cupcakes. sandie

  29. Yummy looking cupcakes. Even though the water is beautiful by itself, the boats really do light it up! Joni

  30. You have those cupcakes with you...I'll follow you anywhere:)

  31. Ahh, Kathleen you have such a busy weekend, but you managed to squeeze in a post.Thanks so much for being a part of "Summer Sundays".

    It's very hard to choose exactly which cupcake to have.

    - The Tablescaper

  32. Um, hello! I NEED one of those chocolate cupcakes right now! I'm drooling!

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  34. I'd love one of those cupcakes right about now! I'll settle for one of the smaller ones lol although I could dig in to that giant one myself. Looks so pretty by the water.

  35. I am so hungry right now for one of those big fluffy cupcakes (maybe even just a bite) Yummy.


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