Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Inspired by a Bargain, A Summery Table

The last time The Tablescaper and I went shopping, we found these pretty bowls at the Pottery Barn Outlet.

table 4413

The sign said, Emma, 75% off…

table 4412

Good deal, huh?  One fourth of 6.99, I could tell you but I want you to keep your Math skills sharp! :)

Made in Portugal, so Pat at Mille Favoriti , will be happy!

I bought 4, and you know my friend had to get 12, she has a dozen fetish.  :)

BUT, when we got to the cashier, hers said no, they weren’t on sale, and mine knew I wouldn’t lie, so she gave them to me at the sale price.

And then I invited my friend over to pay for hers!  And we all lived happily ever after!

The cloth was the perfect color…from the outlet, Waverly polished cotton, 1.75 a wide yard!  I bought a lot to do my outdoor cushions one day, but I knew I had enough to make a topper.

table 4470

So I went with the aqua/blue and pink combo.

table 4483

PINK hydrangea and baby’s breath  from my garden  in an olive jar as a vase.  I saved it as I liked the shape.

table 4473

Silver charger , white coupe shaped plate from Pier One. 

The soup bowl from PB.

And I layered a PINK napkin with an aqua trimmed one.

table 4475

Napkin rings from PB Barn outlet.

I tucked a bit of diamond frost in the napkin.

table 4472

An aqua stem and antique etched glass.

table 4474

The Mikassa candleholders, a gift from a student many years ago, hold  PINK candles that are the perfect match for the PINK  flowers.  I planned that!  :)

table 4480

Pull up a chair, there’s plenty!

table 4454

Fresh from the farm local tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.  Over baby spinach, feta cheese, sugar roasted walnuts and bacon.

table 4461

Blue cheese dressing, mine has Raspberry vinaigrette .

table 4463

Home made cole slaw, panko fried shrimp, and corn from the farm.

table 4485

I hope you are still awake!

I am joining Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday, Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum,
and Pink Saturday at Beverly’s and Suzy at Kitchen Bouquets for Flashback Friday.

Thanks for hosting, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Kathleen, this is SUCH a pretty summery table- just a beautiful setting! After a busy day, I can't think of a nicer way to enjoy a lovely meal
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Now that's a post full of goodies! Lovin' the colors and fabric! Dinner looks local and great-enjoy!

  3. Hi Kathleen! Oh, my goodness! I adore your new dishes! They're so pretty! A Pottery Barn outlet? Oh, I know I'd go hog wild! What a great deal you got! Love your tablecloth and those little snail napkin holders are precious! Your flowers are gorgeous! You've outdone yourself, Dear One! :)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Lovely table, and delicious looking food!



  6. What a pretty table...love the tablecloth...and the bouquet, beautiful! I would have bought 4 of those covered dishes at that price, too...maybe even 8 and given the other 4 as a gift. You sure are the queen of thrift, Kathleen...don't think I know anyone else that finds bargains on a consistent basis like you do...yup, I am green with envy.

  7. That table topper fabric is beautiful. what wonderful cushions that will make some day. Of course, Bill (W.S.) would believe YOU! After all, you are one of his best girls! I'm not familiar with Diamond Frost. It must not grow down here. And ooooo, those hydrangeas! Love 'em! That food would taste good served from a paper plate, but this beautiful setting sure won't hurt the taste of it. You have a lot of my favorites on that plate, and as usual, my mouth is watering. laurie

  8. "Yummy"... The table is gorgeous and I LOVE the color of those plates, they will be such fun to work with. Don't you LOVE Diamond Frost... and NOW Home Depot is carrying it so it's more affordable. that salad looks SO GOOD!!!
    Hugs, Donna

  9. Kathleen, this is a cute story! Both table and food look fabulous. Thanks for having me for this delicious meal! ~ Sarah

  10. I really wish that (A)we had Pottery Barn over here and (B) I could go shopping with you and the Tablescaper! What fun!

    I love your gorgeous tablescape too, Kathleen-as always it is very stylish and so very pretty!

    Best wishes and happy day,

  11. OH do I ever love this pretty summer table Kathleen~
    Just look at all your bargains and your hydrangeas are gorgeous!
    You inspire me to tablescape again and also to get sewing!

  12. I love this table, Kathleen. Your dishes and flowers are gorgeous with the floral tablecloth you made.

  13. Love those plates! Did you find them in Riverhead? Recently? Those are worth the trip!

  14. I love that blue color! What a great deal!

  15. Your table and your dinners always look delicious!

  16. Kathleen,
    That's dining at its best! Great tablescape and wonderful food.
    Longing to be on Long Island,

  17. Such a PRETTY Summer table!! Gorgeous table covering & it matches your flower arrangement beautifully.

    Do you know how hard I hunted for Diamond Frost around here?? I saw it in HUGE pots along with other flowers in colors that I didn't want. I could NOT find it in small little containers to tuck into my own urns. :( Next year, I'm placing an order for it EARLY. I love that stuff!

  18. What a beautiful table! Glad that you got your dishes - and your friends - at the sale price, too. :) And, the food looks delicious!

  19. Of course I had to have 12! Lucky for me that your cashier was a lot more cooperative than mine!

    I love what you did with them. The pale blue looks so beautiful with the pink.

    The layered napkins with the the little snail holding it all together is just darling.

    My favorite colors - blue and pink! And of course dinner always looks scrumptious.

    - The Tablescaper

  20. What a wonderful, inspiring table setting. I much get cracking! I love everything about it - especially the snails.

  21. I picked those up too. :) I have been finding the color hard to work with. Your table has inspired me. The food looks so good.

  22. This is one of my favorites this week by far. I love that Waverly fabric used as a topper. It looks beautiful with the rest of the table and that lovely centerpiece of flowers.

    Loved it! Lucky you (and friend) for such a great deal.

  23. This is so lovely! I love the little sprig tucked in the napkin ring!

    Beautiful wedding photos below too!


  24. Love the table, Kathleen, very pretty!
    Lucky you got the sale for the Tablescaper, too! Kind of dopey that the cashier wouldn't honor the sale price.

    Dinner looks great!

  25. Kathleen,
    That tablecloth is beautiful as are the flowers.. Good for you getting the dishes you wanted at such a great price..
    That food looks delicious.


  26. Kathleen,
    That tablecloth is beautiful as are the flowers.. Good for you getting the dishes you wanted at such a great price..
    That food looks delicious.


  27. Oh so pretty! Your flowers are gorgeous and I love the bowls and the tablecloth. The food also looks so good. This is really a lovely tablescape!

  28. This is such a beauitful table!
    I love the silver chargers and the pink flowers in both the tablecloth and the tablecloth. Your dinner looks delicious!

    Now everyone thinks I'm Portuguese instead of Irish/Ukrainian...lol!

    I found a lot of pretty serving dishes in Home Goods made in Portugal that made me very happy.

  29. Your table is beautiful. I love the plates with the pink accents. The food looks yummy too!

  30. Hi Kathleen....I love that fabric on the table what a beautiful pattern...and that was soe deal you got on the plates...Last week I was at the CTS and on clearance were the polka dot sandwich plates marked down to $1. I picked them up...the best friend came along and we started talking...I put them back down and let without buying them...what an idiot...I remembered on the ride back to Georgia!!.....but the original dishes that have been in storage in Jersey did make it into the car and they are now happily living in Ga. and will be in a tablescape soon......

  31. Beautiful table, Kathleen! So summery and cheery with that lovely table cloth you made. Perfect backdrop for your hydrangeas!

  32. Wow, Kathleen, those Emma bowls were quite the find! I love the way they look with the tablecloth and pink napkins. So pretty! Thanks for your kind comments on my table this week!

  33. Wish I lived near you and The Tablescaper. Oh, the fun we'd have.
    Absolutely gorgeous table, Kathleen.

  34. Wow-that is a HUGE bargain!!! What a steal in those gorgeous dishes!
    I love the snail napkin rings... my 4 yr old loves snails and slugs and carries a pink snail toy everywhere with him!
    Thanks for inviting me over to eat!

  35. You girls could do some serious damage in a store :). I'm sure Emma will be very happy with all Bill's friends :) I adore the napkin rings and the colors are wonderful! You are growing baby's breath??? I have never seen it growing! That is a great idea about the cushions. I have done that--have also used on sale shower curtains! Wish I could reach out and grab the salad!.

  36. I keep thinking, "Wow, I would look really pretty sitting at that table...I'd look like a princess...where's my tiara!" I love this table. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  37. Gorgeous table, I would certainly enjoy eating at it.

  38. Thats a beautiful table setting Kathleen. I love the hydrangea bouquet..big bloom! The light blue and pink are so sweet. Thanks for playing along this week for Flashback Friday :-)

  39. Pottery Barn outlet....where? I like the plates you found on sale at PB, great color. And, the salad looks absolutely yummy and since I have to take one to a dinner party next week, I'm going to try it. Thanks!

  40. This is so beautiful. Love that cloth on the table. Thanks for your sweet comment on our twin grandgirls birthday. Wouldn't it be such fun to get your little man together with the girls. So sweet.

  41. I am so jealous we do not have an outlet here as you always manage such great bargains. Loved the wedding post and those shoes are amazing. I would love a pair but my bunions say no way Jose! Atlanta blog gals had a brunch yesterday and your name came up...all good things about your blog:-)

  42. Beautiful, beautiful! Great shopping also!

  43. One of my favorite tables yet Kathleen! That meal looks delicious:>)

  44. Those plates are so pretty, Kathleen. How lucky for you to spot them. You should have bought a dozen too, lol. Your table is gorgeous. Love everything on it including the food....Christine


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