Monday, August 9, 2010

A Wedding~ Tabletop Tuesday

Yesterday we attended a beautiful wedding here on Long Island.  My son, dil, 3 little gsons and gdaughter were in the wedding.  It was my dil’s sister, the last of 4 girls in her family to be married.

We were piped into the Nuptial Mass…

table 4486

You can see the wedding car and limo bus.

(Actually this was the way out, when I got to the church I realized I didn’t have the memory card in my camera,  duh, so I ran across to the drug store to get one after the Mass.)

table 4488

It was a handful getting  all those kiddies to pose for pics!  My youngest gson, the ring bearer,  wasn’t in the best mood after sitting in church for over an hour!

The little boys has tan and white seersucker suits .  They looked so cute!

The junior bridesmaids looked so pretty in their pale lavender dresses.

table 4498

I just loved the shoes and matching bags!  They surely could be worn with a solid color  summer dress!

table 4503 

The flowers were magnificent, some tall… table4500-2

table 4499

some low with votives.

The name card holders were little pots of roses.

table 4497

The cocktail was held in an air conditioned garden room as well as a beautiful patio area.

table 4519

The food was amazing, everything you could think of at the cocktail hour at tables as well as passed hors’d’s

This is the menu for the sit down dinner.

table 4515

What would you pick?  You know I don’t eat fish, so no salmon for me!

It was a lovely evening!  The 10 piece band played everything from Frank Sinatra to Lady Gaga!

Best wishes to the happy couple!

table 4523

Oh, the favor ?  Beautifully boxed delicious cupcakes.  One for each of us! I ate mine already, the thin man hasn’t touched his yet!

I am joining Marty at A Stroll Thru Life  for Tabletop Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting!

Here's the link for the shoes


  1. Beautiful flower arrangement!

  2. I'm sure you had a great time, and best wishes to the bride and groom! This looks so beautiful!

  3. The flowers are smashing, along with the shoes and all of the wedding party. Congratulations to all the family on such a lovely celebration for a brand new family!

  4. What an amazing wedding Kathleen!
    The flowers are just stunning and the menu looks delicious!
    I love the archway with roses, sounds like the perfect day for the bride and groom!
    Plus I want those shoes!
    Too cute!

  5. It looks beautiful! And little boys in seersucker suits make my mommmy-heart smile! (This church looks familiar - I think my friend married there!)

  6. Kathleen, what a beautiful wedding! Those children are just beautiful! Looks like they had a gorgeous day and a lot of love around them
    xoxo Pattie

  7. Kathleen, I love weddings! The flowers at this reception are gorgeous.And the menu sounds really fantastic. I don't eat fish, either. How fun to get a cupcake as a favor. Yum...
    Your grandson looks adorable in his short pants suit! Kids do get tired and cranky, but then they end up having fun out on the dance floor, entertaining us in the process. :-) Glad you had a good time.
    hugs, Sue

  8. Oh My, Everything is PERFECT and Congratulations to the Bride and Groom... Those "SHOES" are gorgeous... Even if you didn't get to wear them again, I would "Place the Front and Center"!!!

  9. The kids are so cute - weren't you so happy to see them all dressed up like that? I love those cute shoes too - what a fun idea and the flowers are just the best - the colors are just breathtaking. Thank you for sharing this beautiful wedding with us. I'm guessing you had the chicken or the pasta :)

  10. Oh the flowers, the menu and those shoes! It looks like a wonderful wedding!

  11. OOO, K.
    This is all just beautiful. The little ones looked so sweet.
    I love beautiful weddings like this.
    The menu is fish for me, either, but I would take Thin Man's cupcake!! :)

    Come leave a comment on my giveaway.:)

  12. love the flowers...and the shoes...olive♥

  13. Lovely pictures....and the shoes...........OH MY...the shoes. Maybe you could tell us where they could be purchased.....:D


  14. What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful wedding!

  15. I LOVE weddings! the dresses were such pretty colors, and those shoes were gorgeous!! The patio and garden room venues looked really nice! I would have eaten the salmon, I LOVE it!!!

  16. What a beautiful wedding! Everything is so gorgeous! Pretty little couple too - the children! Adorable. The flower arrangements are just stunning and it seems you had quite a feast!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  17. Beautiful many main courses can one select? One of everything for the table to share!

  18. Gorgeous wedding! I love those shoes and such a pretty color dress! I'm sure your gkids looked adorable! Love the boys suits, very handsome!

    Looks like a great time!

  19. Kathleen, thanks for sharing the photos of the wedding events. Your grandchildren are so cute! ~ Sarah

  20. Fantastic! The little boys are TOO cute. LOVE those shoes. The flowers are just gorgeous. It all looks wonderful. Beautiful memories for the bride and guests I'm sure. Wishing them many happy years to come!

  21. What a gorgeous wedding...the colors are amazing...enjoyed every picture.

  22. What a menu! Love the colorful flowers and those shoes. Your grandchildren are adorable! Looks like a wonderful summer wedding!

  23. Kathleen, if you find out where they got those shoes, please post it!!!

  24. The dresses and shoes were stunning! As were the flowers and tables and, oh, everything else!
    I'll take the Chateau Briand, please!

  25. What a beautiful wedding! Thanks for sharing your very special occasion with us. That's quite the dinner menu!

  26. Gorgeous flowers, I love how all the chairs have dressed in the same color as the attendents...and WOW on that menu...I would have be very happy with the veal sorrentino.

    I see Dad trying to bribe D into being a good boy for just another few minutes!

  27. Oh what a gorgeous wedding and such beautiful decorations. The menu looked yummy too. Such a beautiful bride and groom and the wedding party looks fabulous. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks so much for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  28. what a beautiful wedding! thanks for sharing all those great pics....the menu looks incredible, but I don't eat meat and I don't like salmon but I would have loved to try the portobella and the pasta!

  29. What a beautiful wedding, Kathleen, every detail of it. Your grands are so cute! I wouldn't know what to pick from that menu, tough decision. I am glad I wasn't there to have to pick, lol....Christine

  30. Hi Kathleen,
    What a lovely wedding. The gkids look darling in their beautiful clothes and I don't blame your grandson for being out of sorts...that's a long time to be still, especially if you're a small boy.
    Every last detail of the wedding looks gorgeous, right down to that gorgeous menu (I would have wanted one of everything) and the flowers and shoes, everything was so pretty. I'm glad you took the time to grab that memory stick so you could share this happy event. Congrats to the Bride and Groom...and much happiness.

  31. Hi K

    What to die for shoes! And the LI weather has been GORGEOUS every weekend so you just can't lose! Congrats to her!

  32. What a lovely event, Kathleen! So beautiful and well done. I had to smile when I saw your littlest gson walking in with that little girl. How adorable. Love the shoes also.

    Delicious menu!

  33. The wedding was very beautiful, Kathleen! Your grandsons all looked so handsome in their cute seersucker suits. Wedding ceremonies are hard on the little ones but I hope they all had fun at the reception.
    The flowers and setting looked perfect, the dresses were such a pretty color and I love those shoes! I also love the idea of a cupcake favor.

    I would have ordered the filet mignon...yum!

    Congratulations and best wishes to the new couple!

  34. What a beautiful wedding!

    Your grandson looked positively adorable!!! The Junior Bridesmaids looked so sweet. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with Junior Bridesmaids. The shoes for the bridesmaids are absolutely positively spectacular!!!! How fun and different!

    Love all of the flowers, high or low - so bright and colorful and full of cheer. And the placecard holders are just adorable. Did you get to take one of those home? I'd love to examine one and try to recreate it.

    And cupcakes to top it all off! What a spectacular day.

    Hopefully you got some good photos of your son, dil and grandchildren, all dressed in their finery. That would make a great Christmas card.

    Thank you so much for allowing a peak into your spectacular day. It was well worth buying another memory card (done that - LOL!).

    - The Tablescaper

  35. Awww, Kathleen, I'm sure those precious children MADE the wedding. How cute they are in those little suits and pretty dresses. The decor is beautiful, and that menu - all I can say is WOW! The shoes are also a big WOW! (I love "the thin man hasn't touched his". That is soooo like my husband). laurie

  36. Oh my goodness, Kathleen! This is such a beautiful wedding post...I don't know where to start!
    Your grands look....well, GRAND all dressed in their finery! Beautiful setting for the ceremony as well as the reception afterwards. I adore those floral arrangements. I think in my next life, I want to be a florist!!! :D

    I'm SO glad you were able to buy a new memory card for your camera. It would have been a shame to have missed being able to share this with us. Thanks!

  37. Kathleen...HOW WONDERFULLY GORGEOUS everything was!! I just LOVE weddings :)


  38. Beautiful wedding! You have to find out where those shoes came from. Gorgeous!-

  39. What a lovely event. I'd definitely choose the Salmon with Lobster Sauce - Yummo!

    Your grandson, the ring bearer, looked sooo adorable!



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